The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 764 Climb the Mountain

The next morning, Scott got up early and went out to buy breakfast. When he came back to the hotel, Edith just got up from the bed and looked lazy.

“Rise and shine! Hurry up and freshen up. We will go to climb the mountain.” Scott smiled and put breakfast on the table.

Edith looked at Scott shyly. She said, “You know that we are going to climb the mountain today, but last night, you still… Now, you actually said I am lazy. If I am tired in the middle of the mountain, I will go straight down. You just climb up by yourself.”

Scott said with smile, “No way! When I went to buy breakfast just now, I heard the seller say that there have been a few single girls missing when they climbed the mountain alone on Yuping Mountain during this period. I can’t let you go down by yourself.
Even if I have to carry you up, I will do it.”

Edith rolled her eyes at Scott. She didn’t say anything, but just got up and freshened herself.

After getting things ready, the two walked out together. At the foot of the mountain, there was a professional tour guide leading the group. Scott signed up and planned to go up with the tour guide.

A group was about twenty people. After all the people were gathered, the tour guide would lead a group of people towards the mountain.

“Recently, there have been several incidents of girls climbing alone in Yuping Mountain, and then they disappeared. Some places on Yuping Mountain are more precarious. If you get lost, you will easily be trapped in the mountains and can’t get out.
Even the search and rescue team may not be able to find you. So everyone must follow me closely and don’t leave the team at will.”

The tour guide shouted at the crowd with a big loudspeaker.
After Edith heard this, she turned her head to look at Scott, and said, “So you are not fooling me!”

“Why did I have to fool you? You must follow me closely later. If you get lost, you will never see me again.” Scott said with a smile.

Edith raised her head proudly and said, “I’m not that stupid!”

Everyone began the mountain climbing journey happily. Not long after the beginning, two people walked to the side of Scott and Edith. It was the couple from last night.

Scott didn’t expect this couple would follow the same tour guide as him, so he was a little surprised.

“Buddy, I was really sorry for last night. We were too short-sighted. I didn’t expect you to be so awesome. I hope you don’t take this matter to heart. Since we can meet here, it is also destined. How about we make friends?” The man said.

Scott smiled at him and didn’t care about it. Since the other party could take the initiative to apologize, he naturally wouldn’t stick on such trifles.

It was just that the girl was not so easygoing as the man. She seemed to be still angry with what happened last night. Although she didn’t talk back to Scott again, her eyes were still full of discomfort when she looked at Scott.

The four people followed the tour guide along the way, while listening to the tour guide explaining about the history of Yuping Mountain, while traveling the mountains and watching the views.

Through conversations, Scott learned that the couple came from a relatively rich and medium-sized city in the south. The man ran a courier company and was a little rich, and the girl was a child of a cadre. They two were a perfect match.

The man’s name was Cassidy and the girl’s name was Vera. The two came to Yuping Mountain this time, not just for playing.

At this time, the tour guide was telling some deeds of the eminent monk at Green Dragon Temple, saying that they were so lucky today. Master Tianlong would perform every once in a while. He would perform this afternoon.

Cassidy glanced at Scott, and laughed, “To tell the truth, I have had a martial arts dream since I was a child, so I have always had a deep obsession with martial arts. But I have never been able to come into contact with the real martial arts of H Country. ”

“The main purpose of our visit to Yuping Mountain this time is actually to find Master Tianlong to be his apprentices. I have prepared the money. Even if I can stay Master Tianlong’s side, I will definitely learn some real skills from him. ”

Master Tianlong was the name of the eminent monk at Green Dragon Temple.
When Scott heard the title of Master Tianlong, he still felt a little weird. After all, in his eyes, he thought that such a eminent monk wouldn’t make such a funny name.

“Why did you tell them it? It’s not easy to become Master Tianlong’s apprentices. Now, you have told them it. What if they also want to be Master Tianlong’s apprentices? Then you have one more competitor.” Vera said with a frown.

Scott smiled, “Don’t worry. I have no interest in this Master Tianlong. If the Qigong Master is really his apprentice, he won’t deserve to be my master.”

Vera immediately curled her lips and said, “That person last night just took advantage of Master Tianlong’s reputation. The real Master Tianlong has unfathomable strength. It is said that he can cut a hard stone with a leaf. That so-called Qigong Master can’t be comparable with him at all.”

Scott raised his eyebrows. If Master Tianlong really had such skills, he would be a Grandmaster.

“Don’t think that you are quite good now. When Cassidy becomes Master Tianlong’s apprentice, you will definitely not be his match,” Vera said to Scott somewhat proudly.

Scott laughed and didn’t say anything. Even if Master Tianlong was really a Grandmaster, Cassidy would still not be his match even if he became Master Tianlong’s apprentice.

After half a day, the tour guide led everyone to climb halfway up the mountain. Probably because everyone was waiting to see the performance of Master Tianlong, everyone did not feel tired, but the more and more excited they climbed.

Because of having a s*x last night, Edith couldn’t hold on anymore now. She wanted to take a break. But the tour guide only let everyone have a very short break, and then continued to climb up the mountain.

“Let’s rest here for a while. There is no need to follow them. That tour guide is not very good.” Scott smiled and looked d at Edith. Then he wiped the sweat from Edith’s forehead.

Edith glanced at Scott angrily, and said, “It’s all your fault. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be so tired now.”

“My dear, I was wrong. How about I carry you up?” Scott quickly admitted his mistake.

Edith rolled her eyes at Scott. Then she found a big rock, and sat down.

When Edith was resting, Scott walked around to observe the surrounding environment. After a while, Scott found a quiet path behind a huge boulder, leading to a hidden small temple behind the mountain.

If others didn’t observe carefully, they wouldn’t find that there was such a hidden scene here.
“Honey, come here! There is still a small temple hidden here.” Scott waved to Edith.
Edith had recovered a little at this time, and then she walked towards Scott.

When she saw the small temple hidden behind the mountain, her eyes lit up. It was just like finding a hidden story when she was playing games.

“Let’s go over and take a look.” Edith walked over there directly.
Scott immediately followed, and wanted to see what this small temple was for.
At the same time, in the small temple, there were several bald heads wearing monks’ robes looking out the window.

“Get ready. The prey is coming. It looks like a top quality. Although there is a person following her, it is not a big problem. We have to get her and give her to the master. When the master is happy, he may teach us some tricks again.”


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