The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 778 The Jade’s Secret

In the hotel.
Two days had passed since the Chang family’s affairs.

After dealing with the matter that day, Scott took Edith and left Hongyun Restaurant. He ignored Gentry’s plea. This man used all means for his own benefit and dared to covet Edith. How could Scott spare him?

As for Cassidy and Vera, Scott didn’t intend to really get even with them. After all, they were at different levels. If the ants yelled in front of the elephant, the elephant would not argue with the ants.

However, Scott did not say that he would not hold the two of them accountable. After Vera knelt on the ground, she waited for Scott to let her get up. But Scott just ignored her. Maybe she was still worried about herself now.

This kind of psychological torture was sometimes not much less than the physical punishment.

Scott had already taken Edith to visit the whole N City. It was the time to go back. The two of them had been resting in the hotel for the past two days. After the trip, they were a little tired. So Scott wanted to go back after they had a good rest.

But Edith, since eating that small piece of wood, she was always energetic. When they had been staying in the hotel for the past two days, she was still very excited. When it came to night…

Scott still had some headaches for this situation. Although being energetic was a good thing, Edith always asked Scott to do that kind of stuff and always thought it was not enough. After several times, Scott also wanted to eat a piece of wood, and see if he could become energetic to deal with Edith.

But before Scott knew the origin of this piece of wood, he still did not dare to eat it casually. Although Edith did not have any adverse reactions, no one could guarantee that he would not become a rutting beast after eating it.

At that time, Edith would be the one who couldn’t stand it then.
Scott was sitting on the sofa in the room and looking at the phone, while Edith was lying on the bed and playing with the jade that Scott got from Master Tianlong.

When browsing the web, a piece of local news appeared in front of Scott. After reading it, Scott immediately showed a smile on his face.

“The Chang family, the largest local corporate family, has been investigated and dealt with by relevant authorities for suspected major violations.”

This time, the Chang family would disappear from the world.

“Honey, what’s so funny about that jade? Don’t eat it.” Putting down the phone, Scott smiled and said to Edith.
Edith rolled her eyes at Scott and said, “After two days of observation, this jade seems to be very special.” Scott got up and walked over to the bed, and then asked, “What?”

“Have you not noticed that the surface of this jade is very uneven? It looks like something is engraved on it. I have read it for a long time, but I haven’t understood what is written on it.” Edith said.

Scott took the jade in Edith’s hand and had a closer look. There were indeed many uneven spots on the surface, and they were densely packed. But it didn’t look like characters. It was jade material, so these uneven places looked blurry.

“Maybe this jade is just like this. Who would carve the words on the jade? Why didn’t they write it directly on the paper? Besides, if these are really words, you must know it.” Scott said.

Edith shook her head, still feeling a little weird. At this moment, an idea suddenly popped into her mind, and then she sat up directly from the bed.

“I thought of a possibility. You go to buy a bottle of ink and buy some papers by the way.” Edith said.

“What do you buy ink for?” Scott asked with some doubts.

“Just buy it. You’ll know when you buy it back.” Edith said.

Although Scott didn’t know what Edith was going to do, he obediently left the hotel and bought a bottle of ink and some paper back.

After getting the ink, Edith walked to the side of the table, then poured the ink directly into an ashtray, then dipped the jade in it.
After a while, she took the jade out of the ashtray and quickly pressed it on the paper.

When Edith took the jade away from the paper, some densely packed words appeared on the page immediately, which was the traditional characters they were familiar with.

Scott stared at the piece of paper. He didn’t expect that the jade stone was actually carved with words. Besides, these words were different from what he thought. Those words actually needed to be printed with ink on the paper.

This was just like the template used in ancient printing. The appearance of the template was the opposite of the characters.
Because it needed ink to be printed on paper to become characters, many places on the jade looked very different from normal characters.

In addition, the jade was a special material, so the words on it were very small and dense, so that people couldn’t know what it was at a glance.

“I’ve tald you this jade is unusual. See!” Edith looked at Scott with a smug smile on her face. Now, she was just like a child who solved a riddle, with a sense of accomplishment.

Scott smiled and kissed Edith’s forehead, “You’re so good! Now I declare that you are the smartest baby in our family, smarter than Sherry.”

Edith rolled her eyes at Scott immediately, and then pushed Scott twice shyly.
After that, Scott learned Edith’s method and dipped all the places on the jade with ink and pressed it on the paper.

Because the previous Secret Skills was also traditional characters, Scott had checked a lot of information in order to understand Secret Skills, so now when he saw the traditional characters, as long as they were not too uncommon, he generally knew them.

After staring at the pieces of paper and studying carefully for a while, Scott roughly knew what the words engraved on the jade were saying. If he guessed it correctly, the things mentioned were related to XuanJin, which looked a bit like the same technique as XuanJin, but there were big differences.

Scott ran XuanJin in his body according to the method mentioned above. In the blink of an eye, he felt XuanJin in his body start to run. In that instant, Scott felt that his strength seemed to increase more than one level.

Because he was afraid of what might happen, he hurriedly stopped, and then hurriedly read the rest.
After a long time, Scott took a deep breath, with unconcealable excitement on his face.
“What the hell is it talking about? Why are you so excited?” Edith asked.

Scott hugged Edith directly, gave her another big kiss, and said, “Honey, we’re so lucky this time. The jade records a secret method that can greatly improve people’s strength within a short time. This is simply Kaiyang Hedi Pill which can be used indefinitely!”


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