The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 776 Disgusting

After hearing Scott’s words, Gentry immediately showed a deep contempt on his face. Let him to kneel down to apologize. No one in N City dared to say such words. This guy who wore bargains had the guts to say such words!

Scott briefly explained the situation on his side to Jordan. Then Jordan said that he would arrange for someone to come over immediately and let Scott wait for a while.

After hanging up the phone, Scott sat back in the chair and said, “My men will come over to deal with this matter soon. If you don’t mind, just sit down and wait for a while.”

Gentry sneered, then clapped his hands. Immediately, someone put a chair behind him.

After sitting down, Gentry looked at Scott and said, “I will wait here to see who you can call over. In N City, there are not many people who dare to say such words in front of me.”

Vera looked at Scott triumphantly, believing that Scott couldn’t play any tricks in front of Gentry, and he was destined to have a bad ending today.

Cassidy was helpless. He always felt a sense of anxiety. Although he also felt that Scott could not beat Gentry in N City, Scott looked so calm. If Scott had nothing, how could he be so calm and not panicked at all?

Cassidy now regretted getting involved because of greed for money. If he knew that earlier, he would leave directly with Vera.

The boss didn’t panic at all, either. He still had some expectations. the Chang family had ruled N City for so many years. Now there finally was someone who could deal with the Chang family. The boss was naturally very happy.

Gentry was so self-righteous. The boss couldn’t wait to see Gentry’s reaction after he knew Scott’s identity.

“If I’m right, the reason why you let someone persuade my wife to kick me away is because of Master Tianlong’s matters?” Scott asked.

Gentry heard Scott take the initiative to mention this, he immediately snorted. Then he said coldly, “Yuping Mountain accounts for nearly half of the Chang family’s annual profit. It is because of you that Yuping Mountain would be closed. Now, the losses I suffer every day is equal to a Hongyun Restaurant. Do you think whether I should try to teach you a lesson?”

Scott immediately laughed, “It was Master Tianlong who caused Yuping Mountain to be closed. I just exposed his crimes. Did I do something wrong?”

“I don’t care whether you are wrong. If it weren’t for you, Master Tianlong’s matters wouldn’t be exposed. Who else can I take revenge on except of you?” Gentry said so angrily.

“It can be seen that you are not a good guy. You can package a despicable thief into a virtuous monk, and use this to make money. This kind of behavior is not much better than that of Master Tianlong. In this case, I could only teach you a lesson, preventing others from getting hurt.” Scott said.

Gentry snorted, “Just You? You want to teach me a lesson? I think you should slap yourself quickly so that you can stop dreaming.”

“Since I can develop the Chang family into this step by step, the shameful things I have done are more than this. So many people who want the Chang family to fall, but they have no ways to deal with me. Do you think you, just a 20-year-old brat, can threaten me?”

Scott stopped talking nonsense with him. He turned to look at Edith, and asked, “What do you think of him?” “Disgusting.” Edith only said one word.
Scott laughed, feeling that what Edith said was right.

Hearing Edith’s evaluation of him, Gentry didn’t care about it and said, “Beauty, I haven’t taught this brat a lesson yet. You say something against your intentions in front of him. I don’t blame you. After I knock this brat down and when you climb onto my bed, I hope you can keep the way you are now.”

Hearing Gentry’s words, Scott’s face sank. He turned around and slapped Gentry directly.
A red handprint appeared on Gentry’s face immediately.

Gentry looked at Scott in disbelief. In N City, no one dared to slap him.

“How dare you!” Gentry gritted his teeth and shouted at Scott.
The bodyguards who followed Gentry to come here immediately surrounded this side.
Scott looked at Gentry indifferently, and said, “If you say something wrong again, I will not just slap you.”

At this time, Gentry realized that Scott could even kill Master Tianlong. These bodyguards were nothing in front of Scott. He couldn’t slap Scott. Otherwise, if Scott was angry, he would kill him directly.

Gentry waved his hand to the bodyguards and let them disperse. Then he looked at Scott angrily, gritted his teeth and said, “Huh, I’m a civilized man, so I don’t argue with you, a foolish man. But I tell you, money can do much more than force can do in this world. Don’t regret it later!”

Vera also glared at Scott, as if the person being slapped was her. But she had seen Scott’s martial arts with her own eyes.
When it came to fight, Scott really didn’t have to fear anyone.

“Hmph, I guess you can only be proud of it for a while. When the people you call over start to apologize to Lord Chang, I just want to see if you can be so calm like now.” Vera muttered.

After a short while, several cars stopped in front of Hongyun Restaurant. Several people wearing suits and eyeglasses, who looked very elegant and imposing, got out of the car, and then walked into Hongyun Restaurant.

As soon as they entered, Gentry, who was thinking about how to retaliate against Scott, noticed them. Then he quickly stood up and walked towards those people.

“Governor Lee, why are you here?”

“Grand Coordinator Lau, why are you also here?”

“Investigating Censor Sun, you are also here? What a good day is today? Are you guys here for lunch? If I knew it earlier, I would have arranged it for you guys in advance.”

Gentry stared at these people who walked into the hotel with a dumbfounded look. Then a deep horror appeared in his mind.

Although there were few people in N City who dared to offend him, there were still a few. At least he couldn’t afford to offend any of the three who appeared in the restaurant now.

Governor Lee and Grand Coordinator Lau managed the whole N City. No matter how powerful Gentry was, he couldn’t afford to offend them.

Investigating Censor Sun was the biggest leader who supervised Yuping Mountain. Gentry had spent a lot of money to get rid of the relationship between him and Master Tianlong in front of Investigating Censor Sun.

Now , the three of them appeared here together, which made Gentry panicked inexplicably.

When the three of them saw Gentry greeted them with a flattering face, they all snorted and pulled a long face. Then, they directly bypassed him and walked towards Scott.

When they arrived in front of Scott, the three people immediately showed gentle smiles on their faces.
“Mr. Davies, so sorry! We are late. Bother you to wait for us.” Governor Lee smiled and said to Scott.
Grand Coordinator Lau and Investigating Censor Sun also quickly expressed their apologies to Scott.

Not far away, seeing this scene, Gentry instantly petrified on spot.


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