The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 751 It’s So Nice to Have Money

The so-called transparent glass private room was actually an upgraded version of the booth. It was surrounded by glass of special materials. The main function was to prevent others from disturbing.

There was a button on the glass. If necessary, you could press it, then there was no way for others outside to see the situation inside. It was very suitable for the local tyrant to spend time with their mistresses.

After Scott, Foley and Dick entered the private room, they sat down on the sofa. Before entering, Stuart called Haley and his other brothers over and said something to them.

After listening it, they showed sinister smiles. All the previous unhappiness was wiped out.

Then they entered the transparent glass private room. After sitting down, Stuart said, “Today, it’s my treat. Order food and drinks whatever you want. Don’t be afraid of expensive. I don’t care about the money.”

“Yes, it’s all my fault. This is our apologize for you. You can just order anything. The more the better, so that we can show our sincerity.” Haley also said.

Scott glanced at her, feeling something was wrong. But this bar belonged to Davies family, so even if they wanted to play tricks, Scott was not afraid.

At this time, the waiter brought the wine list. When Foley and Dick glanced at the price of the wine above, they both suddenly showed stunned expressions.

“Holy shit! Why are the wines so expensive here? Are you sure you let us order it casually?” Foley asked.

“Yes. It’s my treat. What are you afraid of?” Stuart said.

“Fine, when you see the bill, don’t cry.” Dick said.

Stuart smiled without saying a word. A playful look flashed in his eyes.

Foley and Dick didn’t hesitate anymore. Since they wanted to take advantage of Stuart, they had to act harder, so they directly ordered the most expensive wines.

When Stuart and Haley watched the drinks they ordered, not only did they not panic, they laughed more and more happily.

Before long, the waiter delivered all the wine they ordered. Then they drank it immediately. Stuart and his brothers began to toast Foley and Dick in turn, as if they were afraid that the two of them drank less.

Scott also drank some. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to drink it, but because Edith didn’t let him drink too much. Edith didn’t want Sherry to get close to the drunk Scott.

After drinking for three rounds, Stuart felt that the wine was not enough, so he ordered some. Foley and Dick were already a little drunk. Haley sneered, thinking that these guys would regret soon.

After a while, Stuart stood up and said that he was going to the toilet. Not long after he had just been out, Haley also got up and said that she was going to the toilet.

Soon, the men who came with Stuart either made a phone call or went to the bathroom, and they all walked out of the private room, leaving only Scott, Foley and Dick.

Foley and Dick were unaware, and continued to drink.

Scott discovered the abnormality of Stuart and his men. Then Scott guessed what they wanted to do. A smile appeared on Scott’s face. He shook his head helplessly.

After Stuart got out of the private room, they soon joined together. They all gloated towards the transparent glass private room with a glimmer of expectation in their eyes.

“These three stupid pigs! They really think we are going to treat them for drinks? Brother, this method you came up with is really amazing. The three of them didn’t have much money. Now, if we leave here, all the consumption in this private room is on them.
At that time, if they can’t pay the bill, the people in the bar will definitely not let them go.” Haley smiled.

Stuart also showed a sneer on his face, and said, “That fat man dared to sit on my face with his butt, how could I really apologize to them? If I don’t teach him a lesson this time, I can’t stand it.”

At this time, the waiter passed by them. Stuart stopped him and said, “We have something to do, so we will leave first. All the consumption in the private room over there will be settled by those three people.

The waiter glanced towards the private room and nodded when he saw that there were people inside.

“Let’s go.” Stuart walked towards the outside of the bar with Haley and his other brothers.

Before long, the waiter took the bill into the transparent private room, and said to Scott, “Sir, in order to prevent you from getting drunk later, so let’s pay the bill first.”

Foley immediately stared at him, and said, “We were invited by someone. You have to ask them to pay.”

“But just now those gentlemen and ladies said that they had something to do and they had already left, saying that you are going to pay the bill.”

It was time for Foley and Dick to realize that Stuart and the others had been out for a long time, and they also realized that they had been cheated by Stuart.

“Damn it, dare to cheat us! I’ll go to get even with them now.” Foley stood up directly and was about to rush out to find Stuart and his men.

“Sir, please pay the bill first before leaving.” The waiter hurriedly stopped him.
Foley was full of anger and asked, “How much does it cost?”

“Adding the cost of the private room, the total is 468,000. Because you consume more, we will wipe out a little for you. The total is 460,000.” The waiter took out a bill and passed it to Foley.

“What! More than four hundred thousand! We drank a few bottles of wine, you actually asked me to pay more than four hundred thousand? You are taking advantage of us!” Foley exclaimed directly.
“Sir, our wines are clearly marked the price. If you think it’s expensive, just don’t order them. But you have already drunk them

up, So it is legal for us to charge you.” The waiter said.

“Damn, these damn little shit assholes! They fooled around us. More than 400,000 dollars! What should we do now?” Foley turned his head and looked at Scott.

Dick also stared at Scott. Both of them didn’t have much money. This situation could only be solved by Scott.
Scott took a sip of the wine on the table, said with a smile, “Go to call your manager over.”

The waiter didn’t say anything. He knew it was better to let the manager handle such a situation, so he turned around and got out of the room.

“Boss, these guys are too mean. I’m really so angry. But I can’t find them now.” Foley said angrily.

“Don’t worry. We will see them again.” Scott said.

“How do you know?” Foley and Dick both looked at Scott suspiciously.

“When we were drinking, I heard them say that they came to B City to attend Sherry’s party.” Scott said.
The two immediately understood what was going on.

“Then how do we pay four hundred thousand dollars? We don’t have so much money even if you sell me.” Foley didn’t know how rich Scott was.

“We don’t need to pay it. Later, when their manager comes, I will tell him. This bar belongs to me.” Scott said.
Both Foley and Dick took a deep breath. They didn’t expect that it was Scott who opened this high-end bar.

Not long after, the manager of the bar came over. Seeing Scott sitting inside, his eyes lit up. He hurriedly walked in and said with a smile, “Mr. Davies, why didn’t you tell me that you would come over? I can arrange someone specifically to entertain you.”

Seeing this scene, Foley and Dick sighed with emotion, ‘It’s nice to have money.’


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