The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 771 You Don’t Allow to Saying You Can’t

“Honey, come here! Why are you standing at the window and sighing? Don’t you love me anymore?”

In an upscale hotel in N City, Edith was lying on the bed, wearing only a thin layer of silk pajamas. Her pretty figure could be seen.

At this time, Edith looked radiant. Her face was blushed. She was so charming, and the gaze that she looked at Scott was affectionate.

Scott turned around helplessly. He looked at Edith on the bed, and begged for mercy, “Honey, it’s been three times today.
Please forgive me. If this continues, I’m afraid I won’t be able to withstand it.”

Edith suddenly showed a hint of shyness on her face and said, “I don’t know what’s going on. Anyway, I just want to have s*x with you. It’s rare that I have such a good interest. What’s the matter if we do a few times more?”

Scott shivered, feeling that Edith now was completely different from the past. She had always been more reserved. She had never been so unrestrained. The reason why she became like this was because of the black piece of wood.

After observing for a few days, this piece of black wood did have the effect of relaxing people’s mind. It could help people to sleep well and could help people get rid of fatigue in an instant.

So Scott had been putting this piece of black wood next to the pillow these days. Both his and Edith’s sleep quality had improved significantly.

Edith even felt that her skin had become better because of this piece of wood.

But just last night, Edith had a dream when she slept at night. She dreamed of eating drumsticks, and it was the kind of drumsticks that seemed to make people drooling. According to Edith herself, she vaguely felt that she was drooling in the middle of the night.

When Scott got up this morning, he found that there was a small piece missing part on the black wood, and there was a neat row of tooth prints on it. Then he suddenly figured out that Edith must have treated this piece of wood as the drumsticks when she was dreaming in the middle of the night.

Originally, Scott thought that although the wood was magical, it was only a piece of wood no matter what. It was fine to eat such a small piece.

But not long after, Edith became abnormal and began to tell him that she was turned on. She didn’t want to hang out. She just wanted to played in the hotel.

At the beginning, Scott felt normal and started to have s*x with Edith enthusiastically. But after three times, Scott noticed that Edith was abnormal. Today, she was really too energetic.

Scott thought that he was still very good. Besides, he had cultivated XuanJin. No matter what, he couldn’t lose to Edith, a weak woman, in this stuff.

However, now he was indeed a bit unable to hold on. Three times! Every time, he basically reached the level of exhaustion. If it was in the past, Edith would have started begging for mercy. But today, she still had a feeling of unfulfilled intentions, which was very weird.

The only reason Scott could think of was that piece of wood of unknown origin. After all, Edith became like this after eating that piece of wood.

“Honey, come here soon! Anyway, we won’t go out today. What are you afraid of? You can’t?” Edith said to Scott again.

Scott twitched his mouth and cursed secretly, thinking that he was only in his twenties, so he couldn’t just be judged by his wife like that. It was just having s*x a few times more? What was the big deal? How could he say that he couldn’t in front of his wife?

“Come on! I’ll let you know how strong I am. You dare to say that I can’t? I will let you see how good I am!”

After speaking, Scott walked over to the bed.

At the same time, he secretly decided that even if that piece of wood was great for relaxing mind, he would never put it on the head of the bed in the future. If Edith dreamed of eating the big lunch one day, she would eat this whole piece of wood, then he would be so exhausted at that time.

Scott was tired. However, at this time, in the center of N City, in a luxurious villa.

A man in a suit was standing by the window with a document in his hand. On the sofa behind him, there were about a dozen people sitting at this time. These people’s faces were a little dignified. The atmosphere seemed extremely tense. No one dared to make a sound.

Everyone in N City knew that this villa belonged to the Chang family. In the past, the villa had always been very lively. There would always be all kinds of people who came here to give gifts and flattered the head of the Chang family. But recently, the villa of the Chang family had become deserted a lot.

the Chang family was the top one family in N City, which held the economic lifeline of the entire N City. Although N City was not an international metropolis like B City, with the development of the country, N City was also considered to be a relatively well- developed third-tier city. Yuping Mountain was developed by the Chang family.

During this period of time, the affairs of Master Tianlong were raging, and Yuping Mountain was directly closed. The most affected was naturally the Chang family.

Although the Chang family had many industries in N City, Yuping Mountain’s tourist attraction accounted for nearly half of all the Chang family’s profit sources.
Now, Yuping Mountain had been closed. Although the Chang family immediately dismissed the relationship with Master Tianlong,

the impact of this incident on the Chang family was really big. So the entire the Chang family was in a gloomy atmosphere.

At this time, the person standing in front of the window was the current head of the Chang family, Gentry Chang. What he held in his hand was the losses of the Chang family over the past few days. Seeing the figures above, he just wanted to kill people.

After a long time, Gentry directly threw the documents in his hand to the ground, and shouted hysterically, “Fuck offt I’ve worked so hard for so many years. But it’s just ruined like this. Damn it! Shit Master Tianlong! If he wants women, he can tell me! Why did he have to do such shameful things? Now he is dead, but he has already caused a big blow to the Chang family. I really want to dig him out of the tomb and get him a few whips!”

Everyone in the villa saw Gentry getting angry, and they were afraid to speak. At this time, one person walked into the villa.
Seeing Gentry getting angry, he quickly said, “Boss, calm down. We have already found out the one who defeated Master Tianlong and exposed Master Tianlong’s matters is in N City.”

After speaking, the man hurried to Gentry’s side, took out his mobile phone, found a photo, and showed Gentry.
In the photo, it was Scott and Edith when they were playing in the antique street of N City.

“Although I don’t know why all the videos that were posted on the Internet that day are gone, our people kept one. Through comparison, we can confirm that the person who defeated Master Tianlong is the man in the photo. We also found two persons who witnessed Master Tianlong being defeated. Those two persons said that they knew that man.”

As the man said, he flipped his phone and then another photo appeared. It was Cassidy and Vera on it.

“I have communicated with these two people. They won’t leave N City in this period of time. Boss, do we really want to take actions to that man? He can even kill Master Tianlong.” The man said worriedly.

Gentry snorted coldly, “So what? How could it be possible for the Chang family to suffer such a big loss if it weren’t for him? I must take revenge on him.”

“If we can’t beat him, we can use money to deal with him. I don’t believe that my huge family can’t beat him, a 20-year-old boy!”


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