The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 769 Treasures

A scream sounded in the dungeon. Master Tianlong instantly straightened and then softened again. A pool of blood flowed out of his crotch.

The girls who watched this scene from a distance all subconsciously covered their eyes.

Master Tianlong was full of pain. Even his voice became sharp. Looking at Scott who was standing in front of him with a cold face, he regretted what he had done. He thought Scott was just like the devil who came out of hell.

Scott looked down at Master Tianlong, and asked coldly, “How do you feel? Now that the root is solved. Will you still want to do that kind of stuff in the future?”

“Please, I don’t dare to do it in the future.” Master Tianlong almost burst into tears.
Scott laughed and said, “It’s meaningless to say it now. You won’t have a future.”

Master Tianlong was shivering. He quickly begged Scott for mercy, “Little bro, please spare me. I have become like this. I’m already a total waste. Is this kind of punishment not enough? Please let go of me. Even if I become a beggar in the future, I won’t do that kind of stuff anymore.”

Scott snorted coldly, and said, “Such a punishment is not enough to make up the sin you made. Let me spare you? You wish!” Master Tianlong immediately said, “As long as you spare me, I can give you all my treasures.”

“Sorry, I’m not interested in them.” Scott said.

“Don’t make a conclusion so quickly. When you see my treasure, you will definitely not say such words. I promise you that they are definitely good stuff.” Master Tianlong said.

Scott said, “Take them out and show them to me.”

Master Tianlong pointed to an iron cabinet over there and said, “They’re in the cabinet over there. I’m already like this now. I can’t move it at all. So I have to bother you to take them by yourself. But don’t worry. There is absolutely no trap over there. If you don’t believe me, you can ask those women. They often watch me open the cabinet.”

Scott turned his head and glanced at those girls. The girls nodded at Scott.

Then Scott walked to the cabinet, stared at the cabinet, and found that it was not locked. So Scott thought even if Master Tianlong was so shrewd, he could not think of that one day he would have to use this cabinet to kill others. So Scott opened the cabinet.

There really weren’t any traps here. What greeted him was a black bag.

Scott stretched out his hand to take out the bag, put it on the top of the cabinet, opened it and took a look. He found three small bottles, a palm-sized jade, and a piece of black wood in it.

Scott didn’t know the reason why he felt his mind ease a lot and his body relaxed after seeing the black wood.
“What are these things?” Scott asked.

Master Tianlong didn’t conceal it. He said, “Inside the three jade bottles, one of them contains the kind of poison you just sucked in. It’s the one with the word, poison, written on it. Although I don’t know why this kind of poison does not affect you, I have used it to deal with Grandmasters before, and I have never failed.”

“The one which has the word antidote on it is the antidote to this kind of poison, which can instantly restore the poisoned person to normal. The bottle with the word strength written on itis a kind of pill that can instantly improve the strength. There are three pills in total. I took one pill a long time ago, so there are still two pills left in the bottle. Although I don’t know what this pill is called, the effect of the pills is better than Kaiyang Hedi Pill. The side effects will only make people feel exhausted.”

Hearing Master Tianlong’s words, Scott glanced at the bottle with the word force written on it. He had heard of Kaiyang Heqi Pill. Maynard had eaten this pill not long ago. So Scott knew the powerful of these pills.

lf what Master Tianlong said was true, this pill was indeed a rare treasure. The effect of the pill in this bottle was better than Kaiyang Hedi Pill, and the side effect only made people feel exhausted.

After all, there was no such horrible side effect of bursting blood vessels. This kind of pill could be regarded as one’s second life, and it could kill the enemy at a critical moment.

Master Tianlong had been at Green Dragon Temple for so long and had never thought that a terrifying expert like Scott would come to him, so he didn’t take this medicine with himself.

“What is this piece of jade and this black lacquered wood used for?” Scott asked.

“I don’t know what that piece of jade is for, but I’ve specifically asked someone to inquire about it. The material of this piece of jade is rare treasure in the world. If you carry it with yourself for a long time, it can help you relax your mind and body.” Master Tianlong said.

Scott curled his lips. Naturally, he didn’t believe in such things. But this piece of jade really looked unusual, so it was not wrong to say that it was a treasure.

“As for that piece of black wood, as long as you stare at it for a long time, your mind will be completely relaxed and your whole person will be in an extremely calm state. I don’t know the origin of this piece of wood, but this stuff definitely has unexpected effects for meditation. I suspect that this piece of wood is some kind of precious medicinal material. If you can find out its origin in the future, maybe it will be of great use.” Master Tianlong continued.

Scott stared at the black wood again, feeling that his spirit was relaxed again. This stuff did have a very good effect on relieving stress.

“Where did you get the stuff?” Scott stared at Master Tianlong. The stuff in this bag was indeed good things. But with the strength of Master Tianlong, it didn’t seem like that he couldn’t get so many treasures.

“Actually, I got them by accident, including this bag. When I was chased and killed, I hid in a cave in the mountains. There was a dead body in that cave, which seemed that he has been dead for a long time. This bag was found on the dead body.” Master Tianlong explained.

Scott pondered for a moment. If it was in the past, he wouldn’t believe in such things as treasures or Secret Skills found in caves. He felt that such things only appeared in novels. But since he came into contact with Guwu Circle, he felt that this kind of thing was not impossible.

After all, most of Guwu Families had chosen to hide. Some sects had moved directly into the deep mountains and forests. It was not unusual for such things to appear in the caves.

It was just that Scott was a little curious about the origin of the dead body in the cave. In this bag, the only pills that could enhance strength with minimal side effects was not some stuff that ordinary people could get casually.

Without thinking about it, Scott tied up the bag and slung it on his shoulder.

Seeing Scott taking away these things, Master Tianlong saw a glimmer of hope. He said, “I have given you all my treasures.
Can you spare my life now?”

Scott turned his head and glanced at Master Tianlong, saying, “Who told you that if I take these things, I will spare your life?” Master Tianlong’s face changed. He exclaimed, “You! You despicable villain! You lied to me!”

“Despicable? Speaking of it, I can’t compare to you in this point, am I? You have made so many sins. The girls here have been destroyed by you. Do you think I will let you go?”

“I’ll take you out now and let those people outside to see you, so -called eminent monk, have what kind of true face!”


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