The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 772 The Purpose

Early the next morning, after getting up, Scott dragged Edith out of the hotel. He said that they had to come out to get some fresh air after spending a day in the hotel yesterday. In fact, he was afraid that Edith would be like yesterday.

Scott had put away that piece of wood. Before he figured out what it was for, it would be better not to take it out.

Compared with yesterday, Edith was obviously calmer. Although she was also surprised at why she was so…yesterday, she didn’t say much. After all, it seemed to be a shameful thing for her.

What made Edith unexpected was that she didn’t feel any tired after having s*x with Scott so many times. Logically, she should be very tired today. However, she didn’t feel any discomforts. She even felt that she was full of power. Even if she had to go to climb a mountain, it was okay.

After the two of them had breakfast, they went to a more famous park in N City and wandered in the park all the morning.

During the period, Scott was still more concerned about Edith’s physical condition. Scott asked Edith a few times. Every time, Edith said that she felt energetic, which made Scott also a little surprised.

In this way, although that piece of wood would make people more eager for s*x, it seemed to be good for the health.

However, to be on the safe side, Scott thought that he still had to take Edith to check to see if there were any changes in her body after coming back to B City.

When it was almost noon, they planned to find a restaurant to have lunch. When they came out of the park, two people walked towards them head-on.

“Scott!” A voice sounded.
Scott looked up and found that it was Cassidy and Vera.

“I didn’t expect to meet you guys here. What a coincidence! Every appreciated what you did at Green Dragon Temple. It’s a pity that you left so soon. Otherwise, you will definitely become known as a great hero to everyone.” Cassidy said with a smile.

Scott greeted them briefly, and did not say too much about it.

Vera’s gaze at Scott also changed at this time. She showed a smile on her face.

“Since we have met here, why don’t we have a meal together? My attitude towards you guys may be a little bad before. Please don’t mind it. Today, we want to treat you guys for a meal as an apologize.” Vera said with smile.

Scott didn’t refuse. It happened that he also wanted to find a place to eat. Since Vera wanted to treat him for a meal, he wouldn’t refuse.

Vera said that she wanted to apologize to Scott sincerely, so she took a taxi and brought them to the most famous restaurant in N City.

Hongyun Restaurant was the most famous and most expensive restaurant in N City.

Anyone who could come here for meal was a big shot in N City. It was said that a meal here had to cost tens of thousands at least.

They four stood in front of Hongyun Restaurant. Cassidy and Vera looked at the decoration of this restaurant, and they all sighed with emotion. Although their family were not poor, they had never been to such a high-end restaurant like Hongyun Restaurant.

Scott and Edith both looked calm. After all, they usually went to such a restaurant, so they were not surprised.

Vera turned to look at Scott and Edith. Seeing that there was no excitement on their faces, she felt that they were so shocked that they didn’t know how to express their emotions.

“You must have never been to such a high-end restaurant before. Any meal here costs tens of thousands of dollars, but you guys don’t have to worry. Today, it’s our treat. Just enjoy yourselves.” Vera said somewhat proudly.

Both Scott and Edith smiled, not embarrassing Vera.

The four of them walked into the restaurant together. Vera looked around curiously, and kept talking to Scott and Edith, showing off everything she saw, as if this restaurant was run by her family.

The reason why Cassidy and Vera wanted to invite Scott and Edith to have lunch was of course not to apologize.

The reason why they appeared in front of Scott and Edith was because they had been bribed by Gentry.

Today all their expenses would be counted in Gentry’s account, so they dared to come to such an expensive restaurant.

At the same time, they also carried the task assigned to them by Gentry. As long as the task was completed, the two of them would receive two million rewards. Faced with this temptation, the two agreed to Gentry’s request almost without hesitation.

After the four people entered the restaurant, Vera directly booked the most expensive place in the entire restaurant, which was in the most central place of the entire hotel. It was much higher than other places, just in order to highlight the nobility of this place.

“In fact, there is no need to come to such an expensive place. It’s okay to find an ordinary restaurant to eat.” Scott said.

After Vera heard what Scott said, she sneered, thinking that Scott had never been to such a place before. He was afraid of spending money.

“What are you afraid of? I won’t let you pay for it today. Don’t worry! You can’t afford such an expensive meal. But we can afford.” Vera said immediately.

Cassidy on the side also smiled triumphantly. After all, they hadn’t dared to say such words before.

Scott was speechless. He didn’t want to argue with Vera too much, so he didn’t speak anymore.

Vera and Cassidy gave the menu to Scott and Edith and asked them to order the food. Both of them said that they could eat anything. They weren’t picky eaters, so they passed the menu back.

Vera curled her lips, thinking that Scott and Edith must have been frightened by the price on the menu, so they didn’t dare to order.

Vera and Cassidy opened the menu and started ordering. After seeing the prices on the menu, the two of them were really taken aback. But after thinking that they didn’t have to pay for it today, they became bold.

After ordering some dishes, Vera stared at Scott and Edith, and said, “Tsk-tusk, a meal costs seventy to eighty thousand dollars. This is definitely beyond your imagination. But it’s just nothing for us.”

Scott and Edith glanced at each other. They both regretted agreeing to eat with Vera and Cassidy. Vera and Cassidy were here not to make amends, but to simply show off.

Not long after the food was served, Scott was a little hungry, so he lowered his head to eat. Vera and Cassidy stared at Scott with a little disdain, thinking about how to complete the task Gentry gave them.

Not long after, Scott got up and said that he was going to the toilet. Vera and Cassidy’s eyes lit up.

After Scott left, both of them looked at Edith with smiles.

Their purpose today was not Scott, but Edith.

“Ms. Edith, take advantage of Scott to go to the toilet, in fact, we have something to say to you.” Cassidy said.
Edith was taken aback, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Vera on the side smiled and said, “In fact, it was a rich man who let us invite you to have lunch here. You have also seen that the place where we are eating today is the best in N City. Just ordering a few dishes will cost seventy to eighty thousand. Scott will definitely not be able to give you this good life.”

“What we want to tell you is that apart from being good at fighting, Scott actually has no other advantages. In this society, if you want to live well, you still have to have money. So, you can consider kicking Scott away and then pursue a better life.”


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