The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 755 I’d Better Give It Back to You

“Daddy…we, we didn’t know that he was Mr. Davies.” Haley said regretfully, covering her face with her hand.

“Even if you didn’t know him, you can’t treat others so impolitely! It seems you are really spoiled by me!” Shepard’s entire face was blushed because of anger.

Haley dared not say anything, and quickly lowered her head.

Shepard turned to look at Scott. His face was full of guilt, and then he said, “Mr. Davies, I’m really sorry. I didn’t expect that my two children would be so impolite. Please forgive them. ”

Before Scott spoke, Foley walked up to Shepard and asked, “Are you their father?” Shepard nodded.
“Well! We were about to get even with them. Now that you are here, just listen carefully what your kids did.”

Foley told Shepard what had happened that day. Shepard originally thought it was just a misunderstanding caused by Stuart and Haley not knowing Scott. Now, he knew that there was another hidden story.

Listening to Foley’s narration, Shepard’s face became more and more gloomy. From time to time, he glanced at Stuart and Haley. He just wanted to take the two of them back and taught them a good lesson.

After Foley finished speaking, Shepard bowed deeply to Foley, Dick and Scott, and apologized, “I’m really so sorry. I didn’t expect that these two bastards turned out to be so stupid and caused you guys such a big trouble. I will definitely make up for the more than 400,000 dollars. I will definitely teach them a lesson to prevent them from making such a mistake again.”

After speaking, Shepard once again walked in front of Stuart and Haley, raised his hand mercilessly, and slapped them with all his strength.

“Asshole! I’m still waiting for you two developing our family business, but you two are nothing except cause trouble for me. This time, you guys even dared to tease Mr. Davies! ”

“You still judge how people eat. Why don’t you say that I am a bumpkin when I eat?”

“If the two of you don’t realize your problems today, I am not worthy to be your father!”

Shepard slapped Stuart and Haley on their faces one after another. The two dared not resist. They regretted what they had done.

“Father, we know that we were wrong. Please forgive us, we will never dare to do it anymore.” Haley said to Shepard, crying.
“What’s the use of apologizing to me? Go to apologize to Mr. Davies!” Shepard shouted angrily.

Stuart and Haley immediately realized that it was their father who was helping them out, so they hurriedly walked to the front of Scott, Dick and Foley.

“Mr. Davies, sir, we know that we were wrong. Before, we were too self-righteous. We shouldn’t look down on others. Please forgive us. Otherwise, my sister and I will be beat to death by our father.” Stuart apologized sincerely.

Haley hurriedly nodded, apparently already aware of her mistake.
“Just apologize to the two of them. I don’t care.” Scott said.
The two hurriedly looked at Foley and Dick.

Foley and Dick looked at each other. The two of them didn’t want to continue arguing with the two young man. They just wanted to make Stuart and Haley realize their mistakes.

Now that the two had apologized so sincerely, this matter could be over.
Foley forgave the two of them and educated them a few more words. Then this matter was over. Shepard thanked them

gratefully and promised to strengthen the education of his children in the future and prevented them from doing such things anymore.

Before long, it was time for the banquet.

Scott asked Jordan to let those art performers get down. But the stage they built didn’t need to remove. Just transform it into a simple ring.

When everyone saw this scene, they were all a little puzzled. Those Guwu families who came to the banquet thought that Scott might have done this for some people to come up to learn from each other.

Ainsworth and Carver knew why Scott made such a ring.
This should be prepared for the Law family.

Not long after the banquet started, Scott and Edith who held Sherry showed up in front of everyone. Scott also made a brief speech to everyone, letting everyone enjoy themselves.

Afterwards, the banquet began. Everyone was seated. Many people who wanted to make friends began to drink with others. The whole main courtyard became lively again.

In order to prevent Edith and Sherry from being affected, Scott sent the two of them back to the room not long after the banquet began. He let Brady take the strongest power of Yin Killers to protect them in secret. Then he could know the situation at the first time if something happened.

At about eight o’clock in the evening, just as everyone was drinking happily, a deafening bell rang over the Davies House, shocking everyone.

Everyone looked up at the sky. They saw several figures on the roof. No one knew when they appeared. Then, a big bell over two meters high flew down from behind the roof.

Seeing this scene, everyone was so scared. They panicked, quickly got up and ran towards the surroundings. The bell was several hundred pounds. If it hit them, it could smash them into pieces.

“Brat, you killed my brother, but you still have the mood to hold a banquet here. I didn’t bring any good gifts. Just take the bell and go to the hell!”

A vigorous voice came, making others shivered.

“My God, who is this? A big bell weighing hundreds of pounds was thrown down from the roof. I’m afraid only an excavator can move it!”

“Holy shit! Davies family has provoked a terrible enemy again. Today’s banquet is ruined.” “It’s so terrible! He threw a huge bell weighing hundreds of pounds! It scares me to death.” Scott was already prepared. He was not surprised to see the other party throwing a huge bell. He had done this before.

That big bell was about to hit the ground, but there were still a few people over there before they had time to escape. Seeing this, Scott’s figure immediately became blurred. When he appeared again, he was already under the bell.

He ran Xuanvin in his body. An aura rose to the sky. He kicked his feet against the ground, then he flew into the air, and slapped on the huge bell. Another bell sounded loudly. In the eyes of everyone, the bell weighing several hundred pounds actually flew back along the original trajectory.

“Thank you for your kindness. I don’t need this for the time being. I’d better give it back to you!”

Everyone was in uproar.


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