The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 756 That’s Just It

“Is… is this the strength of Mr. Davies?” Stuart stared blankly at Scott who was standing in the middle of the yard with his hands behind his back. There was a burst of complicated emotions in his mind.

Thinking of him still showing off his muscles in front of Scott, Stuart just wanted to find a hole to hide in quickly now.

A muffled hum sounded on the roof. The huge bell fell on the outside of the wall. Then the figures on the roof jumped down.
Another figure appeared quickly and landed in front of those figures. He was the head of the Law family, Maynard.

Maynard glared at Scott, and said coldly, “I gave you a gift, but you actually refused it. You really don’t know what is good or bad!”

Scott said with smile, “If you really like to give others such a gift, I can give you one.”

“Hmph, sharp-tongued brat! Since you know who I am, you should know the purpose of my coming here today. Obediently kill yourself to apologize to my brother. Otherwise, your entire Davies family will disappear tonight.” Maynard coldly snorted.

“Your brother is so mean. He wanted to kill my wife and child. So I killed him. He deserves it. Why do I have to apologize to him?” Scott asked back.

Maynard suddenly didn’t know how to refute Scott. Although it was the case, his brother could not die in vain. He had to avenge his brother.

“Don’t talk nonsense with me here. If you don’t apologize, don’t blame me for being rude!” Maynard said.

Scott didn’t talk nonsense with him, but directly turned around and jumped onto the prepared ring.

“Come on!”

Maynard’s eyes narrowed. He didn’t expect that Scott would even prepare a ring to wait for him. It seemed that Scott didn’t

know how strong he, Maynard, was if he didn’t teach Scott a lesson today. Scott really thought that the Law family was a push- over?

Maynard took a step. The next second, he was already on the ring. Everyone present couldn’t see how he came to the ring.

At this time, those Guwu Families and the sects who came to the banquet recognized Maynard, and immediately showed a shocked expression on their faces.

“It turned out to be the Law family in Jiangbei! The top one Guwu Family in Jiangbei! That is their leader, Maynard! My goodness! This kind of famous Grandmaster will actually appear at Davies family’s banquet. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I won’t believe it.”

“It’s really Maynard of the Law family. Mr. Davies is so awesome. He actually has forced out such a big shot.”

“No matter how powerful he is, he will be screwed up today. Maynard is known as the top one in Jiangbei. Myles who was killed by Scott is much worse than Maynard. Now Maynard has appeared in person. I am afraid that Scott will be in danger.”

“After all, Scott is too young and too arrogant. He actually provoked such a Grandmaster! No matter how great his talent is, it is impossible for him to be a Grandmaster of Maynard’s level in such a short period of time. Tonight, it will be a pity if Scott is beat to death.”

Ainsworth and Carver, who were in the crowd, saw Scott and Maynard both in the ring, smiling.

“Ainsworth, it seems that you will go to the ring soon. When Scott loses to Maynard, you can come over to help him. In this case, even if he doesn’t want to join the Pantheons, he has to join it.” Carver also laughed.

Ainsworth also smiled and nodded. He said, “Scott’s talent is too terrifying. He might not have suffered any setbacks before.
This matter can be regarded as one of his experiences. If he really joins the Pantheon, we will have more hope.”

Speaking of this, both of them seemed to have thought of something. There was a dignified look on their faces.

On the ring, Scott and Maynard stood opposite each other.

Scott said, “I finally understand why my master hates Guwu Families so much. The so-called Guwu Family is indiscriminate.
Once you suffer a loss, no matter who is wrong, you have to find someone to get it back. Am I right?”

Maynard snorted coldly and said, “Stop f*cking talking nonsense here. Your master is just a hypocrite. Is it possible that you think he has done less evil? You killed my brother. It’s normal that I will take revenge on you. Don’t say bullshit here.”

“Your brother wanted to attack my wife and daughter. According to your logic, I will kill you Law family to protect my wife and daughter from danger. You have no objection, right?” Scott smiled.

“Only you want to destroy my Law family? You wish! You should think about how to escape today’s disaster!”

Maynard didn’t continue to talk with Scott. He stomped his feet suddenly. The temporarily built ring trembled instantly. A huge crack appeared under his feet, and then he rushed towards Scott.

Scott narrowed his eyes, feeling that Maynard’s strength was indeed stronger than Myles’. But he didn’t panic at all. Instead, he was running XuanJin in his body. The moment Maynard rushed in front of him, he raised his hand quickly. An invisible air wave appeared, which slowed Maynard’s speed a bit.

“Just accept my first blow!”

“Tianxing Blow!”

Scott pushed his palm into the front with his full strength. This was the first time he used all his strength to use Tianxing Blow after he reached medium stage of XuanJin. Maynard was not an invincible master for Scott, but just a tool which let Scott test his own power.

Maynard did not expect Scott to use such powerful move as soon as he came up. Maynard knew that since Scott could kill Myles, Scott’s strength must not be underestimated. He did not take it lightly. But he did not expect Scott would use his trump card at the beginning of the battle.

“Tiger Roar Blow!” Maynard did not hesitate, using the same blow Alonzo had used, hitting towards Scott’s palm.
A strong aura appeared. Everyone’s clothes were blown to the air.
The ring at the feet of Scott and Maynard split in half.

Bath of them flew to the air quickly. Scott stood on the corner of the ring which had already fallen down without panic, while Maynard stood on the ground and then took steps back, gritting his teeth to adjust himself.

Everyone looked surprised. They didn’t expect that Scott made Maynard suffer such a big loss at the beginning of the battle. In their eyes, Scott should not be Maynard’s match.

Now they had to re-examine Scott.
Maynard also gritted his teeth and stared at Scott, as if Scott had caused him a great humiliation.
Scott had a calm look on his face, feeling that this was just what it should be.

“You are really stronger than Myles, but… that’s just it.”


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