The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 744 Genius

Craig and the other two, who were standing on the ring and watching the battle, were so dumbfounded when they saw Alonzo get injury.

They already reached the level some ordinary people couldn’t reach, so there were very few things that could surprise them.
They rarely showed such a look for a long time.

Edith and others were relieved when they saw this scene. Baron and Dick were even more excited. It seemed that Scott did not lie to them. He really had the strength to kill the Grandmaster. With just a few moves, Alonzo was already injured.

Scott saw Alonzo get injured, showing a satisfied expression on his face. When he reached initial stage of XuanJin, he needed to use Thunder Shocking Blow to defeat Grandmaster. Now, he reached medium stage of XuanJin, he just used Tianxing Blow, but Alonzo had already vomited blood.

This also made Scott feel that XuanJin was much more powerful than inner force. He just reached medium stage of XuanJin, and he was already so awesome. If he reached the consummation of XuanJin, he really didn’t know what extent his strength would reach.

Alonzo took a deep breath, quickly adjusted his breath to a stable state. Then he turned to look at Craig and the other two, saying, “This brat has a very weird power. Let’s go together and take him down first. If he breaks us through one by one, we will get into the trouble.”

Craig and the other two also realized the seriousness of the matter. After nodding to Alonzo, they quickly surrounded Scott.

Scott licked his lips. He even didn’t take Alonzo seriously. Hal Step Mater was naturally not his match. Even if there were three Half Step Master, he was still not to be afraid.

The five people on the ring fought immediately. Alonzo and the other three besieged Scott. The scene was quite shocking. The temporary ring could not withstand their fighting. After a while, the entire ring was about to break up by them.

The five people moved directly to the open space on the side to fight. Everyone around them hurriedly avoided. If they were affected by this level of battle, they might die.

“The four of you are not my matches. You insulted my master. As long as you apologize to my master in front of everyone and swear that you will never be an enemy to my master again, I will let you guys go.” Scott said.

“You wish! Let’s apologize to your master? Absolutely impossible!” Craig shouted and was about to attack Scott.

Scott smiled faintly. He did not try to block Craig’s move, so he just let Craig rush to himself.

Craig thought that Scott could not cope with his attack, then a sneer appeared on his face.

However, when his palm was about to touch Scott, he felt a strong resistance transmitted over, directly dissolving all the power in his palm. Then he himself could not resist the power which came from Scott’s body. Then he was directly bounced away.

“How could this happen!” Craig was startled. He was Half Step Master, but he could not even hurt Scott at all.
Sanford and Yates also encountered the same thing as Craig, both looking at Scott with surprise.

“How can this brat be so scary?”

“I even can break up an iron plate, but why did it have no effect on him? What kind of monster is this brat?”

Alonzo’s face was tense. He could get close to Scott. But because he had been injured, his attack had no effect. He couldn’t pose any threat to Scott. But he still had to work hard to resist Scott. It was really painful.

The reason why Craig’s several moves did not work on Scott was because Scott used a method recorded in Secret Skills to cover his body with XuanJin. He could use enemies’ own power to defeat enemies themselves.

In addition, Scott’s physical body had already reached advanced stage of outer force. He could use this method to the extreme, making his own defenses reach a quite astonishing level.

Craig and the others couldn’t break Scott’s defense at all.

“I said, you guys are not my matches. If you continue to fight, the result will be the same.” Scott said lightly.

“Guys, transmit your inner force on me. This brat is too amazing. If we allow him to develop, he will be a cancer in Guwu Circle in the future. We must kill him today!”

Alonzo said, and then began to run his move.

Craig and the other two did not hesitate at all, and immediately joined forces to transfer their inner force towards Alonzo.
Alonzo’s arura rose sharply. Then he rushed to Scott with an unstoppable speed.

Scott stood on the spot, running XuanJin. He directly rushed to Alonzo.

“Moon Invitation!”

They two collided each other. The wind blew up, and the hair of several people was blown and messed up a lot.

Three seconds later, a few screams sounded. Everyone saw Alonzo and the other three falling toward the ground, vomiting blood.

Alonzo’s face was much paler than before. He looked at Scott in despair. In any case, he did not expect that he would be defeated by a brat who was only in his twenties.

At this time, Craig and the other two had no desire to resist. In front of Scott, they had no chance of winning at all.

Everyone around made a burst of exclamation and was shocked by the strength that Scott showed. They all admired Scott so much.

“Boss is really amazing, so awesome. He is just a genius!” Brady said lightly.
Foley turned his head and glanced at Brady, then said, “Yeah!” Brady looked at Foley said, “He is unparalleled.”

Scott retracted his palm, adjusted his breath, then walked to Alonzo and the other three, saying, “Now, you admit your faults and apologize to my master. I can spare your lives. Otherwise, I will kill your guys.”

Craig and the other three raised their heads to look at Scott. There was a little fear in their eyes. Now, they could only do what Scott said.

Alonzo stared at Scott with a gloomy expression on his face and his eyes were full of unwillingness. If he apologized to Bland in front of so many people today, he would ruin the reputation of the entire Law family. He would not be able to continue to be foothold in Guwu Circle in the future.

As a Grandmaster, reputation was often more important than life.

He hesitated for a while, and then a gloomy look appeared in his eyes. While Scott had put down his defenses, Alonzo ran the strength of his whole body and got up suddenly. He rushed to Edith, who was staring at this side and holding Sherry.


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