The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 745 No Matter Who You Are, You Have to Die

“Let me apologize to your master? Absolutely impossible. Since you forced me like this, don’t blame me for being cruel! Even if I am dead, I will have to get your wife and your daughter to die with me!”

Alonzo’s speed was so fast that everyone could not react. No one had expected that a Grandmaster would take actions against other people’s wives and children.

“Asshole, just go to the hell!”

After Scott heard Alonzo’s words, he flashed out. A raging anger erupted from his body. He didn’t expect Alonzo to be so shameless that he would attack Edith and Sherry.

The power of XuanJin reached its peak at this moment. Scott’s speed was so fast. Everyone was dazzled. They had never seen a person with such speed.

Alonzo originally thought that if he exhausted his all strength, when taking advantage of Scott’s unpreparedness, he would surely be able to rush to Edith before Scott could react.

However, as soon as he moved, he heard an angry shout from behind him. Then, he felt that the air around him was trembling. A strong air current appeared, making him not able to stand firmly.

When Alonzo was about to approach Edith, a figure appeared in front of him. Then the figure gradually became clearly. It was the furious Scott.

Alonzo’s face changed drastically. But he never expected that he was still stopped by Scott even if he tried all his best and rushed at the maximum speed when Scott was not prepared.

Scott’s speed had surpassed that of Grandmaster. How did he do it? ! !

Alonzo stopped quickly and turned around to flee. At this time, Scott’s hand was already stretched towards him. He felt that his thinking had become much slower. Even when he saw Scott’s hand to stretch over, he couldn’t fight back.

This was not because Scott really slowed Alonzo’s thinking, but Scott was so fast that Alonzo couldn’t react at all.
“Since you dare to hurt my wife and daughter, no matter who you are, you have to die!” Scott caught Alonzo’s neck. Alonzo struggled violently. Scott used a little force. There was a sound of broken bones. Alonzo’s

neck was screw off by Scott.

This was not over. After screwing off Alonzo’s neck, Scott threw his body to the ground, raised a foot, and stepped on Alonzo’s chest. A deep pit appeared on Alonzo’s chest. Countless blood came out from his mouth. His both eyes widened round, and there was no vitality.

Grandmaster Alonzo died in the hands of Scott. The Law family lost such a great Grandmaster.
Everyone watched this scene in shock. At this moment, Scott was like Death returning from hell.
Craig and the other two watched Alonzo die. They shivered a little, and their faces became paler.

Scott glanced towards the three of them. Craig and the other two instantly felt incomparable fear. Facing Scott, only a sense of powerlessness remained in their minds.

“Do the three of you still want to attack my wife?” Scott asked without any emotion.

Craig stood up from the ground tremblingly and walked towards Scott. When he was more than ten meters away from Scott, he knelt down directly.

“I, Craig, would like to apologize to Bland for my previous mistakes. I promise that I will never attack Bland again. Please forgive me and spare my life!”

After speaking, Craig kowtowed to Scott.

Craig knew very well that even if the head of Xing Yi Sect came, he was not necessarily Scott’s match. This young man would definitely cause a turmoil in Guwu Circle. If he continued to provoke Scott, his only ending was to die.

Sanford and Yates had the same thoughts as Craig. Seeing Craig went to kneel for Scott, the two of them also walked over and knelt down.

“I, Sanford, would like to apologize to Bland for my previous mistakes…”

“I, Yates…”

After apologizing, both of them also kowtowed to Scott.
“Get out of here.” Scott just said coldly, and didn’t continue to embarrass them.
The three of them quickly got up from the ground and left here with their own men.

The shocking battle in front of the Davies House had come to an end, and finally ended with the death of a Grandmaster and three Half Step Master’s kneeling down and apology.

Among the crowd who were watching this battle, many people took the video of the battle and posted it on the Internet. It wouldn’t be long before Scott would be known to the world. Scott would be not only famous in the business world, but it would also shake Guwu Circle.

Soon, the staffs of Davies family cleared the ring in front of the door. Those who watched the battle were also evacuated. The front door of the Davies House restored peace again.

Scott took back the aura from his body, turned and walked towards Edith and the others.

Everyone stared at Scott with bright eyes. This guy could always bring them unexpected surprises. Davies family which had Scott would never fall down.

“Sorry!” Scott smiled and said to Edith.

Edith glanced at Scott, but her eyes were full of joy.

“You still don’t pick up your daughter? You don’t come back for so long. She almost doesn’t recognize you.” Edith said.
Scott quickly took Sherry from Edith’s arms and said, “I’m her Daddy. Even if it takes a long time, she won’t forget me.” Edith rolled her eyes at him and said, “Since you are so confident, just let her call you Daddy.”

Scott lowered his head and glanced at Sherry in his arms. The little girl was looking at Scott curiously, with unconcealable closeness in her eyes.

“Sherry, your Mommy doesn’t believe in the special connection between you and me. Please call me Dad. Let her know that the relationship between you and me can’t be diluted by time.” Scott said.

Sherry stretched out a small hand to hold Scott’s face, not understanding what Scott was talking about.
Edith laughed immediately and said, “Look, she doesn’t know you at all. In her eyes, you are just a fun toy.” The people behind Edith also chuckled quietly.

Scott looked helpless. There was no way to do with this little girl.

Just when Scott was about to enter the house with Sherry in his arms, the little girl suddenly shouted, “Dad.” Although she was slurred, others could tell that she was calling Scott.

Everyone’s eyes widened and their faces were full of surprise.

Scott laughed loudly, “My dear, you are really my sweetie.”

“I missed your one hundred day’s party. Since I came back, I will hold a huge party for you to celebrate.”

“Jordan, choose a good day. I want to celebrate for Sherry. Invite all friends and relatives. Hold a three-day party to celebrate!”


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