The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 774 I Want to Buy Your Restaurant

Both Vera and Cassidy looked at Scott speechlessly, feeling that Scott was bragging.

“Don’t brag here! Who do you think you are? This restaurant is worth twenty million at least. You said you want to buy, then you can buy it?” Vera stared at Scott contemptuously.

Cassidy also felt that Scott’s words were way out of line. He said to Scott, “Scott, I know that men like to brag. But at this time, there is really no need to be like this. Listen to me, you will never be able to win Lord Chang. While there is still room for negotiation, just admit that you are wrong as soon as possible.”

Scott looked at the two people coldly. If Scott considered the two of them as friends just now, the two of them would be blacklisted by Scott now.

Scott didn’t continue talking with Vera and Cassidy, but beckoned directly to the waiter over there.
“Call your boss here.” Scott said.

“Sir, is there something wrong?” the waiter asked nervously.

“No, I just want to see your boss. Go to call him over.” Scott said with a smile.

Scott’s seat was the most expensive in this restaurant. So no matter what he asked, the waiter dare not neglect. So the waiter immediately turned around to find the boss.

Both Vera and Cassidy looked at Scott in confusion, wondering why Scott asked the waiter to call the boss over.

Edith, who knew Scott well, guessed what Scott was going to do at the first time. If nothing else, the owner of this restaurant should be replaced today.

If it was before, Edith might persuade Scott. But after taking charge of Davies family for a period of time, Edith didn’t have many opinions about the purchase of assets.

Because this restaurant was not a consumable, but a profitable industry. Even if Scott spent a lot of money on it, they would not suffer loss. They could earn back the money they spent as long as they had patience.

After a while, the waiter brought the owner of Hongyun Restaurant to Scott’s table.

“Sir, do you like the dishes here? If there is a problem, I will ask the chef to make a new one for you.” The boss was a middle- aged man in his forties. He seemed to be an easygoing person.

Scott smiled at him and said, “The food is delicious. I just want to ask you what is the market value of your restaurant now?” The boss was taken aback for a moment, and then he said, “It’s about 20 million dollars. So?”

In order to highlight the value of his restaurant, the price quoted by the boss was much higher than the actual price.

“I want to buy your restaurant.” Scott said.

The boss was surprised. He didn’t expect Scott to buy his restaurant. Not everyone would dare to say such words.

Both Vera and Cassidy widened their eyes and looked at Scott with incredible faces. They didn’t expect Scott to actually buy this restaurant.

He was just so bragging!

“Sir, are you kidding me?” The boss stared at Scott and asked.

Before Scott spoke, Vera on the side immediately said, “Yes, he was joking. I’m really sorry. He may be irritated by some of our words and feels that he can’t be embarrassed, so he wants to prove himself. So sorry!”

“I’m not joking. I really want to buy it. I’ll pay 30 million. We can sign the contract now. I can give you money right now.” Scott said.

Vera glared at Scott immediately, and said, “Can you stop bragging here? You don’t look at the clothes you wear? Just you? You can take out 30 million? It’s not easy for you to take out three thousand. Don’t waste the boss’ time here.”

“I’m really sorry. We’re causing you trouble.” Cassidy also looked at the boss apologetically.

Seeing that Vera and Cassidy were making trouble on the side, Scott stood up, looked at the boss, and said, “Let’s go to another place and talk about it. You will know whether I really want to buy it after the talk.”

The boss thought for a while. Although he also felt that Scott’s clothes were too ordinary and Scott didn’t look like a rich man, he wouldn’t suffer any loss since the other party had said so.

The most important thing was that the operating costs of this restaurant were too high. For him, there was great pressure.

Although the most expensive meal here could reach as much as 80,000 dollars, the cost of the input was also quite scary. All the ingredients had to be shipped by air, and some of them couldn’t even be bought. The boss didn’t have much background. Once there was a problem with the funds, his restaurant would have to go bankrupt, so he had the idea of selling the restaurant a long time ago.

But there were few who could afford this restaurant. So when Scott said that he wanted to buy it, even if it was a fake, the boss.
was willing to listen to it.
The boss nodded to Scott, and then walked in with Scott.

When Vera and Cassidy saw this, they were a little speechless, thinking that this boss was really stupid. At first glance, they knew that Scott would not be able to afford it, but the boss was actually willing to have a talk with Scott.

“Hmph, no matter how extravagantly Scott bragged, he still doesn’t have money. He absolutely can’t buy this restaurant. But that’s okay. You will know he is just a guy who likes to pretend and brag.” Vera stared at Edith and said.

“To be honest, Scott is really inferior to Lord Chang. I really suggest you to consider it carefully. It is a pity for such a girl like you to be with Scott.” Cassidy also said.

Edith rolled her eyes at them. She really didn’t want to talk with them, so she bowed her head and played with her mobile phone.
After about half an hour, the boss and Scott walked back.

When Vera saw this, she immediately said to the boss, “Am I right? This guy can’t afford this restaurant at all. Let him pay for the meal today. I think he can’t even pay for this meal.”

The boss said with a smile, “It’s my treat today. You guys don’t need to pay for it.” Vera was taken aback and asked, “Why?”

The boss showed an excited smile on his face, turned to look at Scott, and said, “Mr. Davies already bought our hotel. We signed the contract just now, and Mr. Davies also paid for the money. So from now on, this restaurant belongs to Mr. Davies.”

After hearing the boss’ words, Vera and Cassidy’s jaws almost dropped to the floor.

“How… how is this possible!”


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