The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 753 It’s Not a Big Deal

After hearing Ainsworth’s words, Scott became serious. He asked, “What disaster?”

“Alonzo who died in your hands was a member of the Law family, the most prestigious Guwu Family in Jiangbei. He has an older brother named Maynard, the head of the Law family. He is so great in Guwu Circle and is much better than Myles.”

“We have received news that Maynard will come to you for revenge tonight. Although you are so talented and killed Myles, as far as I know, you were also seriously injured at that time. So, when facing the stronger Maynard, you might not be able to deal with it.”

“Once you are killed by Maynard, what kind of situation your Davies family will face and what kind of situation your wife and daughter will fall into? You know it best.”

“As long as you jain the Pantheon, I can help you deal with Maynard. No matter how strong the Law family is, they will not dare to oppose the Pantheon.”

After Ainsworth finished speaking, an expectant smile appeared on his face. In his opinion, Scott would definitely choose to join the Pantheon after hearing what he said.

Scott nodded thoughtfully. When he heard Ainsworth say that Davies Family would get into trouble, he was still a little nervous, thinking that something terrible would happen to Davies family. But after hearing Ainsworth’s explanation, he sighed in relief. If it was just the Law family who came to make trouble, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

After the battle with Myles, Scott was indeed seriously injured. But at that time, it was because he just reached initial stage of inner force. Now Scott had reached medium stage of inner force and his strength had long since stabilized. If Myles came to him again, he could knock Myles down so easily.

The head of the Law family was just a little stronger than Myles. Scott naturally didn’t care about it.

“Thank you for telling me the news. Enjoy tonight’s banquet.” Scott said.

When Ainsworth heard Scott say this, he was so happy, thinking that this brat finally knew what was good for him. Scott knew that he could not beat Maynard, so he acquiesced in joining the Pantheon.

“As for joining the Pantheon, it’s not necessary.” Scott continued.

Ainsworth was dumbfounded at once. He didn’t expect Scott to refuse his invitation. His eyes were full of puzzlement.

“You have to think about it clearly. If you don’t join the Pantheon, I won’t help you deal with Maynard.” Ainsworth said.

Scott said with a smile, “It’s okay. I can handle it by myself. It’s not a big deal. Enjoy yourselves. I will go to receive the guests first.”

After speaking, Scott turned and walked towards the other courtyard.
Ainsworth stared at Scott’s back blankly, and muttered, “It’s not a big deal? Is this brat so arrogant?”

Carver also looked at Scott dumbfoundedly, and said, “He is a genius! It is normal to be arrogant. When Maynard comes to him tonight, he will naturally know how strong Maynard is. At that time, he will join the Pantheon.”

Ainsworth nodded, thinking that Carver’s words were reasonable. Then he said, “Let’s go, since he wants to treat us for a meal, let’s go and see what delicious food he has prepared.”

As soon as Scott walked into another courtyard, a middle-aged man with a big smile brought a few entourages with gifts to greet him.

“Mr. Davies, it’s my honor to see you. These are some gifts for your daughter.” The middle-aged man said.

Scott stared at him, then asked, “Who are you?”

“Shepard Simpson comes from the Simpson family in P City. I came here specially this time to attend your daughter’s banquet.” The middle-aged man said.

Scott nodded, but he didn’t expect this man to be the head of the Simpson family in P City.

“Mr. Simpson, do you have a son named Stuart and a daughter named Haley?” Scott asked.

“Yes, yes. You actually know my son and daughter! I will call them both over.” Shepard said excitedly.

“No, I just heard about them accidentally, so I asked you.” Scott said.

Shepard immediately showed a trace of disappointment on his face, but he didn’t dare to say anything. Then he forced a smile.
Scott didn’t talk much with Shepard. He walked towards the front hall after saying those words.

When Shepard watched Scott leave, he was full of emotion, “It’s really enviable that he can be in this position when he is so young. This time, there are many world-class families came to Davies family’s banquet. Our Simpson family is nothing at all in front of them.”

“Since Mr. Davies knows my son and daughter, I must let them have a good relationship with Mr. Davies. This is a good opportunity for our family.”

Shepard murmured to himself, then turned and left the courtyard.

In the evening, the Davies House was brightly lit.

Countless guests who came to the banquet went in and out of the Davies House, which looked very lively. In order not to make those who came to the banquet feel boring, Jordan also specially invited a professional art performance team to perform in the main courtyard of the Davies House.

Stuart and Haley were all curiously looking at these people coming in and going out of the Davies House. The arrogance they had when facing Scott disappeared. They all showed smile, fearing to make others angry.

They knew that any of these people who could appear in the Davies House would have much stronger background than their Simpson family, so they didn’t dare to have any presumptuousness.

“Brother, this house is too big! It’s really amazing to have such a big house in the center of B City.” Haley said with envy.

Stuart nodded and said, “These are actually nothing. Did you notice that those men who came to the banquet with foreign women? They are all from world-class families. Compared with them, our family is just nothing.”

There was a trace of worship on Haley’s face. She said, “I really want to know what Mr. Davies looks like. I can’t wait to see him.
If I could talk to him, it would be even better.”

“Look at you! Today is his daughter’s banquet. If Mrs. Davies knows what you are thinking about, our family will be over.” Stuart joked.

Just as they were wandering in the Davies House, three figures appeared in front of them.

It was Scott, Dick, and Foley.


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