The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 758 Kaiyang Heqi Pill

After hearing Maynard’s words, Scott was a little confused. He didn’t know why Maynard, who had been injured, still had the confidence to say such words.

“Don’t deceive yourself. You are not my match.” Scott said.

Maynard showed a sneer on his face and said, “Logically, I am indeed not your match. But my Law family can be the top one in Guwu Circle in Jiangbei. The background is not that you, such a brat, can know.”

“Now I am not your match, but it does not mean that I’m still not your match after I get some help!” After speaking that, Maynard took out a jade bottle from his clothes and poured a black pill out of it.

As soon as the pill appeared, a peculiar smell filled in the entire main courtyard. After ordinary people smelled it, they felt dizzy, just like getting drunk.

Scott stared at the pill, then his eyes narrowed. Only smelling it, he knew the pill was not simple.

Moreover, Scott was saved by three unknown pills, so he believed that there was someone in this world who could make pills with amazing effects that exceed people’s imagination.

Maynard put the pill into his mouth. Not long after, his whole face became as red as if it had been steamed in a steamer. The veins on his forehead, neck and arms all popped out. He looked like to burst at any time.

At the same time, Maynard’s aura began to rise steadily. In the blink of an eye, he was several times stronger than his normal state.

Everyone on the scene watched Maynard’s changes in shock. They didn’t expect that a small pill would make Maynard like this.
It was even more terrifying than taking an overdose of stimulant.

Carver also surprisingly stared at Maynard, whose aura was rushing straight into the sky. As a member of the Pantheon, he knew that some medicines could improve people’s strength in a short period of time, but generally, such medicines usually had strong side effects and were very complicated to make. To make such a pill, it had to consume a lot of precious medicinal materials. Sometimes, a pill could make a Guwu Family to go bankrupt.

Standing next to him, Ainsworth’s face was even more solemn. He murmured, “It turned out to be Kaiyang Hegi Pill. It is rumored that a mystery alchemy master made a stove of Kaiyang Hedi Pill. It was totally seven pills in that stove. One pill can increase the strength of a person by as much as three times in a short period of time. If a Grandmaster takes this Kaiyang Heqi Pill, he will be invincible among all the Grandmasters. ”

“Back then, in order to get Kaiyang Hedi Pill, more than a dozen Grandmasters fought for it. After all, having this pill is equivalent to have an extra life. At critical times, it can turn the tide and reverse the situation. ”

“Unexpectedly, the Law family would have a Kaiyang Hedi Pill. This is something I never expected. Maynard took this Kaiyang Hedi Pill, and he is already invincible among all the Grandmasters. Even if I take the shot, I’m not his match.”

When Carver heard Ainsworth’s words, there was a trace of horror on his face. He originally thought that the pill Maynard had taken was a general strength-enhancing pill, but he didn’t expect it to have such a great effect.

Moreover, after taking it, Maynard could be invincible among all the Grandmasters. This effect was indeed enough to cause a scramble for Grandmaster.

“Then there are no side effects in this Kaiyang Hedi Pill?” Carver also asked.

“The effect of this pill is amazing! The side effects are naturally not general. After taking this Kaiyang Heqi Pill, although he can increase his strength by as much as three times in a short period of time, his blood vessels will burst.”

“In this state, if he is so strong, he may survive. But if he wants to continue practice martial arts in the future, it will be impossible.
He can only be an ordinary person for a lifetime, while those with a poorer body will die directly. Even God can’t save them.”

“Maynard actually took this pill. It seems that he really intends to fight with Scott desperately.” Ainsworth said, sighing helplessly.

After Maynard took the pill, he laughed wildly at Scott, “Brat, you can force me to use this pill that has been hidden by me for so many years. It is worth showing off. The pill is called Kaiyang Hedi Pill, which can make me reach the invincibility among all the Grandmasters in a short time. Although this pill has strong side effects, I don’t care. As long as I can kill you today, I’m willing to die.”

“Just go to the hell!”

Maynard didn’t say too much, just rushing towards Scott quickly. The ground under his feet trembled faintly.

Scott also showed a trace of intense on his face. He didn’t expect Maynard to still have such a trump card. This was indeed beyond his expectation.

Fortunately, Scott didn’t use his full strength back then. Even if Maynard’s current strength had improved a lot, Scott still had strength to fight with him.

The two fought against. One after another deep pits appeared on the ground. The top Grandmaster’s battle had reached a point that people could not imagine.

The entire main courtyard had become their battlefield. Everyone had to retreat towards the other courtyards. If they still continued to stay here, they would die.

Those members of Guwu Family jumped on the roof and continued to watch the battle. At this moment, they were extremely excited. After all, they couldn’t see this kind of battle in a lifetime.

After a long time, Scott felt the obvious difficulty, without the ease before. Maynard sneered, thinking that it would not take long before Scott would die in his hands.

“Don’t struggle anymore. If I can’t beat you after taking Kaiyang Hedi Pill, I really don’t need to continue to live in this world.” Maynard said.

“Then you just go to die!”

Scott yelled at him, then pushed his fist towards Maynard.

“Moon Invitation!”

This time, Maynard was not hurt by Scott’s blow, but he resisted it easily.

“Brat, the power of your blow is really not weak. But unfortunately, my current strength is already unassailable.” “This should be your strongest blow, right? Give it up! You will definitely die in my hands today!”

“Next, I will let you see what kind of power the strongest blow I can make in this state!”

Maynard jumped into the air in an instant, clenched one of his fists to accumulate energy, and then, with an unstoppable momentum, he slammed down on Scott.

“Dragon Roar Blow!”

Everyone present was stunned by the power of Maynard’s punch. Many ordinary people were so scared that their legs were weak and then they sat directly on the ground.

Carver also looked at Scott with worries in his eyes, “If this goes on, Scott will really be killed. Ainsworth, are you sure you won’t take actions?”

Ainsworth looked helplessly at the two in the yard, and sighed, “Maynard’s move is already the strongest power that he can exerted. If he doesn’t take Kaiyang Hedi Pill, I may be able to fight with him. But now, even if I take actions, I will only die.”

Just when everyone thought that Scott was about to die, Scott’s aura began to rise, reaching its peak in an instant.
Ainsworth’s face changed. He exclaimed, “How is that possible! Is it possible that this brat has another trump card?”

Scott slowly raised his head, and smiled jokingly at Maynard in mid-air, saying, “Who told you that the one just now was my strongest blow?”


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