The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 766 Master Tianlong

The abbot knew that he was not Scott’s match at all. Now, one of his arms and legs were broken. Even if he wanted to run, he couldn’t. So he could only beg for mercy, “Please, please spare me! I will tell you everything.”

Then the abbot told Scott that Edith had been sent to Green Dragon Temple on the top of the mountain. The two monks would hand Edith to Master Tianlong. As for what Master Tianlong would do with Edith, they didn’t know.

Scott’s face sank. Then he asked about the origin of this Master Tianlong. The abbot told Scott all he knew.

It turned out that this so-called Master Tianlong was originally from Guwu Family. He had already been a Grandmaster. So even in Guwu Family, he should be the target of preferential treatment.

However, because he raped the wife of the head of one Guwu Family. Later, this incident was revealed. Master Tianlong was chased and killed by that head of Guwu Family. Out of helplessness, he had no choice but to escape from that place.

Later, when Yuping Mountain developed a tourist area, the developer accidentally met Master Tianlong and learned that he was a powerful warrior, so he discussed with Master Tianlong about the construction of Green Dragon Temple.

Master Tianlong left from the Guwu family. Because he was afraid of being chased and killed, he felt that it would not be a bad thing to be a monk on the mountain, so he agreed to the developer.

Through packaging, the developer created the image of Master Tianlong, an eminent monk, in order to attract tourists to Yuping Mountain.

Master Tianlong lived so well on the mountain. The money offered by those tourists was enough for him to spend a few lifetimes.
The only problem was that there were no women in the temple. Master Tianlong was a womanizer. So he wanted to get some female tourists.

The girls who had disappeared before were not lost in the mountain, but because they accidentally found the small temple.
Besides, they were alone again, so they were caught by Master Tianlong.

If some male tourists found the small temple, the people inside would never open the door.
After listening to the abbot’s narration, Scott’s anger became more intense. He did not expect that this so-called eminent monk was such a disgusting scum.

The abbot glanced at Scott nervously, and said, “Buddy, I have already told you everything I know. Many of them are secrets that Master Tianlong has not told others. You have also broken one of my arms and legs. Please let me go!”

Scott looked down at him, snorted coldly, and said, “Let you go? Let you continue to harm others? You are not much better than Master Tianlong. You can go to the hell first and wait there to meet Master Tianlong.”

After speaking, Scott grabbed the abbot’s neck and then twisted it hard. That abbot died immediately.
After that, Scott came out of the small temple and quickly climbed towards the top of the mountain.

That Master Tianlong had a performance in the afternoon, so he shouldn’t have time to do anything to Edith. If Scott could be faster, he should be able to prevent Edith from having accidents.

At Green Dragon Temple.
In a hidden room in Master Tianlong’s separate courtyard, two monks put Edith down.

At this time, the door of the room was pushed open. A monk wearing a gorgeous monk robe with a rounded face and a fierce look in his eyes walked in. It was Master Tianlong.

The two monks hurriedly turned around and bowed to Master Tianlong. One of them said, “Master, this one is absolutely your

style. She is simply the best of the best.”

Master Tianlong’s eyes suddenly brightened, and then he hurried to the chair, took a close look at Edith who passed out. After that, he said with a smile, “Great! But I have a performance this afternoon. Beauty, I can only wait until the performance is over before I come to enjoy you.”

After speaking, Master Tianlong turned to look at the two monks, and said, “Lock her in the back room first. You guys did a good job this time. Come to my room tomorrow and I will teach you two some skills.”

The two monks were very happy. After bowing deeply to Master Tianlong, they went to send Edith to the back room mentioned by Master Tianlong.

At Green Dragon Temple Square.
At this time, countless tourists had gathered here. Everyone was waiting for today’s protagonist, Master Tianlong.

The tour guide that Scott followed before had already taken the tourists to the designated location at this time. Because they paid a lot of money, the location was relatively good.

After Cassidy and Vera found a good place to watch the performance, there was a look of expectation on their faces. After all, watching Master Tianlong perform was something they had been looking forward to for a long time. Besides, Cassidy wanted to be Master Tianlong’s apprentice after the performance was over.

“It’s really weird. Why can’t I see Scott and his wife? Even if the two of them are left behind, they should catch up with us now.
Is it possible that they are not interested in Master Tianlong’s performance?” Cassidy said with some doubts.

“It has nothing to do with us. You’d better think about what you will say when you see Master Tianlong later.” Vera turned her head and said to Cassidy.
Cassidy nodded. It was really not the right time to care about others now.

“Isn’t Scott very disdainful of Master Tianlong? Maybe he is afraid that those words he said will be heard by Master Tianlong and then he will be beat up by Master Tianlong if he comes here.” Vera muttered again.

Not long after, a person with a microphone in his hand appeared on the square. This person was the host of the Tianlong Master’s performance and was responsible for enlivening the atmosphere.

With a few words, the host raised the expectations of everyone present to the highest level. After that, he didn’t talk nonsense and directly invited Master Tianlong to appear on the stage.

Master Tianlong appeared directly on the roof of the main hall in front of the square. Seeing the scene, everyone exclaimed.

Immediately afterwards, Master Tianlong jumped down from the main hall. After a few steps, he reached the center of the square. Everyone was so excited.

In order to maintain his majesty, Master Tianlong did not say too much, but directly started his own performance.

He showed a set of exquisite boxing techniques in front of everyone firstly, and then began a series of performances such as crushing rocks with bare hands, splitting rocks with leaves, and flying needles through rocks.

Everyone present applauded and cheered. After seeing Master Tianlong’s performance, many people had the idea, which was to become Master Tianlong’s apprentices. Some people started calling their parents on the spot and asked for money. They wanted to become Master Tianlong’s apprentices today.

Vera stared at Master Tianlong with a face of admiration. Then she said, “Master Tianlong is so powerful. How can such an incompetent guy like Scott be comparable with Master Tianlong? If Scott is present and we let him go up to fight with Master Tianlong, he must be scared to death.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a voice full of anger resounded through the square of Green Dragon Temple.

“Shameless bald donkey! Give my wife back to me, otherwise I will ruin your Green Dragon Temple today!”


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