The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 747 I Didn’t Serve You Well

A few days after the battle in front of the Davies House, Davies family gradually calmed down. Although others were still discussing the battle in full swing, Davies family was already immersed in the joy of Scott’s return and the busy preparation of the party.

After coming back, Scott completely relaxed his body and mind. After drifting outside for so long, he felt home was the best.

During Scott’s absence, Kacper and the other two had been learning inner force from Baron. Because they had some foundation. In nearly five months, all three of them had successfully promoted to the ranks of inner experts.

As for the formal student Warren who made Darius spend a lot of money on tuition to study, although he was relatively powerful as a bodyguard, he was not as good as Kacper and the other two. After so long, he still hadn’t gotten the method of cultivating inner force.

Warren was a little sad. Darius was even sadder. He paid one hundred million tuition fees. But Warren hadn’t learned it, however, the other three learned it. This made him feel very sad.

But he was living in Davies family. If something bad happened to him, Kacper and the others would definitely not watch him to get hurt. So no matter who reached the level of inter force, it was not bad for him.

After Scott left, as the best apprentice, Dick naturally figured out how to cultivate inner force not long after Scott left.

After this period of “teaching”, Baron had a lot of insights. Now he had reached the peak of initial stage of inner force. It would not take long before he could break through to medium stage of inner force.

In addition to Foley and Brady that Scott brought back this time, the number of inner force experts currently in Davies family had reached seven. This force was already comparable to the level of the Executor Team in Chinatown of M Country.

If Scott was counted in, Davies family’s current strength had reached an astonishing level. Even those Guwu Sects came to make trouble, they could deal with it calmly.

Scott asked Brady to arrange some killers near the Davies House. Although these killers might not be able to defeat those inner force experts, those inner force experts who reached medium stage may not be able to find them out. They were best at detecting and tracking.

As for Brady himself, he also became the leader of Davies family security team from the killer, responsible for the overall management of all matters related to the safety of Davies family.

Brady said that he had been the leader of the assassination organization for half his life, and was tired of that life. The position of the leader of Davies family security team was very suitable for him.

On the second day after Scott came back, Sherry was taken care of by Jennifer and the full-time nanny. Scott and Edith spent their own time. Just after Scott’s returning, Edith and Scott wanted to enjoy their life. Sherry naturally became the third wheel…

A few days later, Scott devoted himself to the family. Every day, he got up for a run, shopping for vegetables and cooking. He and Edith would take Sherry for a walk in the park, occasionally dealing with the affairs of Davies family. He would have dinner with the family in the evening and have s*x with Edith at night. It was so happy.

Of course, Scott also wondered why his master had so many enemies. He planned to find a time to visit his master, and to tell him about this matter. By the way, he wanted to ask clearly what was going on. Besides, he killed a Grandmaster. The Law family might come to retaliate. Scott’s troubles still existed.

It was just that Scott didn’t want to care about it now. Now he just wanted to spend a few days with Edith, and held a party for Sherry by the way.

For other things, he planned to deal with them after the party.

This morning, Scott woke up from his sleep. When he opened his eyes, he saw Edith leaning on his chest. Her hand was walking lightly on his body. Her face was a little red because of the s*x of last night just.

Edith was only covered with a thin layer of silk quilt. Her beautiful body was looming under the silk.

“Why did you wake up so early?” Scott asked.

Edith smiled brightly. She said, “I want to wake up early to see you.” “It seems I didn’t do well.” Scott sighed.
“What?” Edith asked Scott with some doubts.

“It seems that I have to work hard in the future. You are not exhausted at all. You even have the heart to stare at me here. I didn’t serve you well.” Scott said.

Edith’s face blushed suddenly. She glanced at Scott angrily, and said, “You bastard! Who said you didn’t do well? I almost fell apart last night. If you still work hard, I… I can’t hold it anymore.”

When Scott heard Edith say this, a satisfied smile appeared on his face. What a man was most proud of was that he heard his wife say such things.

“Can’t you hold it? Why do I feel that it’s not enough?” Scott said with a smile.

Edith snorted at Scott, then got up from the bed and said, “Okay, get up quickly. I’m going to feed Sherry… Ahem, ahem. Hurry up!”

Hearing Edith’s words, Scott licked his lips subconsciously, seeming to have some aftertaste.

After getting up, Scott and Edith went to see Sherry together. Scott experienced the process of changing the child’s diaper.
The scene was quite chaotic.

In the afternoon, under the strong request of Foley and Dick, Scott took them to the famous snack street in B City. The two of them had not experienced the prosperity of the city, so they had always been a deep yearning for places like snack street.

The snack street was called Wenchang Road. It was a famous food gathering place in B City. Because of its relatively large reputation, it had become a must-see attraction in B City, so the daily passenger flow was very large.

Scott remembered that when he was a child, he especially liked an old restaurant in this street, so he brought Foley and Dick to this restaurant.

The three of them found a table and sat down. Scott ordered all the delicious foods in the restaurant, then ordered a few bottles of beer and ate with them.

As soon as Foley saw the food, he immediately revealed his true face. His behaviors were not like an inner force expert who had reached initial stage. He gobbled up the food.

Dick also couldn’t help it. He was eating so happily.
“You two eat slowly. If it’s not enough, you can order again. Don’t choke yourselves.” Scott said with a smile.

Sitting at the table next to Scott was a group of people who looked like the rich. These people didn’t look like the locals of B City. But from their demeanors, it could be seen that these people’s life experiences were definitely not ordinary.

Among these people was a girl who immediately showed contempt when she saw Foley and Dick eating.

“It’s really a group of bumpkins. Could it be that they starved to death in the last life? Yuck! It’s disgusting.”


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