The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 767 I’m Afraid You Can’t Do It

Everyone present was taken aback by the sudden sound, and then they all turned their heads to look in the direction of the sound.

Scott was full of anger, with a shocking aura. Countless murderous auras erupted from his eyes. He was standing at the edge of the square and staring at Master Tianlong in the middle of square.

Cassidy and Vera saw that the person who offended Master Tianlong turned out to be Scott, and they showed stunned expressions on their faces.

“Is this guy insane? He actually came here to make trouble for Master Tianlong. Does he want to die?” Vera looked at Scott as if she was looking at an idiot.

Cassidy frowned and said, “Did you hear what he was yelling just now? Why did he ask Master Tianlong to give back his wife to him? Did his wife get lost?”

“Even if his wife got lost, why didn’t he go to the police? What is he doing now? Is it possible that such an eminent monk abducted his wife?” Vera showed a look of contempt.

Master Tianlong also glanced at Scott, wondering what was going on.
“Sir, if you are in trouble, explain the situation to me. I will help you. Don’t be so angry.” Master Tianlong said to Scott.

“Don’t play dumb with me here! You hypocritical bastard! Quickly give my wife back to me. Otherwise, I will let you die without a place to bury!” Scott gritted his teeth and said.

Master Tianlong seemed to understand what was going on. This man should be that pretty girl’s husband.

Then he secretly blamed that his subordinates were unreliable in doing things. His men actually didn’t kill that woman’s husband.
But he still maintained a smile on his face.

“Sir, if you can’t find your wife, I can arrange for the monks in the temple to help you search her. But it’s not a little appropriate that you slander me like this, isn’t it?” Master Tianlong said.

After hearing Master Tianlong’s words, everyone at the scene immediately felt that Scott was an unreasonable man. He lost his wife but he even ran over to ask Master Tianlong for trouble. It was really shameless.

“Your wife got lost. You didn’t hurry up to find your wife but ran here to provoke Master Tianlong? Master Tianlong is an eminent monk. How could he be interested in your wife?”

“Yeah, get out of here quickly. Don’t disturb Master Tianlong’s performance. If you anger Master Tianlong again, Master Tianlong will beat you to death!”

Hearing that everyone was actually speaking for the shit Master Tianlong, Scott’s anger became more intense. He jumped up and stepped on the shoulders of a few people to the center of the square and fell in front of Master Tianlong.

“Since they are all deceived by you asshole, I will tear off your mask and let them see your true face!”

Seeing that Scott was not bad, Master Tianlong narrowed his eyes. He sneered secretly. Since this brat asked for it, he didn’t have to think of other ways to defend himself. Since this guy wanted to fight with him, he could take this opportunity to kill this guy. Fighting was ruthless. Even he killed this guy, no one could blame him.

“Sir, if you are dissatisfied with me and want to fight with me, I can fight with you. But you have to know one thing. Fighting is ruthless. If you are injured today, don’t blame me for not reminding you.” Master Tianlong said.

Scott immediately put on a fighting pose and said coldly, “I’m afraid you can’t do it.”

When everyone saw that Scott was really going to fight Master Tianlong, their faces also showed mocking smiles. They saw that Master Tianlong’s performance just now, so they didn’t think Scott would be Master Tianlong’s match.

“Master Tianlong can split stones with leaves. This brat actually wants to fight Master Tianlong. It’s ridiculous.”

“It just so happens that we can take this opportunity to take a look at Master Tianlong’s strength. I hope this brat can last longer.
Don’t be killed by Master Tianlong with a slap.”

Vera showed a sneer on her face. She said to Cassidy who was on the side, “Is this guy really insane? He actually went to fight with Master Tianlong? Is he serious?”

Cassidy also shook his head helplessly, and said, “He was really too reckless. He rushed forward without considering the consequences.”

Scott didn’t talk nonsense with Master Tianlong, but rushed towards Master Tianlong with a stride. He ran XuanJin in his body, and slammed a heavy fist towards Master Tianlong.

Feeling the power of Scott’s fist, Master Tianlong was stunned. He immediately ran his inner force and fought against Scott.
What he didn’t expect was that Scott’s punch had uninterrupted power. The move he resisted failed to completely offset the power on Scott’s fist.

He retreated to the back. He gritted his teeth before barely withstanding Scott’s punch.

At this time, his face was completely different from just now. He looked at Scott in disbelief, and said, “Are you also a Grandmaster?”

Scott snorted coldly. He did not give Master Tianlong any chance to breathe, just got close to him again, and struck out one by


Through the fight just now, Scott had roughly felt that the strength of Master Tianlong was no more than Alonzo’s. He couldn’t even match Myles.

Such an asshole even dared to abduct his wife? Today, he could use his strength to let this Mater Tianlong regret what he had done.

After everyone saw Scott and Master Tianlong fight, the contempt for Scott on their faces disappeared instantly, and all of them became stunned.

Not only did Scott fail to be slapped to death by Master Tianlong, but as soon as he came up, he made Master Tianlong retreat, which was completely different from what they thought.

Both Cassidy and Vera looked at Scott, who was playing against Master Tianlong, with dignified faces. Only then did they realize that Scott was the real master. Even Master Tianlong wasn’t his match.

Vera was full of guilt. Thinking of her previous attitude towards Scott, she felt so regretful.

“At your level, you aren’t worthy of being called an eminent monk! I think you just go back to your mother’s womb and practice for decades!”

Scott yelled at Master Tianlong, and then used Tianxing Blow to hit toward Master Tianlong’s chest. Master Tianlong couldn’t resist Scott at all. Scott’s blow hit directly on his chest. Then he spit out blood and sat down on the ground.

“Who…who are you?”

Scott walked up to Master Tianlong, lowered his head and stared at Master Tianlong coldly, “You don’t need to know who I am! Juts give my wife back to me first. Otherwise, I will kill you now!”

“Okay, okay. Don’t be impulsive. I’ll take you there.” Master Tianlong didn’t dare to hesitate at all, and quickly agreed to Scott.


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