The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 777 Kneel Down to Beg for Mercy

Vera looked at the three people who walked up to Scott, with a trace of doubt on her face. She was not a local, so she didn’t know who these three people were. She did not hear clearly what Gentry called the three of them just now. She just saw Gentry enthusiastically greet them, but they just ignored Gentry.

Now Vera adored Gentry very much. How could she tolerate others ignoring Gentry? So she immediately yelled at three people.

“Didn’t the three of you see Lord Chang talk to you guys just now? You dare to ignore him? You guys don’t know that he is the lead of the first family in N City? Do you guys want to get out of N City?”

Gentry in the distance was still wondering why these three people came here, and why their attitude towards Scott was so good. After hearing what Vera said, he was frightened and sweated.

He hurried over here, and directly slapped Vera. What Vera said just now completely made him get into the trouble.
“Are you brainless? Do you know who they are? You dare to give them this attitude?” Gentry said furiously.

Then he looked at Governor Lee and the other two men, saying, “Governor Lee, it’s her who said that. I have never taught her before. In fact, I don’t know her at all, and I don’t know why she would say such words.”

When Vera heard Gentry’s address to this person, her eyes widened. Governor! What did this word mean? She knew it very well.
But she didn’t expect that the person Scott had found was the Governor in N City.

“Oh? Lord Chang, it seems you are so powerful. Whether I can live in N city has to depend on you? Or, how about I give you my position?” Grand Coordinator Lau sneered.

“It seems that Lord Chang already thinks that he is the king of N City. It seems that he has not learned a lesson from the matter about Yuping Mountain. In this case, I think it is necessary for me to investigate thoroughly the incident about Green Dragon Temple.” Investigating Censor Sun also said.

The cold sweat on Gentry’s forehead kept flowing down from his cheeks. His face was pale. At this time, he just wanted to kill Vera.

Vera had learned the identities of these three people from their talk. No matter which one of them, they were the people who could determine the fate of N City. But she asked them to get out of N City just now. She was so scared and shivered now.

“Grand Coordinator Lau, Investigating Censor Sun, I really don’t mean that. It’s all the brainless woman who said it herself. I don’t even know her.” Gentry continued to excuse himself.

Vera was trembling. Now, she finally knew if something happened, Gentry would not be able to speak for her no matter how she flattered him.

Cassidy was already quite speechless at this time. Just now, he kept persuading Vera not to continue to interfere with this matter.
Vera just didn’t listen to him. Now, Scott had found three big shots. Even Gentry was too scared to breathe. Vera was too late to regret it.

Scott didn’t know these three people either, but he also knew the identities of these three people from the conversation. It seemed that the three of them should be the ones that Jordan arranged to help him solve the trouble.

He also didn’t expect that Jordan would invite such big shots. Jordan even invited the three most important people in N City.
Even if Gentry had money, his ending would not be good today.

“Mr. Davies, we have understood the general situation on your side. Gentry has a deep relationship with Master Tianlong. We have had some evidence that can prove that Gentry and Master Tianlong colluded, falsely promoted, and defrauded tourists of money. What’s more, Gentry acquiesces Master Tianlong to kidnap and imprison young girls. In the past few years, the Chang family has done a lot of shameless things. We have a lot of evidences. Just taking advantage of this opportunity, we will also thoroughly investigate the Chang family. We will arrest all those who are still at large.”

Governor Lee told Scott about the solution and was asking Scott for his approval.
Scott nodded and said, “Just do what you said. My request is only one point, which is that you must be realistic. Gentry relies

on his identity as the head of the Chang family to covet my wife. Maybe he used to do a lot of same things. I hope you can take it seriously.”

The three of them nodded immediately, not daring to neglect in the slightest.

Gentry was already full of despair at this time. He hurried over and said with regret, “Sirs, you know best what the situation of my Chang family has been in the past few years. My Chang family has never done what he said.”

“Don’t quibble here. If it weren’t for Mr. Davies, we didn’t know that you were such a despicable and shameless person. You actually can live in N City so long. It is our negligence in work. We will definitely investigate thoroughly it this time.” Governor Lee spoke categorically.

Gentry was puzzled, wondering why the three highest-ranking leaders of N City listened to Scott so much.

“Sirs, even if you want to investigate my Chang family, you should give me a reason. Who is this brat and why are you so respectful to him?” Gentry asked.

“Hmph, you don’t know him but you dare to provoke him? It seems that you have really been domineering in the past few years.
You really think you are the king of N City.” Grand Coordinator Lau snorted coldly.

“This is the head of Davies family in B City. Do we need to explain the rest?” Investigating Censor Sun said.

Gentry was stunned for a moment. He was so dumbfounded.
“Davies family in B City?” Gentry muttered to himself with full of disbelief on his face.

Gentry had heard that the head of Davies family was a young man who was only in his twenties, but Gentry never expected that the head of Davies family would come to N City. Besides, he actually ran into the head of Davies family.

Both Vera and Cassidy were shocked. They didn’t expect Scott would be the head of Davies family in B City. If they knew Scott had such an identity, they would never intervene with this matter.

“I told you not to continue to interfere with this matter, but you just didn’t listen to me. Now you offended the head of Davies family. I see what you are going to do!” Cassidy yelled directly at Vera.

Vera was panicked and cried directly, “I don’t know it will be like this. Scott, I know I was wrong. Please, please forgive me!” Then, Vera knelt down directly in front of Scott.

When Gentry saw this, he thought of what Scott said. When Scott told him not kneel and beg for mercy later, he still looked disdainful. But now it seemed that if he didn’t kneel down and beg for mercy, the entire Chang family would be over.

After hesitating for a long time, Gentry walked to Scott, gritted his teeth, and then knelt down.
“Mr. Davies, I’m such a fool! Please forgive me and the Chang family.”

Scott glanced down at him, without any emotion, and said coldly, “If you don’t commit any crimes, why bother to kneel down and beg for mercy? You’d better say these words to them. It’s no use begging me.”


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