The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 760 Some Destiny Can’t Be Dodged

The death of Maynard pushed the entire banquet to a climax. All those who came to Davies family to participate in the banquet were shocked by the strength that Scott showed, especially the heartbroken cry of the young man of the Law family in the end.
Everyone understood that no matter how powerful the family was, if he came to Davies family for trouble, he would not have a good ending.

All the people in Guwu Family could have a foreboding that within three days, Scott would replace Maynard and became the most awe-inspiring person in Guwu Circle in Jiangbei.

At this time, Scott was only in his twenties. This was even more terrifying. After all, no one could predict how strong Scott would be in the future.

The Law family took Maynard’s corpse and left the Davies House with dejection. Scott arranged for people to quickly clean up the mess in the main courtyard. The banquet continued. People’s enthusiasm was obviously much higher than before.

Scott took this opportunity to announce to everyone that if anyone came to Davies family to make trouble, he would fight with the other party to the end, but the price the other party had to pay would be his own life.

No one doubted Scott’s words. The top one in Guwu Circle in Jiangbei had already died in the hands of Scott. At least in Jiangbei, no one could be Scott’s match. Whoever came to Davies family to make troubles must be crazy.

After briefly interacting with everyone for a while, Scott let Jordan take care of the rest things. He walked towards the courtyard where Edith was.

If it was just a normal battle, Scott would be very relaxed and there would be no pressure. But after Maynard took Kaiyang Heqi Pill, Scott had to use all of his own strength and used the strongest blow. Otherwise, he would really die in Maynard’s hands today.

At this time, Scott also felt that there was a trace of emptiness in his body. The exhaustion made him walk a little hard.

The battle with Maynard made Scott aware of his limit. Maynard took Kaiyang Hedi Pill, claiming that he was invincible among Grandmasters. Even so, he was still defeated by Scott. So, it showed that Scott was in a state of invincible among Grandmasters.

This made Scott feel the horror of XuanJin more and more. He just reached medium stage of XuanJin, but he could already ignore the power of such a great inner force expert. If he cultivated XuanJin to perfection, what kind of state would he reach? At the same time, Scott also realized that external forces could sometimes influence the result of a battle.

Maynard just took a small pill and then he could instantly increase his strength. If Maynard was fighting with a master of the same level as him, that master would definitely die miserably.

Although this pill also had terrible side effects, there was no denying the value of this kind of thing.

Moreover, Scott had the experience of taking pills to save his life. The three pills that saved his life made him realize that some pills had almost negligible side effects.

Thinking of this, the scene that he was with Annabel in bathroom popped into Scott’s mind again.
When Scott was walking toward the front, two figures appeared in front of him. It was Ainsworth and Carver.

Seeing the two of them, Scott showed a smile on his face, and then said, “Do you two have a good time? If servants make some mistakes to make you guys unhappy, please forgive them.”

Ainsworth’s gaze at Scott at this time was full of solemnity. He didn’t treat Scott as a junior anymore.

He originally thought that when Scott lost to Maynard, he could stand up and show off the demeanor of the Pantheon. But he didn’t expect Maynard to take Kaiyang Hedi Pill. Besides, what he didn’t expect most was Scott actually killed Maynard who had taken Kaiyang Hedi Pill.

This was far beyond his expectation. Therefore, his previous plans naturally fell through.

“Scott, don’t you really consider joining the Pantheon? After seeing your fight just now, I think we really need such a genius like you.” Ainsworth said.

“I’m afraid everyone who saw me fight just would say such words.” Scott said.

Ainsworth suddenly became a little embarrassed. The strength that Scott showed was beyond his imagination, so he didn’t even think too much. He actually put the Pantheon as the same level as those Guwu families.

“I know it’s a bit difficult to let you join us now. But don’t think that you can take the Pantheon lightly.”

“Among the Pantheon, there are not a few who can knock you down. I’m just nothing in the Pantheon. You are not the only super genius in this world. There are a lot of people at your same age in the Pantheon who have already become Grandmaster. And some of them are more terrifying than you.”

“The strong will always walk with the strong. The Pantheon are your ultimate belonging. Whether you accept our invitation or not, I also want to give you a word. Some destiny can’t be dodged.”

Ainsworth said a few words to Scott earnestly.
Scott smiled and bowed to Ainsworth without saying anything, and then continued to walk towards the front.

Ainsworth and Carver watched Scott disappear in the courtyard. Both of them sighed.

“Ainsworth, what are we going to do now?” Carver asked.

“Let’s go. We can’t persuade this brat anymore. It seems that if we want Scott to join us, we can only let those old guys show up.” Ainsworth said, with a joking smile on his face.

In the room, Scott saw Edith sitting at the cradle and staring at Sherry who was already sleeping, with a serious face. He walked over with a smile.

Edith raised her head. Then she saw Scott, and asked, “What happened outside just now? I sounded like it was chaotic. Did something happen?”

“Nothing serious. It’s just a little trouble. It has been solved.” Scott said with smile.
“That’s good. Come here! See, Sherry’s sleeping face looks like you.” Edith said.

Scott walked to the side of the cradle, looked down at Sherry inside, and smiled, “Is it like this when I sleep? How come I feel so stupid?”

Edith rolled her eyes at Scott and said, “It’s just exactly the same. If you don’t believe me, I can take photos of you tonight.” Scott laughed and held Edith into his arms. He said, “I believe you. No matter what you say, I will believe in you.”

Ainsworth was right. The strong did like to stay with the strong. But for Scott, as long as Edith and Sherry were safe and sound, it was enough.

This was what he really wanted to stick to.


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