The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 754 Are You Teasing Me

After seeing the three of them, Stuart and Haley also showed stunned expressions on their faces.

“Why are you guys here? Do you know what this place is? This is the Davies House. You are not qualified to come here. When Davies family knows you guys sneaked here, you all will be screwed up!” Haley shouted at the three of them.

Scott did not speak. They came here, because Foley and Dick felt that they had been cheated by more than 400,000 dollars and were so angry. So, when they heard that Stuart and Haley also came to the Davies House, they planned to come here to get even with Stuart and Haley.

Both Foley and Dick took a step forward, staring at Stuart and Haley with sneers.

“Why are we here? Don’t you guys know? That night, you little bastards said that you wanted to treat us for drinking, but you ran away! It was us who paid for more than 400,000 dollars. You think this matter can be over like this. Huh?” Foley said solemnly.

Stuart looked at the two of them with guilt, and said, “We ran away? We had things to deal with at that time. You drank up all the wine. Who knows that you could drink so much wine? It even cost more than 400,000 dollars. We don’t have so much money.”

“Did you guys have things to deal with at that time? Today, you shouldn’t have things to deal with, should you? Let’s talk about what happened that night.” Dick clenched his fists and made a crackling sound.

Haley stared at Dick and Foley menacingly, and said, “What do you want to do? This is the Davies House. If you want to do something here, you guys just will be beat up to death!”

Seeing that Haley still treated them as bumpkins, Foley showed a joking smile on his face. He didn’t know the reason why he felt so happy when he saw Haley’s self-righteous look.

After all, the more self-righteous they were now, the more shock on their face would appear later.
“So what? We can’t get even with you guys here?” Foley said with a smile.
Stuart and Haley were surprised when they saw that Foley dared to be so arrogant here. They thought that the three of them

were really bumpkins. The three of them didn’t even know what kind of place the Davies House was and dared to run here to make trouble.

“Wait, I’ll call the security guards of Davies family over! You guys dare to make trouble here! No one can save you when the security guards come!” Haley said, and then ran towards another yard.

Stuart stared at Foley and Dick with a sneer, and said, “See, my sister has already gone to inform the security guards of Davies family. Today is Mr. Davies’ daughter’s banquet. You are here to make trouble. Davies family’s security guards will definitely not let you guys go. You will be punished soon!”

“So funny! Since you have said so, I will wait here to see what the security guards will do to us.” Dick said with a smile.

“Are you guys insane? Don’t you really know what kind of place the Davies House is?” Seeing Dick and Foley not worrying at all, Stuart felt weird.

“I know, but so what? Is it possible that Mr. Davies dares to trouble us?” Dick turned his head and glanced at Scott, snickering.
Scott glared at him, and didn’t say anything.

“It looks like you are really brave. I will know later whether Mr. Davies dares to punish you guys or not.” Stuart curled his lips.
Soon, Haley brought a group of people to the yard here.

“Who dares to run to the Davies House to make trouble?” Brady’s voice came over a long distance away.

Haley followed Brady and other security guards to Scott, pointing her finger at the three of them and shouting, “It’s them! Three bumpkins! I don’t know where they come from. They actually dare to make trouble here. Sir, you can’t spare them easily!”

Brady looked towards Scott and the others, and then the expression on his face became weird. He turned his head and glanced at Haley, thinking that this girl might be teasing him.

Scott also looked at Brady jokingly. In this house, Brady’s rights were indeed not small. But no matter how great his rights were, he didn’t dare to arrest Scott.

“Sir, what are you doing? Get them!” Seeing Brady didn’t move, Haley said.

Brady glanced at Haley as if he was looking at an idiot. He said, “This lady, are you kidding me? Do you know who the three of them are?”

Haley was taken aback, and said, “The three of them are just three bumpkins. They came to the Davies House to make trouble.
What can’t you get them?”

“Don’t treat me as a fool. Whoever came here tonight doesn’t know that he is the head of Davies family? You asked me to arrest him? Are you teasing me?”

Brady said, then walked towards Scott, “Boss, what is going on? You did it on purpose?”

“I’m not that boring yet.” Scott said.

After hearing Brady’s words, Haley and Stuart were petrified on the spot. They all stared at Scott in disbelief. The words of Brady were still echoing in their ears.

“He… he is Mr. Davies? … How is this possible?” Haley muttered to herself.

“Sister, this time, I am afraid we have caused a great disaster.” Stuart felt that his legs were a little weak. He never expected that the bumpkins they despised would be the famous Mr. Davies.

Foley and Dick felt a little funny when they saw the sudden changes in the expressions on the faces of Stuart and Haley.
“How about it? Didn’t you say that we were making trouble? Come and teach us a lesson quickly!” Dick smiled and shouted.
Stuart’s and Haley’s faces were full of tension, and their lips began to tremble.

“You… are you really Mr. Davies?” Stuart still couldn’t believe it. Staring at Scott, he asked.

Scott shrugged and said, “Could it be that I can pretend to be him?”

Stuart sighed helplessly. This was the Davies House. Anyone who dared to pretend to be Mr. Davies must be crazy.

Just when Scott and the others were looking at the sudden change on the faces of Stuart and Haley, Shepard walked into the courtyard with an anxious face.

Someone had already informed him of what had happened here. He was shocked when he knew it, and then ran here quickly.

Seeing Scott standing in front of Stuart and Haley, he quickly walked over. Without saying anything, he directly slapped Stuart and Haley.

“You dare to call the security guards of Davies family to arrest Mr. Davies? Are you insane?”


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