The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 761 Lord

Davies family’s banquet lasted for three days and three nights. The people who came to the banquet went from being sober to drunk, then being sober from getting drunk, and then continued to have a drink and chat with the people who came to the banquet.

In these three days, the battle between Scott and Maynard quickly spread throughout Guwu Circle in Jiangbei. Overnight, almost everyone was talking about this amazing battle.

This battle even spread to Lingnan. Many people even questioned Scott’s strength and threatened to challenge Scott.

All kinds of rumors about Scott spread wildly. Because Maynard did have a pivotal position in Jiangbei. People always liked to exaggerate things they hadn’t seen, which caused Scott to become a mythical name in a short period of time.

When those people were talking about the battle excitedly, they even started to fabricate Scott’s origins. Some people said that Scott was a dragon from the sky. Because he had dragon’s body, he could kill the top one in Jiangbei only in his twenties.

Someone even said that when Scott was born, the lightning flashed and thunder rumbles and it was about have a squally rain, which almost reached the level of disaster. But when Scott was given birth, his cry forced the thunder into the clouds and made the rain that fell on the ground recede back to the sky.

After Scott himself heard these “legends” about himself, he was a little helpless. He was more convinced why there were rumors in the world.

However, Scott didn’t care about these legends. When everyone was discussing the battle between him and Maynard, Scott and Edith had packed their luggage and planned to go on a trip. They planned to go to the very famous Yuping Mountain. They wanted to climb the mountain and watched the views.

As for Sherry, she was taken care of by Jennifer and a full-time nanny.

Scott and Edith did not feel the slightest guilt about this, and even a little bit of ease. After having child, they didn’t have much time to spend with each other. Of course, they cherished this trip very much.

At the same time, in the hinterland of Kunlun Mountain, on a cliff, there was a small tree growing in the gap, standing proudly like a small tentacle from the cliff.

The trunk was not too thick, with a few branches scattered on it, which looked quite fragile.

At this moment, on the thinnest branch, there was a person standing quietly. The person stood firmly on the branch. The person seemed to have no weight at all. It was just the fragile branch had been bent a little. It looked extremely mysterious.

If an ordinary person saw such a scene, he would definitely feel that it was a God descending from the earth. Otherwise, with the weight of a normal human, it would be impossible to stand on such a small branch and keep the branch constant.

The man standing on the branch was wearing a white robe. His hair draped over his shoulder, and his beard and hair were all gray, like an old monster who had lived for hundreds of years.

However, this person’s skin was rosy and he looked quite vigorous. Compared with his hair, he didn’t look like an elderly person at all.

The gray-haired old man was closing his eyes and meditating, as if he was not worried that he would fall under the cliff of ten thousand feet under his feet. He was like a god.

“Lord, why did you go to such a dangerous place again? I have sorted out all the information about Scott and placed it on the rocks here. Just take a look after you come up.”

At this time, on the flat ground at the top of the cliff, a voice came. The owner of the voice was Ainsworth.
Ainsworth put the information on the side stone, pressed it with the stone, walked carefully toward the edge of the cliff and

glanced down. His heartbeat accelerated.

This cliff was the tallest and steepest cliff on Kunlun Mountain. From the top, it was basically impossible for people to see to the bottom. Sometimes, there were clouds and mist around the top part. The small tree grew only seven or eight meters away from the top of the cliff.

With this kind of height, even if it was Ainsworth who fell off, it would only be a result, which was that he would die. Besides, Ainsworth had a little fear of heights. So every time he saw Lord go to the small tree to meditate, he was all in fear and sweating.

“Your realm is really that I can’t understand at my level. Such a heavy person can stand on such thin branches and keep the branches not broken. Lord’s strength is just about to be comparable to ghosts and gods.” Ainsworth muttered to himself.

Then he did not dare to see it again. After putting down Scott’s information, he left here.

After a long time, the gray-haired old man opened his eyes, and then an invisible aura erupted from his body. With a gentle force under his feet, his whole body rushed towards the top and landed on the top of the cliff. The branch was still intact. It just shook slightly.

He picked up the information on the stone and looked at it carefully. After that, a joking smile appeared on his face. He murmured, “Interesting! Such a genius indeed should be recruited into the Pantheon.”

“There is not much time left before that day. I must find the right person as soon as possible to prepare for that day.”

“I hope this Scott will be the right person.”

In the evening, at the foot of Yuping Mountain.

Scott and Edith just got out of the car with their backpacks on their backs. They wanted to find a hotel to stay in first and then they planned to climb the mountain tomorrow.

At this time, the foot of the mountain was full of people. Although it was in the mountain, there were stalls selling things everywhere. Various lights set off the entire foot of the mountain lively.

Not far from the foot of the mountain, there were rows of modern architectural houses. Because of the popularity of Yuping Mountain, there were so many hotels and there were also some scenic villas specially rented out.

Scott and Edith first went to find the hotel. After putting down their things, they came out to find something to eat. When they got off the car just now, they saw a place where was similar to a night market not far away. There were many snacks.

“I’m still a little worried about leaving Sherry at home. We two travel like this. Wouldn’t it be too irresponsible?” Edith said, staring at Scott and.

Scott smiled at Edith, and said, “Don’t worry. There will be no problem with Jennifer taking care of her. You have been staying at home for half a year. If I don’t take you out to get some air, you will feel bored to death.”

“We’ve already arrived here, so don’t think about it. Let’s go and eat something first. At that time, I saw there was someone performing there, like Qigong Performance. Let’s go to have a look after we finish the meal.”

Edith nodded, and then followed Scott to the side where it was selling food.


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