The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 757 That Stuff

After Maynard heard Scott’s words, there was a trace of anger on his face. He was the head of the top one Guwu Family in Jiangbei. But he was actually beaten by a junior. If he didn’t win today, his reputation would be ruined in Guwu Circle in the future.

“How dare you! You think you have the right to talk to me in this tone? The blow just now is really powerful, butin your case, you can’t use it a lot, right?”

“A real battle can’t tell the winner with one or two moves!”

After finishing speaking, Maynard rushed towards Scott. His aura was obviously stronger than just now.
Scott looked so calm. He also rushed to Maynard.

A big battle was about to start.

Everyone present was afraid of being affected by this battle, so they all consciously retreated far behind. But even so, they could still feel the pressure from Scott and Maynard.

“This is a battle at Grandmaster’s level! It’s really terrifying. If this battle continues, I’m afraid this yard will be demolished.” “Scott’s move just now is really awesome! Do you think which one can win?”

“It should be Maynard. Maynard said Scott could not always use the same blow. After all, Maynard is the top one in Guwu Circle of Jiangbei. It is not easy for Scott to defeat him.”

Everyone nodded thoughtfully, feeling that what the person said made sense.

Carver watched the battle in the middle of the yard with emotion. He didn’t expect Scott to be so strong that he could made Maynard suffer a loss.

However, he also felt that Scott was still not Maynard’s match. It was definitely not a wise move to use the trump card at the beginning of the battle.

“Scott used his trump card so quickly. Maynard must have been prepared. If Scott uses that blow again, the effect will definitely not be as good as the previous blow. Ainsworth, it’s obvious that he gives you a chance to shoot.” Carver said with a smile.

Ainsworth nodded. He did not look away from Scott. He always felt that Scott in this state seemed to have not exhausted all his strength.

“This must be my illusion. If he doesn’t use all his strength yet, how powerful will this brat be?” Ainsworth muttered to himself.

As the battle progressed, Maynard gradually felt the pressure from Scott. The power in this brat’s body seemed to be endless.
He was always at his peak state, and there was no sign of weakening.

Scott had already noticed this problem a long time ago. He discovered that XuanJin was not only more powerful than inner force, but also much longer lasting than inner force. The deeper he understood, the more he could feel the profound mysteries of XuanJin. XuanJin was far from comparable to inner force.

‘Damn it! I can’t continue like this, otherwise I will be exhausted to death.’ Maynard thought to himself.

Immediately afterwards, Maynard concentrated all the inner force in his body on his fist. After seeing the opportunity, he pushed his fist towards Scott.

“Dragon Roar Blow!”

Scott did not neglect when he saw this. Facing the so-called top one in Guwu Circle of Jiangbei, Scott also used the move that he currently placed in the second position.

“Moon Invitation!”

When the two collided, another powerful wave spread to the surroundings. Everyone seemed to see the materialization of the power of the two people. Many people were so scared that they ran towards the outside of the yard.

The fluctuations dissipated. Scott slowly took back his hands. His breath was only slightly fluctuating compared to just now.

But Maynard’s blood was already surging in his body at this time. His entire face was flushed. The arm that hit to Scott just now was also shivering. For a long time, Maynard finally couldn’t hold back and vomited a mouthful of blood.

Everyone present was stunned, especially those in Guwu Circle. They all knew how strong Maynard was. Now the top one master in Jiangbei was injured by Scott, but Scott still looked so calm and relaxed, as if he hadn’t exerted his full strength at all, which was beyond everyone’s expectation.

“It’s really shocking! Scott actually hurt Maynard. At that time, I thought Scott were lucky so that he could survive. Now it seems that Maynard is not Scott’s match at all.”

“After today, it will probably cause a sensation in Guwu Circle in Jiangbei again. I’m afraid Maynard will lose the title of being the top one in Guwu Circle in Jiangbei.”

Carver also stared at Scott blankly. He didn’t expect Scott to be so strong.
He turned to look at Ainsworth, and said, “Ainsworth, we seem to be underestimating this guy.” Ainsworth looked so serious at this time. He was thinking about the blow Scott used just now. Even if he wanted to use such a

powerful blow, it would take a long time to accumulate energy. During the battle, it was impossible for the opponent to give him such an opportunity.

But Scott used this blow so easily just now. Even he was probably not as good as Scott.

He originally wanted to help Scott out when Scott was defeated by Maynard, so as to win Scott’s favor. But now it seemed that there was no chance for him to take actions.

“Holy crap! It seems that it is impossible to recruit this brat into the Pantheon this time. But I have realized the potential of this guy again. I have to let him, such a genius, join the Pantheon. After I go back, I will report the matter to Lord. Scott! One day, you will be willing to join the Pantheon!” Ainsworth said.

Carver was also full of envy. As far as he knew, no one had received such attention since the establishment of the Pantheon.

Some blood dripped from the corner of Maynard’s mouth. He looked at Scott unwillingly. He was the top one in Guwu Circle of Jiangbei. But he was actually defeated by a brat who was only in his twenties. His old friends would laugh at him.

Scott stared at Maynard and said, “You have already lost. If I used my all strength just now, you would die, not just vomiting blood. Do you still want to avenge your brother?”

Maynard showed a crazy smile on his face and said, “So funny! I am the top one in Jiangbei and the head of the Law family. How can I be defeated by you, such a brat?”

“Your strength and talent have indeed reached a jaw-dropping level, but unfortunately, you are still only a Grandmaster. You have not broken it through yet. If 1 give you enough time, you may be able to break through. But you are the enemy of my Law family.
If I don’t kill you today, you will be a disaster for my Law family in the future, so I must kill you today!”

When several members of the Law family heard Maynard’s words, their faces changed.
“Could it be that Mr. Maynard will use that stuff?” They were full of anxiety.

“Scott actually pushes Mr. Maynard to this point! Unfortunately, once Mr. Maynard uses that stuff, no one will be his match. No matter how powerful Scott is, he has to die.”

Several members of the Law family all shook their heads helplessly, and looked at Scott with sympathy.


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