The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 773 It’s Just a Piece of Cake for Me

After hearing what Vera said, Edith showed a trace of astonishment on her face. She did not expect that the two of them invited her to lunch to persuade her to leave Scott.

“Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.” Edith said.

“What we mean is actually very simple. It is to let you kick Scott away. There is a very rich man who is attracted by you. As long as you can separate from Scott, you can live with that rich man in the future. Then you will live a really good life in the future.
Scott, such a poor, can’t be comparable to that rich man.” Vera said again.

“Yeah, Scott is good at fighting. These years, he must have been spent time on martial arts. Being with him, you can only live the most ordinary life. If you kick him away, you can live the best life.” Cassidy also echoed.

To persuade Edith and Scott to break up was the task Gentry gave to Vera and Cassidy.

Gentry knew that Scott was very powerful. He had seen Master Tianlong show the martial arts. Even if there were one hundred people, they might not be able to defeat Master Tianlong. Since Scott could kill Master Tianlong, it showed that Scott’s strength was even more terrifying than Master Tianlong’s.

But no matter how strong Scott was, he had to make living. As long as Scott was a human, he couldn’t escape the vanity.

According to Gentry’s logic, Scott was only in his twenties. So most of his time must have been used to practice martial arts. It was impossible for him to develop his own career.

So if Gentry wanted to deal with Scott, he could only spend a little money.

Most girls nowadays did like money. If there was someone who didn’t like money, it could only show that the money was not enough.

Gentry wanted to snatch Scott’s wife. There was nothing more disgusting revenge than cuckolding Scott.

Gentry was very confident in this matter, especially Scott’s wife was a beauty. Generally, the more such a girl, the more requirements she had for life.

At that time, Scott’s wife kicked Scott away and was with him. Then he could show off in front of Scott. Only then could he vent his anger.

Although Scott was strong, he definitely couldn’t attack others just because his wife had an affair. Gentry had a deep research on this method of dealing with those people who knew martial arts. Otherwise, he would not be able to let Grandmaster go toa scenic area to be a monk.

After Edith heard the words of the two people, she was a little bit dumbfounded. Not to mention that she didn’t care about Scott’s money, she didn’t kick Scott away when Scott was scolded as a wimp in J City.

As for material life, Edith couldn’t think of anyone who could compare to Scott, the head of the Davies family, the young master of Guanling, and the son-in-law of the Sue family.

“Sorry, I’m not interested in what you guys said. I will only be with Scott in my life. If you guys just want to say this, I don’t think there is any need to waste time.” Edith said.

Hearing Edith say this, Vera hurriedly said, “I know you said this because you still don’t know who the rich man we are talking about is. You are afraid that we lie to you. I can understand you.”

“But I can tell you that the rich man who fell in love with you is the head of the Chang family, Gentry. the Chang family is the top one family in N City. The entire Yuping Mountain belongs to the Chang family. The assets of the Chang family may not be less than tens of billions. It doesn’t attract you?”

Edith curled her lips and said, “I’m sorry. It has nothing to do with money, and… tens of billions is not too much.”

Cassidy and Vera took a breath after hearing Edith’s words. They didn’t expect that Edith would say such words. She couldn’t even like the tens of billions of assets. Vera thought Edith was pretending.

Yes, in their eyes, Edith was just pretending.

However, when Edith was in charge of Davies family for Scott, the money she handled was more than tens of billions. No matter what, Edith had been around. So how could she care about this little money?

“Ms. Edith, sometimes, you have to be contented. That rich man has tens of billions. Looking at Scott, he wears the most ordinary clothes. He doesn’t even have millions. No matter what, the head of the Chang family is definitely better than Scott.” Vera said again.

Edith was a little impatient. She didn’t want to argue with these two people whether Scott or Gentry was better. Because in her eyes, no one could compare Scott.
“Don’t continue to waste time on this issue, otherwise I want to leave here.” Edith said angrily.

Vera immediately glanced at her contemptuously, and said, “We almost finish the meal. Now you said such words. Today’s meal is Lord Chang’s treat. Think about it, if you are still with Scott, you can’t eat such an expensive meal in your life.”

Cassidy tugged Vera’s arms, and whispered, “Watch out your mouth! Our goal is Scott, not her. What if she really dates with Lord Chang in the future? We can’t offend her.”

Vera realized her problem and hurriedly showed an apologetic smile to Edith, and said, “I said too straightforward. Don’t mind.” Edith couldn’t eat anymore because of the two of them, so she sat in her seat and sulked.

Not long after, Scott came back. Seeing Edith look upset, he asked, “What’s the matter?”

Edith stared at Cassidy and Vera. She didn’t intend to conceal the incident, then she just repeated what the two said.

Scott frowned immediately after hearing it. He glanced at Cassidy and Vera with some annoyance.

Both Cassidy looked away with some guilty conscience. In their opinions, even if Edith pretended to be unhappy, she shouldn’t tell Scott about it. She was really a silly woman.

When Scott heard that Yuping Mountain belonged to the Chang family, he knew why Lord Chang wanted to get Edith.

Scott sneered. the Chang family wanted to deal with him, but they actually didn’t check his background. Now Scott’s identity was not too confidential. Anyone could find out after a little investigation. It was a pity that people in the Chang family directly treat him as a poor boy with no background.

It seemed that sometimes it could have unexpected effects just because he was keen to wear bargains.
Scott turned to look at Cassidy and Vera, and asked, “That head of the Chang family asked you to come?”

Anyway, Edith had already told Scott the matter, so there was no need to hide it. Vera directly shouted at Scott, “Yes, it was him who asked us to come. We can tell you straightly. The head of the Chang family has a crush on your wife. He wants you to leave her.”

“Scott, the Chang family’s assets are tens of billions. How could you, such a poor boy who can wear bargains, be able to compete with? Even if you are good at fighting, you can’t give Ms. Edith a good life.”

“If you take the initiative to quit, maybe Lord Chang can give you some money as compensation when he is happy. The person who knows the current affairs is wise. You should think about it.”

Scott curled his lips and said, “A little the Chang family also wants to steal my wife. He really doesn’t know who I am.”

Vera immediately glared at him and said, “Scott, don’t bluff. It was Lord Chang’s treat today. This meal costs more than 80,000 dollars. Can you afford it? If you still say such words again, you have to pay the meal today. We won’t pay it.”

Vera felt that Scott must be scared to death after hearing what she said. After all, few people were willing to spend more than 80,000 dollars on a meal, let alone such a poor like Scott.

But what she didn’t expect was that Scott didn’t take this seriously.

“So what? Juts a meal. Even if I buy this restaurant, it is just a piece of cake for me.”


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