The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 749 Flexible Foley

At the entrance to the fitness club.
Scott, Foley and Dick came here. Foley and Dick stared at the glass decoration inside, both with a little emotion.

“Look, it’s so comfortable to exercise here. It’s not like us, having to suffer so much in the mountains. What a big difference!” Dick said.

“It doesn’t matter whether it is comfortable or not. Mainly there are too many beautiful women here. Look, big breasts and hips. I also want to exercise with them.” Foley said

Scott rolled his eyes at the two people and said, “There is nothing good to see below. I remember there is a free-fighting ring on the top floor. Go there and have a look.”

After speaking, he walked towards the elevator.
Foley and Dick stared at the beauties, and then followed Scott very reluctantly.

On the top floor, a group of young men and women who loved fitness were gathering in front of the free-fighting ring, looking at the ring with admiration. On the ring, there was a man who was showing off his muscles.

This man was not someone else. It was Stuart. At this moment, there was a guy with muscles lying on the ground under his feet, with a bruised face. Just now, Stuart fought this man. The ending was that Stuart achieved a complete victory.

“Brother, you are so awesome! You are really the pride of the Simpson family!” Haley looked at Stuart on the ring with excitement and shouted.

Stuart raised his head triumphantly. Obviously, he was also satisfied with his performance just now.

“Is there anyone who wants to come up and fight with me?” Stuart said with a smile.

Everyone underneath shook their heads for a while. The person who was defeated by Stuart also went down the ring ina desperate manner. He did not dare to continue to fight with Stuart again.

At this time, Scott also came here. After seeing Stuart standing on the ring, Foley and Dick were also taken aback.
“Why are we so unlucky today? How can I run into these little shit guys wherever I go?” Foley murmured.

At this time, Stuart also noticed Scott. He was taken aback. Haley followed Stuart’s gaze to look over. After seeing Scott, her face sank.

She rolled her eyes at them, and then walked towards Scott. Staring at the three of them arrogantly, she said, “You three are perverted? You actually track us? What the hell do you want to do?”

Dick was a little angry at once, and said, “What? You look so ugly. Why do we have to track you? Don’t brag here.” Haley suddenly became angry. What a girl couldn’t stand the most should be said ugly by others.

“Damn it! Dare to say I’m ugly? You want to go to the hell?” Haley shouted.

Foley looked at her with a sneer and said, “We can’t tell the truth nowadays?”

Haley clenched two fists and glared at Scott and the other two.

On the ring, Stuart watched this scene with a cold face. He stared at the three of them and said, “Since you three are so arrogant, I don’t know if you dare to salve the problem in a man’s way? I’m on the ring. Who of you dare to come up and fight me?”

Upon hearing Stuart’s words, Haley’s eyes lit up. She immediately said, “They are just cowards. They must not dare to fight with you. Maybe they will pee their pants in fright after a while.”

Foley snorted and immediately walked towards the ring, saying, “If I don’t teach you today, you really take yourself seriously.” When Scott saw that Foley was about to go up, he didn’t stop him, but said, “Just have fun. Don’t kill anyone.”

Foley grinned and said, “Don’t worry, boss. I got it.”

When Stuart saw that Foley was about to come on stage to fight him, he immediately showed a sneer. In his eyes, among them, the easiest to solve was Foley. During the battle, the fat man’s body shape would become the biggest burden. He could knock Foley down so easily.

Foley stepped onto the ring. Stuart gave him a sneer and said, “Don’t think that you have a thick skin, and it won’t hurt. I can smash glass bottles.”

Foley laughed and said, “Then you are really amazing, but… are you sure your fist can touch me?”

Everyone in the audience had seen Stuart’s skills at that time. Now seeing that Foley was going to fight Stuart, they were not very optimistic about Foley.

“This fat man is not small in size, but that guy is quite agile. He is so fast. I am afraid this fat man can only be a target.”

“So what? It’s not me who will be beaten anyway. It feels even better to watch the fat man get beaten.”

“Brother, kill this bumpkin! Avenge me!” Stuart didn’t continue to talk nonsense with Foley, but directly assumed a free fight posture, then jumped forward.

Foley didn’t move at all. He was also an inner force expert anyway. Although he was nothing in the No. 5 Prison, he was a master of martial arts in front of ordinary people. What kind of free fighting, taekwondo, karate… It was nothing for him.

As soon as Stuart’s fist was approaching Foley, Foley quickly raised his hand, grabbed Stuart’s wrist, and then slammed it hard to make Stuart rush towards the edge of the ring.

If there was not a guard bar, Stuart would have flown out directly.
Everyone was shocked when they saw this scene. They didn’t expect that fat man who looked like a ball would be so flexible.
Stuart also didn’t expect that Foley would give him such a move. He was angry and then rushed towards Foley while yelling.

Foley completely regarded this as a game. Although Stuart looked fierce, he couldn’t approach Foley at all. After five minutes, Stuart was already out of breath. But from start to finish, he didn’t touch Foley at all.

“Brat, are you in a hurry? You can’t even touch my hair. Even if your fist can smash the glass bottle, so what?” Foley said with a smile.

Stuart cursed secretly, gritted his teeth and rushed towards Foley again.

Foley felt it was the time. At the moment Stuart rushed over, he directly was against Stuart’s stomach with one hand, grabbed Stuart’s arm with the other hand, flipped Stuart three hundred and sixty degrees, and threw him to the ground.

“How about receiving my last move?”

Foley yelled with a smile, and then he sat down on Stuart’s face.


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