The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 759 I Can’t Be Irresponsible for Myself

Seeing Scott didn’t panic at all, Maynard, who was in mid-air, showed a puzzled expression on his face. But at this moment he could no longer care about that much. He only knew that Scott would die after he punched to Scott.

“Stop bluffing here! Today is your death date!”

XuanJin in Scott’s body ran rapidly, then it was quickly transmitted to the palm of his hand through the meridians of his body.
This time, Scott used his all strength.

When Maynard’s fist was about to fall to the top of his head, Scott pushed his hand directly upward. His aura was not much weaker than Maynard’s punch.

“Thunder Shocking Blow!”

Their palms bumped against each other. A strong wind suddenly blew in the yard. The dust on the ground rose, but it was quickly blown away by the aura around Scott and Maynard.

At this time, the people present didn’t know how to describe their feelings. This battle was definitely the strongest battle they had ever seen in their lives.

“Scott is so awesome! Maynard is already like this, but Scott can actually resist it. How strong he is!”

“No matter who loses or wins, this battle will definitely spread all over the country. Maynard has been famous for many years. If Scott wins this battle, his name will make the whole Guwu Circle in uproar.”

“Can Scott really win? Maynard took the pill just now. If Scott really wins, he will be freak genius!”

Scott and Maynard looked at each other for a long time. The power that they had exploded had reached the pinnacle of the Grandmaster. Now they were competing whose power could last longer.

Maynard looked at Scott in disbelief. He didn’t expect that after he took Kaiyang Hedi Pill, Scott could resist his full blow.
Besides, Scott did not panic at all.
At this time, he didn’t know how to describe his feelings. If he was really asked to say something, he just wanted to say to Scott,

“You are the f*cking monster!”

“Why? Why can’t I still kill you after taking Kaiyang Hedi Pill? Have you reached the peak of the Grandmaster? But you are only in your twenties. This is simply impossible!” Maynard looked at Scott, almost crying out.

Scott looked at Maynard and said with smile, “After this blow, you will never be alive. In that case, I will tell you.”

Maynard immediately widened his eyes and looked at Scott in a somewhat unbelievable manner.

“Actually, I only have reached medium stage of inner force.” Scott said.

“It’s impossible! Don’t treat me as a fool!” Maynard retorted directly.

“Itis true. The reason why I can resist your blow is because there is another power in my body.” Scott continued.

“Another power?” Maynard was immediately stunned.

“Yes, but I won’t tell you what this power is. After all, you will die soon, won’t you?” Scott laughed.

Maynard didn’t react from Scott’s words for a long time. He had never heard of other powers in this world besides inner force.

Even though he was the head of the Law family which was top one Guwu Family in Jiangbei, Maynard didn’t necessarily know more than Myles.

Soon, Maynard reacted. His eyes immediately showed a crazy look.

“How could I die in your hands? You wish. It is you who will die today!” Maynard yelled hysterically.

As soon as he finished shouting these words, he felt the power in his body begin to dissipate quickly. He knew that the effect of Kaiyang Hedi Pill had reached its limit. What he was about to face was the strong side effect of this pill.

However, Scott still had no signs of weakening at this time. The power in his body seemed to be endless, still conveying power into the palm of his hand.

Maynard originally wanted to use the Kaiyang Hedi Pill to improve his strength, and quickly killed Scott. With his physical fitness, it was not a problem to resist the side effect of this pill. The worst situation was just to become an ordinary person who couldn’t practice martial arts.

However, he did not expect that even if he took the pill, he would still not be able to solve Scott. At this time, the effect of the medicine had ended, but Scott had no signs of falling down, not even injured. It was just his breath was a little weaker than just now.

This made Maynard full of despair. If this went on, he would definitely die.

“Scott, I have already seen your strength. You are indeed beyond my imagination. Even if I take the pill, I am still not your match. How about we make a deal? I will not avenge my brother. You spare me. Even if you don’t do it to me, this pill will make me useless. I won’t pose any threats to you.” Maynard said. Now, he could only beg for mercy.

Scott smiled at him, “Sorry. If you beg for mercy earlier, I might spare you. But I have already told you my biggest secret. So even if you can’t pose any threats to me, I can’t let you be alive in this world. Otherwise, it would be irresponsible to myself, right?”

Hearing Scott’s words, Maynard suddenly felt desperate. His mind was running fast, thinking about how to save his life.
Scott didn’t give him any chance. After speaking it, the power on Scott’s palm instantly increased. Maynard suddenly screamed, and then he flew out backwards.

Maynard fell to the ground. The blood spouted out of his mouth like a fountain. The blood vessels on his forehead burst open instantly. The whole head was stained red with blood in an instant, looking extremely terrifying.

When those members of the Law family saw this, they immediately rushed towards Maynard.

Scott stopped them.

“You guys wait a moment.” Scott said.

They didn’t know what Scott meant. But no one dared to act rashly. Maynard failed to defeat Scott even after taking Kaiyang Heqi Pill. How could they be Scott’s matches?

Scott stared at Maynard who fell on the ground for a while, then squatted down and touched Maynard’s neck to make sure whether he was dead. Then Scott stood up and turned to look at them, “He is dead. You guys can come here.”

The members of the Law family were all dumbfounded. Scott stopped them just to wait for Maynard to die? Now, Maynard was dead. Scott even told them specifically. Was he a freak?

They looked at Scott as if looking at the devil coming out of hell, feeling creepy.

If it wasn’t for the body of the head of the Law family, they would have already turned around and fled.

They didn’t know that Scott did this not because he was frantic, but because he was worried that Maynard didn’t completely die, and Maynard would spread his secret that he had another power.

Among the members of the Law family, there was a young man who was only eighteen or nine years old. He specially came to watch the battle. He originally wanted to see how powerful Maynard was, but he did not expect that the usual majestic Maynard would die here.

Now, seeing Scott so frantic, he couldn’t hold back and cried out directly.

The cries resounded across the sky, which startled away a group of birds that had fallen on the branches.


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