The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 762 Qigong Performance

Yuping Mountain had a humid climate, pleasant scenery, and a unique geographical environment, which attracted many tourists.

The reason why Yuping Mountain was so popular was not only for its beautiful scenery, but a temple called Green Dragon Temple which was located on the top of Yuping Mountain.

Green Dragon Temple was not an old temple, but it was built on the mountain in the past few years. When it was first publicized, it was said that it had invited an eminent monk and also promoted some of the wonders that occurred during the construction of Green Dragon Temple. In addition, some people said that they prayed at Green Dragon Temple, and it didn’t take long that his wish was fulfilled. Soon, Green Dragon Temple became famous.

After that, in order to attract more people to the temple to give incense, Green Dragon Temple began to attract people’s attention with martial arts. It was said that the eminent monk in Green Dragon Temple was still a martial arts master, with quite amazing skills. Sometimes, this eminent monk would perform in front of people.

Those who had seen this eminent monk’s performance were amazed by Green Dragon Temple’s martial arts, and they all said that this eminent monk was indeed awesome.

Many people even came up with the idea of being this eminent monk’s apprentice. The monk did not reject these people, as long as they paid enough tuition, they could stay on the mountain and learned from him to practice martial arts.

It was said that the tuition fee was 200,000 dollars a year. Even so, there were still a constant stream of people coming to the mountain to be the monk’s apprentice.

At the beginning, a national martial arts champion once questioned the strength of the monk and personally came to Green Dragon Temple to challenge him, but he was defeated by the monk in three moves.

This battle had made Green Dragon Temple’s reputation even higher. The number of people who came to find the eminent monk to be his apprentice was endless. This had created the lively scene of Yuping Mountain today.

It was said that many of the people who learned from the eminent monk had achieved a lot. These people were really stronger than those martial arts champions, and some were even comparable to the martial arts masters on TV.

But whether it was true or not was still inconclusive. People had only heard some rumors.
When considering where to travel, Scott saw some introductions about Green Dragon Temple on Yuping Mountain, so he finally chose to come here to visit, and wanted to see who the eminent monk looked like.

According to Scott’s guess, this eminent monk might not be so awesome. These should be deliberately stated for propaganda, but the possibility of this eminent monk being an inner force expert was still very high.

Scott was more curious whether this monk was the same as the old monks with profound skills in the novel, so he took Edith to take a look.

It was precisely because the eminent monk of Green Dragon Temple was known as a martial arts master, so there would be Qigong Performance at the foot of Yuping Mountain, just taking advantage of that monk’s reputation.

After eating, Scott and Edith walked towards the place where Qigong Performance was.

There was a built-up stage, surrounded by curtains. If you wanted to go in to watch the show, you naturally needed to pay for tickets.

Scott went to buy tickets, and then took Edith to the place where the tickets were checked.
“Is this kind of performance really interesting? There is no such thing as Qigong in this world. It’s just a lie.” Edith said.

Although Scott’s current strength had reached the level which all Grandmaster couldn’t defeat him, Edith had never seen Scott take a shot. Thus, her understanding of martial arts still stayed at the simplest level, only thinking Scott was good at fighting, had a stronger body and quick reactions.

Scott smiled at Edith, “It doesn’t matter if it’s a lie. Just have fun.”

Scott didn’t know whether there was Qigong in this world, but he knew that there was inner force in this world, and even something like XuanJin existed. So when he saw Qigong Performance, he wanted to know whether the so-called Qigong was as the same as inner force.

At this time, there were already many audiences around the stage. After Scott took Edith in, he found a place closer to the stage and stopped.
It didn’t take long for the performances to begin. The previous ones were all more conventional performances.

Then, a so-called Qigong Master came out and started to fight against some very powerful thugs. The Qigong Master easily solved those thugs. It didn’t look like they were acting, but they were really fighting.

The audiences immediately began to applaud. Obviously, everyone liked watching this kind of performance.
Scott stared at the so-called Qigong Master for a while, and then figured out what the so-called Qigong was about.

This Qigong Master should have indeed learned deep breathing, but he didn’t learn the complete. Although it played a certain role, causing some powers similar to inner force to appear in his body, it was much worse than the power of inner force. It was just like the low-quality version that Theadore taught his family.

But even so, the strength of this Qigong Master was much stronger than ordinary people. He should have learned it systematically.

“Wow, honey, I didn’t expect this Qigong Master to be quite powerful. There are so many people, but they were all defeated by him so easily. However, compared with you, this man should be a little worse. My honey is the best.” Edith smiled and said to Scott.

Scott smiled, “He is just nothing. I have real skills. If I go up, I can beat him down in minutes.”

“Wow, what a self-righteous guy! It’s ridiculous that he actually thinks that he can defeat this Qigong Master.” At this time, a mocking voice sounded behind the two people.

Scott and Edith both turned their heads to look over. Standing behind them was a couple.
It was the girl who mocked them.

“Sorry! My girlfriend speaks a little bit straightforward. Please don’t take it to your heart. But you really underestimate the Qigong Master. He has really learned from the eminent monk of Green Dragon Temple. He is strong. You don’t seem to be good at fighting. If you really fight with him, you might be beaten up by him.” The man said with a smile.

“Why do you tell them about this? Just let them brag! I think they just know how to brag.” The girl mocked again with a disdainful expression on her face.

Scott looked at these two people speechlessly. It was rare that Edith could praise him. He was happy after hearing Edith praise him, but it was ruined by these two people unexpectedly. So Scott was naturally quite unhappy.

“You two haven’t seen me make a move. How do you know that I’m bragging?” Scott asked rhetorically.
The couple glanced at each other, and their faces showed contempt.

“Does it have to see? You? Maybe even my boyfriend can knock you down, let alone that Qigong Master. Be humble, or you will be laughed at by others.” When the girl was speaking, she rolled her eyes disdainfully at Scott.

“Forget it! Don’t argue with them.” Edith tugged Scott’s arm.

At this moment, the Qigong Master on the stage glanced downwards and said loudly, “I know that some people here don’t believe my performance. Now I will give you a chance. I don’t know if there is someone who wants to come on stage and feel the power of my Qigong ?”


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