The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 768 You Really Angered Me

Scott grabbed Master Tianlong by his collar and said coldly, “Where is she?”

Master Tianlong pointed his finger in the direction of the hall. Scott directly lifted Master Tianlong from the ground, and walked to the hall.

Everyone watched this scene dumbfoundedly. They didn’t expect that Master Tianlong, who was called an eminent monk, was lifted away like a little chicken by Scott. This was simply beyond their imagination.

However, no one dared to express dissatisfaction. They all saw Scott’s strength just now. Even Master Tianlong was not Scott’s match, so how dare they provoke Scott who was in a state of rage?

Scott carried Master Tianlong through the main hall and came to a beautifully decorated small courtyard. Master Tianlong pointed his finger at one of the rooms and said, “It’s there.”

Scott led him towards the inside. After pushing the door open, he found that it was a normal monk’s room layout, but he didn’t see Edith.

“Where is she? If you dare to play tricks on me, I will break your neck now.” Scott said.
“Take it easy! Go to the bed and click on the eyes of the dragon and phoenix pattern beside the bed.” Master Tianlong said.
Scott walked to the bed. Because he was afraid that Master Tianlong would play tricks, he said, “You press it.”

Master Tianlong obediently pressed the button next to the bed, and then Scott saw that the top of the bed rose. Inside it turned out to be a passage leading to the underground.

“Your wife is right here. You can see her when you go in.” Master Tianlong said.

Scott let Master Tianlong walk ahead. They two entered the passage one after the other.
Master Tianlong walked ahead with a sinister smile on his face.

Soon, the two of them reached the end of the passage. Scott noticed that it was a place which was similar to a dungeon. Edith was locked up in a cell not far away. There were several other girls with Edith.

At this time, Edith had already woken up. She was listening to the girls telling their tragic experience. Her face was full of sympathy.

After hearing someone coming in the dungeon, the faces of several people changed. The girls who had been caught before were all so scared that they squatted to the corner of the wall, shivering.

Edith looked over. Seeing it was Scott, her eyes lit up. A glimmer of hope rose in her mind.
After Scott saw that Edith was fine, he was relieved. He was about to walk towards her.

At this moment, Master Tianlong who was walking in front suddenly pressed a hidden trap switch on the wall, then broke free of Scott’s hand, and rushed towards the front.

A thick smoke sprayed directly towards Scott’s face. Scott quickly stretched out his hand to wave it off, but the smoke had already been sucked into his body.

He didn’t expect that Master Tianlong would set up trap in such a place. Just now when he saw Edith was fine, he relaxed his vigilance. Then he got into Master Tianlong’s trap.

In almost an instant, Scott felt his head dizzy and his limbs soft. He couldn’t use any strength at all, so he just sat down on the ground.

Master Tianlong laughed, no longer maintaining the image of an eminent monk at all. At this time, he looked like a bandit leader with a hideous and terrifying face.

“Brat, you didn’t expect it that I would set up a trap here, right? This trap is what I used to prevent accidents. I didn’t expect it to come to handy today.” Master Tianlong said to Scott.

Scott glared at Master Tianlong. He gritted his teeth and said, “You really have to go to the hell!”

Master Tianlong sneered, “Brat, this smoke you sucked in is a poison I accidentally got back then. This poison is colorless and tasteless. As long as you inhale a small amount, even if you are a Grandmaster, you will lose your combat effectiveness.
Although this poison can only last for half a day and will not cause any harm to you, it is enough for me to kill you.”

“Back then, I was chased and killed by three Grandmasters. It was because of it that I was able to escape. This kind of poison can be said to be the nemesis of inner force. Once you try to run inner force, the toxin will only be released in your body faster.”

“So it’s impossible that you want to kill me now.”

Scott didn’t doubt what Master Tianlong said. Because he really couldn’t use any force now. Besides, he faintly felt that inner force in his body was disappearing at a rapid speed.

However, there was not just a kind of force in Scott’s body. XuanJin still existed in his body. Besides, XuanJin didn’t seem to be affected by this poison.

Scott had already read the method of detoxifying through the operation of XuanJin in that Secret Skills. Although he didn’t know if it would work, he had to try it first.

He pretended that he could no longer move, and then quietly ran XuanJin. Then he was relieved when he found that XuanJin had not been affected by this poison.

Afterwards, as XuanJin worked, the toxins in Scott’s body were forced out of the body bit by bit, and the feeling of powerlessness disappeared.

Master Tianlong didn’t know that his poison had no effect on Scott. After all, he had no idea that something like XuanJin existed in this world.

He stared at Scott with a sneer, then walked over to Scott, opened the door inside, and said with a smile, “I didn’t expect your strength to be so strong. But it’s a pity that you still have to die in my hands. You also hurt me. In order to punish you, I will f*ck your wife in front of you now, letting you experience what despair is. Then I’ll kill you. Wow! It’s so exciting. ”

Edith was already full of panic at this time. She originally thought that she would be save after Scott appeared here. But she didn’t expect it would happen such things again.

Scott took a deep breath. After hearing Master Tianlong’s words, the anger ignited again. For such a scum, killing him directly was a reward for him.

“You really angered me. Today, I will also let you know what the real despair is.” Scott slowly stood up from the ground.

Master Tianlong was going to catch Edith. But after seeing Scott actually stand up, his face changed suddenly. He immediately rushed to Edith and wanted to use Edith to threaten Scott.

However, his speed was not as fast as one percent of Scott’s. The moment he reached out to Edith, Scott had already reached behind him, and then grabbed his wrist. Scott used XuanJin to break Master Tianlong’s hand into two pieces.

Scott didn’t stop. He kicked Master Tianlong’s calf. After breaking one of Master Tianlong’s legs, Scott knocked him down and then stared at him, saying coldly, “Since you’re so keen to do that stuff. I will let you taste what it’s like to lose your dick!”

As soon as Scott finished speaking, he lifted one of his foot and stomped down Master Tianlong’s crotch.


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