The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 743 Fight with Alonzo

After hearing what Scott said, everyone present was shocked. Others might not know what it meant that Scott fought with four people at the same time. They just thought Scott was a bit arrogant. But when Alonzo and the other three martial arts masters heard Scott’s words, they all felt that Scott was crazy.

They were a Grandmaster and three Half Step Masters. Any Grandmaster didn’t dare to say that he could fight with four people at the same time.

Seeing Scott didn’t take him seriously, Alonzo immediately snorted, “How ignorant! I can knock you down just with one hand. If the four of us come to you together, you will die so miserably!”

At this time, Craig also stood up from the chair, and said with a sneer, “Alonzo, since this brat made this request by himself, we don’t have to spare him. This brat killed my apprentice. I came to him to take revenge this time.”

Sanford and Yates also nodded. It was the first time they saw such an arrogant junior. Even if they didn’t do anything in the ring, they could deter him and let him understand his ignorance.

Alonzo didn’t say anything. He rushed directly to the ring. The other three followed Alonzo to the ring and stood behind him.

When Edith and others saw this, they were all a little anxious. They did not expect that Scott would let the four of them go to the ting together. Although they were not clear what kind of concept Grandmaster was, they knew Baron, who had reached initial stage of inner force, was so strong. In this way, they also have a general guess about Grandmaster, it was absolutely an amazing thing that Scott wanted to fight with the four of them together.

Foley and Brady naturally understood how horrible Grandmaster was. Although they knew that Scott killed Myles, Alonzo was also a Grandmaster. Besides, the other three were Half Step Master. They really didn’t know whether Scott would be able to cope with it. They couldn’t help but worry about Scott.

Baron and Dick were even more solemn. They were full of worries.

“No, it’s too dangerous for Scott to do this. I must stop him. If something really happens to him, what should I and Sherry do?” Edith hesitated and then said.

“Yes, we can’t let the four of them bully Scott like this. It’s really shameless.” Darius also said.

The rest of the people didn’t want Scott to be so adventurous. They all agreed with Edith’s idea.

At this time, Baron stopped Edith and said seriously, “Let’s take a look at the specific situation first. I know Scott. He is not a reckless person. If he does this, he must have some supports. Besides, he said he killed Myles. Myles is a great Grandmaster at home and abroad. If Scott really killed him, Scott’s strength must be beyond our imagination. Even if Alonzo and the other three join forces, Scott may not be able to lose.”

After Edith listened, she bit her lip and felt that Baron’s words made sense. Although she was worried, Alonzo and the other three were already in the ring. Even if she wanted to stop Scott, there was nothing she could do.

Scott stared at Alonzo and the other three. An expression of excitement appeared on his face. Since he broke through to medium stage of XuanJin, he had never found an opportunity to show his skills. Today, he could finally feel how strong medium stage of XuanJin was!

“Bring it on! Don’t waste time.” Scott said to Alonzo and the other three. XuanJin and inner force in his body were already running.

Alonzo’s Grandmaster’s aura exploded in an instant. The people around who watched the scene were shocked. They had never thought that a person’s aura could reach such a terrifying level. Some ordinary people even instinctively shivered.

The aura of the other three also broke out, causing the entire ring to fall into an invisible magnetic field.

“My God! Is this still a human being? Why do I think I will pass out when I feel their aura? This is even more powerful than what I saw in the movie!”

“They are so terrifying. Scott still wants to single out the four of them alone. How dare he!”

“Compared with these four old men, Scott looks too weak. I really don’t know what he is thinking about. Maybe after today, Davies family will be in the crisis again.”

After Alonzo kicked the ground, his figure already appeared in front of Scott. He pushed his hand out, and directly targeted at Scott’s chest. As a Grandmaster, Alonzo wanted to kill Scott with one move to prove his strength.

Craig and the other two stood in place and didn’t do anything. They came up just to scare Scott. In their eyes, Scott could not be Alonzo’s match at all.

Scott squinted at Alonzo. When Alonzo’s palm was about to hit his chest, he directly pinched Alonzo’s wrist.

Alonzo thought that his speed was unmatched. The moment Scott pinched his wrist, his eyes widened in an instant.

Scott showed a playful smile on his face, and said, “So what? You didn’t expect it?”

After finishing speaking, Scott’s inner force gushed out of his body. Then he used a little force, Alonzo was thrown out.

Alonzo reached the edge of the ring and tried to stand firmly. If he hadn’t been experienced, he might have fallen off the ring.
“Why is your power so terrifying?” Alonzo looked at Scott with a shocked face. He could feel that Scott did not have the aura of

Grandmaster, indicating that he was not a Grandmaster. But Scott’s power was really scary. Even he was a little caught off guard.

“When fighting, it’s best not to ask so many questions.” Scott rushed to Alonzo, raised his hand and punched to Alonzo’s face.

Alonzo did not dare to neglect, and quickly stretched out his hand to resist Scott’s fist. The two collided with each other. Alonzo faintly felt that his arm was a little numb.

Since he became a Grandmaster, there had never been such a situation. How powerful was it that it could made a Grandmaster’s arm numb?

Everyone was also shocked by this scene. Unexpectedly, Alonzo looked so powerful, but he was forced to fall into a disadvantage by Scott from the beginning.

Alonzo gritted his teeth and performed a complicated move on the spot. After that, a powerful aura condensed on his fist, and he was going to struck Scott at a gust of speed.

“Tiger Roar Blow!”

Seeing that Alonzo had used his best move, Scott did not neglect. He pushed his hand out, and collided with Alonzo’s fist.
“Tianxing Blow!”

An invisible wave appeared. There were huge cracks in the ring under their feet.

Immediately afterwards, Alonzo stepped back two steps. A muffled groan sounded, then a trace of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.


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