The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 748 I Don’t Want to Argue with Dogs

The girl didn’t lower her voice. Scott, Foley and Dick heard clearly. After Foley and Dick heard what she said, they stopped immediately, turned their heads and looked at her.

Sitting around the girl were a few young men. At this time, they all looked at Scott, Foley and Dick with mocking expressions on their faces. They didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with what the girl said.

“What? Did it have anything to do with you?” Foley replied directly.
As a person who could survive in No. 5 Prison for so long, Foley could only be polite in front of Scott.

Now he came out of No. 5 Prison and faced some ordinary people. He didn’t want to cause trouble, otherwise, he might have just slapped the girl directly.

“It’s annoying. I just express my opinions. I didn’t get you out directly. Idiot!” The girl said indifferently.
Foley slapped the table directly. He stood up, and yelled at the girl, “Fuck off, who are you scolding?”

“You! So what? Are you dissatisfied? I’m afraid of nothing. Is it possible that I’m afraid of you?” The girl did not show any weakness, and shouted at Foley.

At this time, the men who were sitting at the table with the girl stood up, and some even showed their muscles to Foley, with provocations on their faces.

“Haha! So silly! Do you think that you can beat him up? It’s ridiculous.” Dick stared at them and said.

“Just have a try?” a man glared at Foley and Dick, shouting.

Foley was about to take actions against these guys. He had to teach these guys a good lesson.

In No. 5 Prison, he couldn’t provoke others, but could only hide. Now, he came out. Couldn’t he even provoke these b*tches? “Foley.” At this time, Scott shouted to Foley. Foley turned his head and glanced at Scott. Seeing Scott beckoning him to sit down, he didn’t rush over.

“Dogs like to bark at people. If you care about them, you will be stupid. Sit down and eat.” Scott said.

“Who are you scolding? Bumpkins! Want to go to the hell?” The girl immediately shouted at Scott fiercely.

“I referred dogs. Is it possible that you want to admit that you are the dog?” Scott asked rhetorically.

The girl did not know how to refute. Her face was sullen with anger.

“Brothers, teach these three guys a lesson. They are too arrogant.” The girl had no choice but to ask those guys for help.

One of them who took the lead stared at Scott and said coldly, “If you three don’t want to cause trouble, come over and apologize to my sister immediately, otherwise, don’t blame us for being rude.”

“Don’t be ignorant here. If you guys are still like this, I promise you won’t get out of this restaurant.” Scott stared at that man, and a murderous look appeared in his eyes.

An invisible aura emerged from Scott. The temperature in the entire restaurant seemed to drop a few degrees.

The girl and those men were shocked. They didn’t expect that only Scott’s eyes would make them feel a little scared. They all felt a little weird.

At this time, the owner of the restaurant came over, looked at them with a worried face, and said, “Sir, please! I’m not easy. If you guys fight, my today’s incomes will be zero. Please take it easy.”

The girl glanced at the boss and said, “In that case, we don’t argue with them. Check! Don’t need to give me the change.
Brothers, let’s go. I don’t want to see these disgusting things.” The girl directly patted a stack of cash on the table, glared at Scott, and walked towards the outside of the restaurant.

The man didn’t continue to argue with Scott either. No one knew if they really cared about the restaurant’s owner or were afraid of Scott’s aura.

“What a bunch of arrogant guys! Boss, if you didn’t stop me just now, I would have discounted their legs.” Foley sat down and said.

“Yeah, boss, who are they? Why are they so arrogant? They even judged us.” Dick also said.

“Forget it, just eat. There are many rich and powerful people in B City. Their children are generally arrogant and love to cause trouble. When you encounter this kind of people, just ignore them. If you argue with them, you will be like them.” Scott said.

“Bro, it’s a pity that you don’t become a philosopher.” Dick said with a smile.

Scott rolled his eyes at him and said nothing.

Outside the restaurant, after the girl and a few men went out, they all felt the invisible pressure on them disappear in an instant.
“It’s really a bunch of guys who don’t know good or bad. If it’s not for the restaurant’s owner, I must teach them a good lesson.
They really look like pigs when they eat. I just tell the truth.” The girl was angry.

“Fine, don’t bother with a few bumpkins. You can see how they eat. They must be from poor families. They may have to save for a long time that they can come here for a meal. So I can understand them.” The man who took the lead said.

“Humph, so what? It’s not my fault that they are poor. For this kind of people, it’s worthy to die in poverty.” The girl said indifferently.

“We are here this time to participate in the party of the daughter of Davies family. It’s best not to cause trouble. Otherwise, I will be scolded by Daddy again. Especially you, you cause us trouble every day.” One man said.

The girl immediately made a face at him.
These people were the ones who came to attend the party of Davies family from P City, where was close to B City.

Several of them were from the Simpson family, a business leader in P City. They were the children of the head of the Simpson family, Shepard Simpson. Their father was the same but mothers were different. The man who took the lead was Shepard’s eldest son, named Stuart Simpson. The girl’s name was Haley Simpson and she was the youngest daughter in the family.

“I heard that the head of Davies family is only in his twenties. He must be a suave and handsome man. I can’t wait to see him.” Haley said with excitement.

“Little sister, Mr. Davies has children. What are you thinking about?” One of Haley ‘s older brother said with a smile.
Haley immediately raised her head to glare at him and said, “So?”

“Okay, don’t make trouble, there was a fitness club over there. Let’s go there to have a look, it happens that I am training my muscle during this period of time. Let me show it to you guys.” Stuart said.

After Scott, Foley and Dick finished their meal, they walked out of the restaurant. Foley burped with satisfaction and then asked, “Where shall we go next?”

Dick glanced around and said, “There is a fitness club over there. I have never been to fitness clubs. Let’s go and see there is any difference that fitness people are from our martial arts people?”


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