The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 746 The Anger of the Law Family

In Xing Yi Sect.

When Craig brought a group of apprentices back here, he was exhausted and his face was so paler.
“Hurry up and inform the head. I want to see him.” Craig said.

Immediately a few apprentices left to inform the head.

In the main hall of Xing Yi Sect, as soon as Craig came in, he saw Knox, who was already waiting here.

As the head of Xing Yi Sect, Knox was also a real Grandmaster. His strength was comparable to Alonzo of the Law family. He also had some prestige in Guwu Circle, but he was not as good as some Grandmaster like Myles.

When Knox saw Craig coming in, he immediately greeted him. After seeing Craig’s embarrassed look, he was also a little surprised.

“Mr. Craig, I heard that you went down the mountain this time to avenge an apprentice. Why are you so embarrassed now? Did you get into trouble?” Knox asked.

Craig sighed helplessly and said, “The man who killed my apprentice is Bland’s apprentice.”

“What! Bland’s apprentice!” Knox immediately widened his eyes. “Could it be possible that you ran into Bland suffered a loss in his hands?”

Craig shook his head. He looked ashamed, and then told Knox what he had encountered after going down the mountain.

“A Grandmaster of the Law family also came there, plus me and the two Half Step Master of Baji Blow and Qishang Sect. We joined forces to fight against Bland’s apprentice, but we finally lost. Alonzo was forced to the corner and wanted to catch his wife and child to threaten him, but he was stopped and killed by that brat. The three of us had to kneel down and apologize, then he spared us.” Craig said.

After Knox heard Craig’s words, his face became extremely solemn. He said, “I didn’t expect that Bland’s apprentice could be so powerful. Even you guys teamed up, but still were not his matches. It is no wonder that Bland was so famous in Guwu Circle back then. It seems that his apprentice is not easy to deal with.”

“But you are Director of my Xing Yi Sect. He even made you kneel down and apologize. This is really bullying. Even if he can kill Grandmaster, we definitely can’t just be bullied like this.”

“I’ll go to find the head of Baji Blow and the head of Qishang Sect to discuss the matter. We must let him know we are not easy to offend.”

Craig sighed helplessly, and said, “It’s not that I don’t want to go with you, but that guy is too strong. Even the four of us joined forces, we did not force him to use all his strength. Instead, that Grandmaster died. Even if we join forces with Baji Blow and Qishang Sect, we may not really be able to win.”

“What’s more, when we are discussing, he may have already found his master. When that happens, we are afraid that there will be even greater losses.”

“So we have already negotiated on the way back. This time, just forget it. In the future, we’d better not be enemies with Bland anymore. Even if Bland caused us irreparable losses back then, if we continue to fight with him, we will only lose more.”

Hearing Craig’s words, Knox thought it made senses, but he didn’t want to let it go.

“Maybe that guy is not as terrifying as you guys think. Maybe he has reached his limit at that time, but he just pretended to be okay. We can’t just give up so easily!” Knox said.

At this moment, a person rushed in from the outside and reported to Knox, “Sir, just got the news that great Grandmaster, Myles, died in M Country. The man who killed him was named Scott. It is said that he is a young man in his twenties. The news has just spread back to H Country. The whole Guwu Circle is already in uproar.”

“The young man in his twenties killed Myles? It’s really amazing.” Knox nodded. He was thinking about Craig’s things now, so he didn’t bother to pay attention to this kind of news. He just responded casually.

He turned his head to look at Craig and wanted to discuss with him whether they should take revenge. Just at this time, he found that Craig was already so shocked.

“Mr. Craig, what’s the matter with you?” Knox asked puzzledly.

“This… this Scott is the apprentice of Bland.” Craig stammered.

Knox only felt a trace of coolness behind him. The thoughts that he wanted to take revenge on Scott disappeared in an instant.
At the same time, the same thing was happening in Baji Blow and Qishang Sect.

Although these three Guwu Sects had a certain influence, the strongest one among them was just Grandmaster. Besides, they were worse than Myles. So after learning that Myles was killed by Scott, they immediately gave up the idea to take revenge on Scott.

In A City of Jiangbei, in the Law House.

Dobbs knelt in the courtyard. Alonzo’s body was in front of him.

Not long after, a group of people walked over here. When they saw Alonzo’s body on the ground, they all showed shocked faces.
“Dobbs, what’s going on! Alonzo…how, how could it be like this!” A man in a practice suit rushed to Dobbs, grabbed his collar and questioned.

This person was Alonzo’s elder brother, the head of the Law family, Maynard Law.

Different from the Xing Yi Sect and Baji Blow, the Law family was a powerful Guwu family in Jiangbei. Its overall strength was stronger than other Guwu Sects. Therefore, the head of the Law family was also much better than Knox and others.

In Guwu Circle of H Country, Maynard’s reputation was not weaker than Myles. Maynard was a famous Grandmaster and was much stronger than Myles.

The inheritance of the Guwu family was definitely more profound than that of a lone ranger like Myles.

“Uncle, I’m incompetent and not strong enough. I can only watch Alonzo die in the hands of that brat. I’m willing to be punished!” Dobbs said.

“You tell me what is going on first!” Maynard said anxiously.
Dobbs didn’t dare to neglect, and quickly told Maynard what had happened to him.

After listening, there was a vicious look in Maynard’s eyes, “Scott? Is that brat who killed Myles? No wonder Alonzo and the other three are not his matches. What a monster genius! ”

Dobbs’ face changed. He exclaimed, “Wh…what! He, he also killed Myles!” Maynard snorted, “Huh, what about killing Myles? My Law family is different from Myles.”

“Scott actually dared to kill my brother. He really doesn’t take my Law family seriously. What if he is the genius? I must avenge my brother!”

“Bland, you really have a good apprentice. Just wait for me! I will bring your apprentice’s head to see you!”


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