The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 775 Then I’ll Play with You

“Are you kidding me? He really bought your restaurant? Could it be that he asked you to act with him?” Cassidy turned to look at the boss and asked.

The boss smiled, “Naturally itis true. Should I take the contract over for you to take a look?”

Cassidy looked at the boss’ serious look, feeling that the boss did not seem to be lying. The cold sweat on his forehead had already come out.

Being able to buy a restaurant casually was enough to show that Scott’s identity was not simple. They had thought that Scott’s clothes were ordinary, so they naturally believed that Scott had no money. Their attitude towards Scott was very bad.

Although they were helping the Chang family now, they were only asked to let Scott and Edith break up. It seemed that this task couldn’t be done at all. If Scott got angry with them, the Chang family wouldn’t definitely stand still and watch.

Vera obviously did not realize the seriousness of the problem. Although she was shocked by Scott’s buying the restaurant, her preconceived notions made her quickly find a reason to suppress the fact.

“Even if you really bought this restaurant, so what? It is only 30 million. the Chang family is a big family with tens of billions of assets. Compared with the tens of billions, 30 million is still far behind.” Vera was aggressive, as if the tens of billions were her own.

She looked down on Scott from the very beginning, but everything that Scott did later would make her feel embarrassed. So now Vera had forgotten her purpose this time. She just wanted to find her dignity back in front of Scott.

Hearing Vera say this, Cassidy hurriedly tugged her arm and said, “Enough! Don’t say it again.”

Then he looked at Scott again and apologized, “Scott, I’m really sorry. We shouldn’t be involved in this matter. We are blinded by benefits, but you can rest assured that we won’t continue. Please forgive us.”

Scott raised his eyebrows. He didn’t expect that Cassidy would be so good at dealing with matters and he actually apologized so quickly.

The facts had proved that this was the most correct way for him to do this. If he continued, with Scott’s temper, he and Vera would definitely have a good ending.

“Cassidy! Can you be aman? You always apologize to him! Even if he can buy this restaurant, so what? We have the Chang family behind us. What are you afraid oft”

Vera felt ashamed. After Cassidy apologized to Scott, she felt more ashamed.

“When did we have the Chang family behind us? the Chang family came to us just because we knew Scott. Don’t be naive. If this continues, we will get into trouble!” Cassidy said.

Vera’s chest was ups and downs. Although she knew that she was indeed not as rich as Scott, she just felt uncomfortable if she couldn’t show off in front of Scott.

Just when Cassidy was talking into Vera, there was a sound of footsteps outside the restaurant. They turned their heads and saw that a group of men in black suits came in.

After these people came in, they immediately lined up in two rows, and then Gentry, wearing a white suit and sunglasses, walked in from the outside, looking quite ostentatious.

When Vera saw Gentry coming in, her eyes lit up. She immediately gave Scott a triumphant smile, “Lord Chang came here in person. Now, let’s see how you continue to brag!”

Gentry quickly walked in front of them. He took off the sunglasses with a smile on his face.
“It seems that you guys had a very good chat. I don’t know if I can join you guys?” Gentry said with smile. He had been sending

his subordinates to stare at the situation here. When he learned that Scott bought Hongyun Restaurant, he knew that Cassidy and Vera would definitely not be able to handle it, so he came over in person.

“Of course you can join us. Lord Chang, you finally came here. This brat is arrogant after he bought the restaurant. If you come forward, he will definitely not dare to continue to be arrogant.” Vera immediately flattered Lord Chang.

Gentry curled his lips and looked at Scott. In his eyes, a restaurant was really nothing.
Before Scott spoke, the boss on the side spoke, “Gentry, you should know that you are not welcomed here.”

Gentry smiled, “Are you still angry about the previous things? You are a boss. It is better to be generous. Otherwise, you can’t make your business big.”

The boss snorted immediately. His face was full of anger.

A long time ago, this boss had some grudges with Gentry. Logically, if he wanted to sell his restaurant, it wouldn’t be difficult.
Because his restaurant was very famous in N City. However, the boss offended Gentry, no one dared to take over his restaurant in N City. The boss could only run this restaurant.

The reason why the two of them had grudges was because Gentry wanted to buy the restaurant for five million, but the boss did

not agree.

“You should be Scott? Seriously, your wife is really beautiful. The two of them should have already stated my purpose. I’ll speak straightly. Buying a restaurant is nothing. You are still young. So sometimes, you’d better learn to respect the elders, otherwise you will suffer loss.” Gentry said with a sneer.

“Respect you? You are really shameless. Why don’t you cry and ask me for ice cream?” Scott looked at Gentry and said.
Gentry’s face suddenly sank. He said coldly, “What did you say?!”

The boss on the side immediately said, “Gentry, I advise you to leave here as soon as possible, otherwise it will be too late when you regret it.”

When signing the contract inside just now, the boss already knew Scott’s identity, so he didn’t hesitate to sell the restaurant to Scott.

the Chang family did have an unbeatable position in N City. But compared with Davies family in B City, it was much worse. So the boss was not worried that Gentry would make trouble for Scott.

“I will regret it? Stop it! In the whole N City, there is no one who can make me regret! I think you have some problems with your brain, so that you dare to say such words in front of me.” Gentry spoke with disdain.

The boss was about to reveal Scott’s identity, letting Gentry know how stupid he was. But at this moment, Scott stopped him.

“Seriously, it is really amazing that you can be the head of the Chang family. But since you are so confident, I will play with you. I hope you will not kneel in front of me and beg for mercy.”

After Scott finished speaking, he took out his mobile phone and called Jordan.

This guy actually wanted to steal his wife! If Scott didn’t teach him a lesson, it would be really a bit embarrassing.


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