The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 770 Seeing Mater Tianlong’s True Face

At Green Dragon Temple Square.
After Scott brought Master Tianlong inside, the tourists on the square were in uproar.
They didn’t expect that the famous monk would be picked up like a little chicken.

Many tourists who admired Master Tianlong were so angry. Although Scott was stronger than Master Tianlong, Master Tianlong was an eminent monk after all. He couldn’t be treated like that no matter what.

“The brat just now is so arrogant. He dared to treat Master Tianlong in this way. He is really disrespectful to Buddhism, no matter how strong he is!”

“Yeah, that brat is too overweening. Master Tianlong is widely known, not because of his strength, but because of the good deeds he has done. However, that brat actually treated Master Tianlong like this. It’s way out of line!”

“We must help Master Tianlong. We can’t let Master Tianlong’s reputation be so humiliated!”

When the crowd was talking excitedly, Scott dragged the dying Master Tianlong out of the hall.

Everyone immediately turned their heads and looked over. They became even angrier after seeing Master Tianlong’s tragic situation at this time.

“Brat, Master Tianlong is an eminent monk. He has created so many miracles. But you actually beat him like this. How dare you!” Someone shouted at Scott.

Hearing the man’s shout, Scott snorted coldly, “An eminent monk? A scumbag like him is also worthy of this title? Today I will let you know the true face of the so-called Master Tianlong!” After finishing speaking, Scott looked back. Edith walked out with the girls who had been imprisoned for a long time.

Because of being imprisoned for a long time and Master Tianlong’s torture to them, these girls looked very haggard. They all cried directly after seeing the sunshine.

The people who had been clamoring suddenly became quiet. They didn’t expect that there would be a lot of girls hidden in Green Dragon Temple.

Before they came out, Scott and Edith had comforted these girls once. Then these girls promised to speak out the crimes of Master Tianlong in front of everyone.

Seeing everyone quiet down, one of the girls stood up and told everyone about her experience in tears.

No one present dared to interrupt her. The host even handed the microphone in his hand to that girl so that everyone could hear her.

As the girl narrated, everyone was silent. At that time, the people who were going to help Master Tianlong all showed a look of ashamed. They all lowered their heads and wanted to find a hole to get in.

After the first girl finished speaking, the remaining girls also had the courage to tell everyone their stories.

“I know a few of them. They disappeared from Yuping Mountain before. I saw their pictures at the time. It couldn’t be wrong!” Someone yelled after the girls had finished speaking.

Immediately, someone began to search for news about the girl’s disappearance in Yuping Mountain, and compared the photos with these girls. Then they found that those missing girls were indeed undoubtedly them.

Everyone became so angry. They didn’t expect that Master Tianlong would be such a scum. He pretended to be an eminent monk, but he actually did such nasty things behind everyone’s back.
All people began to curse the dying Master Tianlong who fell to the ground.

Master Tianlong didn’t have any thoughts of justification at this time. Scott ruined his dick. Now, he was bleeding. The excessive bleeding had caused his consciousness a little unclear.

“Now, you guys know the crime of this scum. If you want to attack him, I will not stop.” Scott said, and then left from Master Tianlong.

The already irritated crowd immediately surrounded Master Tianlong, and began to cruse him one by one. Many people even started to spit on him. Some could not help but directly beat him. In this case, no one would care what kind of injury Master Tianlong suffered.

After a long time, everyone’s anger dissipated, and then they walked away from Master Tianlong. At this time, Master Tianlong’s eyes widened open. His face was pale, and he completely died.

Seeing that Master Tianlong was beat to death by the crowd, Scott did not have any sympathy. He felt that it would be a reward for Master Tianlong to die like this.

Those girls suffered a lot. The masses of people naturally cared about them very much. So, Scott didn’t have to worry about the follow-up matters.

To avoid trouble, when the people were cared about those girls, Scott took Edith and left here. When everyone wanted to apologize to Scott, they didn’t know where he went.

The news about Master Tianlong’s kidnapping and imprisoning girls at Green Dragon Temple in Yuping Mountain shocked the whole country for a while. Yuping Mountain was forced to close down, and all monks related to Master Tianlong were locked up.
Scott, who was upholding justice, became a mysterious hero for a while. Except for those who had seen Scott that day, the

rest had no idea where Scott came from.

Although many people took videos and posted them on the Internet that day, those videos were quickly deleted. The popularity of this mysterious hero quickly dropped.

Naturally, it was Scott who arranged for someone to do this. He didn’t want to be a hero that was well-known throughout the country. He didn’t want to be popular. He just wanted to solve Master Tianlong, the scumbag.

With Scott’s background, it was very easy to manipulate public opinions.

When the affairs of Master Tianlong were raging, Scott and Edith did not go back to B City directly, but went to N City, which was next to Yuping Mountain.

N City was thousands of kilometers away from B City. Scott didn’t often take Edith out recently. Although there were some troubles, they didn’t want to go back like this.

These days, Scott had been taking Edith to hang out in N City. In the city, Scott was relatively at ease. After all, there was no special situation, and there would be no Grandmasters here.

For Scott, all the troubles encountered in the city were not trouble.

Scott had also been studying the stuff he got from Master Tianlong these days. Although the climbing journey didn’t go too smoothly, the gain this time was not small.

Scott tried the poison personally. It was indeed the kind of poison he sucked in the dungeon. The antidote was also very effective. Scott gave the bottle which had poison to Edith. He had told her that she could use it if she was in danger. Even if the other party was a Grandmaster, she would have a great chance to escape.

As for the two pills that could enhance strength, Scott didn’t try it. After all, he didn’t know if what Master Tianlong said was true or false. In case the side effects of these pills were not that simple, it would be late when Scott regretted it. So he decided to wait for someone who knew the pill to determine the authenticity of the pill before considering whether to take it.

In the past few days, Scott had also been studying the piece of jade and black wood.

He didn’t have any clues about the jade. The black wood also caused him a headache.


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