The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 765 The Small Temple

Edith and Scott came to the door of the small temple. The door was closed tightly, so they didn’t know if there was anyone inside.

“Is there anyone else?” Edith shouted.

“Perhaps it is a deserted temple, otherwise the tour guide will definitely introduce this place just now. There are very few people here. Probably no one is in this temple.” Scott said.

Edith nodded, feeling that what Scott said was very possible.
But not long after Scott finished speaking, the door was opened. Two monks came out from inside.

The two monks bowed to Scott and Edith. One of them said, “This sir and lady, itis your blessing to discover our little temple.
Our abbot has laid down the rules. Anyone who finds our temple will get blessing. Please come in with us.”

Edith was full of joy. She didn’t expect to she could get blessing after finding this small temple. Although she didn’t believe in Buddhism, she couldn’t completely ignore this kind of metaphysical things. Since they could give her blessings, why didn’t she take it? So she happily walked in.

Upon seeing this, Scott also followed. They two went into the small temple together.

The incense in the temple was lingering, which seemed to be just lighted. A not too big Buddha statue was enshrined in the center. Some tributes that had wilted were placed in front of the table.

A monk wearing a yellow monk robe was sitting cross-legged in front of the Buddha statue and meditating. The two monks walked up to him and one of them said, “Abbot, the destined person has arrived.”

The monk opened his eyes. Then he stood up from the ground, turned his head to look at Scott and Edith, with a smile on his face.

“Look at you guys, something good will happen to you two lately, especially this lady. You look so happy. There must be something happy recently.” The abbot said.

Edith immediately lowered her head and smiled shyly. Being able to be with Scott was the happiest thing for her.

“Since you came here today, I can give you some gifts to help you guys get much luck. This lady, please come with me.
The abbot made a gesture to let Edith come with him, and then walked in toward a small door inside.

Edith nodded, and followed the abbot toward the inside.

Scott wanted to follow, but was stopped by the two monks.

“Only one person can enter at a time. Please wait outside.”

Edith turned her head and glanced at Scott, saying, “It should be over quickly. Just wait here first.”

Scott didn’t think much, so he nodded. He thought that this temple was not big, so maybe it couldn’t contain too many people inside.

After watching Edith follow the abbot in, Scott walked around the temple. He noticed that there was a lot of dust in some corners of the temple, as if the monks here only cleaned some obvious places.

Looking at the Buddha statue in the temple, the paint on the Buddha statue had fallen off in some places. It seemed that it had not been repaired for a long time. Scott didn’t know if this was regarded as disrespect to the Buddha.

Not long after the abbot took Edith in, the two monks followed in. Only Scott was left in the hall. This made Scott feel that these monks were a little unreliable. They made things so mystery just for getting some incense money.

But as long as Edith was happy, he didn’t mind giving them a little money.

About fifteen minutes later, there was still no sound inside. Edith did not come out of it either, which made Scott a little impatient.

In addition, this small temple was a little weird. Scott suddenly felt a sense of anxiety.

Behind the small door was a dilapidated room. At this time, Edith was sitting on a chair. She had already passed out, and had also been tied up with a rope.

Not long after she came in, the abbot held a peculiar incense and shook it in front of her. After that, Edith felt her head become drowsy and fainted not long after.

At this moment, the abbot was staring at Edith on the chair with a sneer. He didn’t seem to be a monk now.

“So great! Seeing her, I really want to f*ck her. It’s a pity that only Master Tianlong can enjoy her. I don’t have this blessing.” The abbot murmured to himself.

“You two, go to send this woman up the mountain and give her to Master Tianlong now.” The abbot turned his head and stared at the two monks.

“What about the man outside?”

The abbot smiled coldly and said, “Yuping Mountain is so big. There are countless people who don’t walk the normal roads. It is nothing new that one or two people get lost in the mountain and then are eaten by wild animals. I’ll take care of him. Now, you two quickly take this woman up the mountain.”

The two monks nodded, then they lifted the chair Edith was sitting on, went out from the back door, and went up the mountain.

In the hall, Scott didn’t want to wait any longer. He walked directly towards the small door.
At this time the abbot walked out from inside, staring at Scott with a playful smile on his face.
“Where is my wife?” Scott asked.

“Your wife has been persuaded by me. She decided to join us. You don’t need to see her again in the future.” The abbot chuckled.

Seeing the abbot’s look, Scott knew he had been fooled. He was so furious and shouted sharply, “Give my wife back to me, or I will kill you!”

“How ignorant! Tell you, I am a direct apprentice of Master Tianlong. He is a Grandmaster. Under the guidance of him, I have also reached initial stage of inner force. You probably don’t know what inner force is. In short, you only need to know that you have to die today!”

“Your wife has been taken to see Master Tianlong. Not surprisingly, tonight, she will be f*cked by Master Tianlong. And you, naturally, will go to the hell. If you want to blame someone, you can only blame yourself. It’s you who took initiative to come to our small temple!”

After the abbot finished speaking, he rushed towards Scott and was about to grab Scott’s neck with one hand.

Scott snorted coldly. He didn’t expect that the so-called Master Tianlong was such a nasty person, and he actually did this kind of thing behind everyone’s back. That few missing girls were probably abducted by them.

Scott was so angry. The moment the abbot rushed to him, Scott grabbed the abbot’s wrist and broke his hand with force.
The abbot’s face suddenly changed. He didn’t expect Scott to be so great. The cold sweat came out from his forehead instantly.
“Who…Who are you? Why, why is your aura stronger than Master Tianlong?”

Scott snorted coldly, ignoring the abbot’s words. He suddenly raised his foot and kicked it on that abbot’s knees. With a click sound, the abbot knelt on the ground. An inner force expert who had reached initial stage was just knocked down by Scott like this. Besides, one of his arms and legs were broken.

“Say, what did you do to my wife? If she gets any hurt, I will screw off the head of the so-called Master Tianlong. As for Green Dragon Temple, I would ruin it!”


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