The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 742 You Four Can Fight Against Me Together

Alonzo, Abel, Sanford and Yates, who were sitting and drinking tea leisurely near the ring, were confident in Dobbs. Being proud that there was such an excellent young people in the Law family, Alonzo touched his beard with pride.

“Just judging from the air of forcefulness Dobbs had, he’s much more powerful than the guy named Scott. Although Bland is famous, his students are indeed not excellent.” Abel made a remark.

“Dobbs should be able to give Scott a heavy blow with this set of moves. Scott’s a self-righteous young people, and Dobbs would let him know that he’s not powerful.” Sanford also said.

“In my opinion, Scott’s just being frightened by Dobbs. He just stands still. It’s obvious that he doesn’t know how to respond to it.” Yates spoke.

They were all sure that Dobbs would soon defeat Scott. Just at this moment, Scott gently lifted his hand and slapped Dobbs.
As a result, Dobbs fell out of the ring.

Alonzo and other three experts in fighting were extremely powerful. However, now, they were all staring at Scott in disbelief with a shocked expression.

“How…How is it possible that this guy is so powerful? Could it be that he has been a Grandmaster?” Alonzo directly stood up.

Abel, Sanford and Yates were also shocked. Even they couldn’t do what Scott had just done with ease. It only meant that Scott was more powerful than they were.

“How is it possible? This guy is younger than Dobbs. There’s a Grandmaster who is just more than twenty years old? What a shock!” Abel spoke in a trembling voice.

Dobbs, who fell to the ground, was in a daze. It took him a long time to realize what had happened. He touched his face, and found that half of his face was numb. He had a shrill ringing in his ear.

He looked up at Scott. Only then did he understand that Scott was not being pretentious and that he was really not eligible to be match for Scott.

Scott was a few years younger than him. Dobbs looked at him, feeling very frustrated.

“Well done!” Foley, who was near the ring, shouted.

The lookers-on, who were also in shock, gathered their wits after hearing what Foley said. Then all of them began to marvel at how powerful Scott was. Many of them shouted excitedly.

At the same time, in the main living room of the Davies House.

Edith was walking back and forth with Sherry in her arms. She wore an anxious expression on her face. Scott had told her that he would be back today. However, she didn’t receive any news until now. She couldn’t help being anxious.

Just then, a person rushed into the main living room and shouted, “Lord…Lord is back! He’s now in the ring in front of this house!”

Hearing that, people present all hurriedly ran towards the door of the Davies House.

Soon, Edith came out of the Davies House with other people. Seeing Scott who was standing on the ring, Edith was immediately relieved.

And at this moment, the lookers-on were all cheering for the slap Scott gave Dobbs. Seeing that and not knowing what had happened, the people of the Davies family were all confused.

When they found that Alonzo and other three experts in fighting were all angry, the people of the Davies family were all a little uneasy.

Seeing that Edith came out with Sherry in her arms, Scott put on a smile at once. He jumped off the ring, ran to Edith and Sherry and held them in his arms.

“I haven’t seen you for so long. I miss you so much.” Scott spoke.

“Well, in the face of powerful enemies, don’t talk about it now. Figure out a way to solve the problem now.” Edith stared at Scott with a little dissatisfaction.

“They can’t be said to be powerful enemies. It’s easy to deal with them.” Scott pinched Sherry’s nose with his hand.

It was perhaps because they were father and daughter. Although Scott left not long after Sherry was born, Sherry didn’t treat him as a stranger. She even liked him a little bit.

After hearing what Scott, both Baron and Dick were a bit embarrassed. Dick took a step forward and said, “Scott, maybe you still didn’t know this thing. Among the four old men over there, there is a Grandmaster and three Half Step Masters. It’s difficult to run away, not to mention to deal with them.”

“I’ll how powerful they are.” Scott replied.
Dick was immediately stunned. He thought: Since you knew how powerful they were, why did you brag?

Hearing what Scott said, Baron also came close to Scott and spoke, “Scott, we can’t resist a Grandmaster with ease. We have made a decision. If we really can’t resist, we’ll tell them where our teacher is. These years, our teacher has had many excellent students. Even if they go to make trouble for our teacher, our teacher should be able to deal with it. Now, it’s the only option.”

Scott patted Baron and Dick on the shoulders with a smile, speaking, “Don’t worry. I’m here, and they won’t be able to cause trouble. There’s a Grandmaster. So what? I have killed one before.”

Both Baron and Dick froze. After hearing what Scott said, they both were in a daze.

“Scott, we’re in a moment of great crisis, don’t joke with us. You have killed a Grandmaster? Who did you kill?” Dick spoke.
“Myles.” Scott replied.

Baron widened his eyes at once. At ordinary times, he didn’t talk much. Now, he exclaimed, “It’s impossible! Myles is a world- famous Grandmaster. If he were really killed by you, how would it be possible that we know nothing about it?”

“I killed him in a foreign country. People in H Country should still haven’t heard this news. But people should soon hear it.” Scott said, “Well, it’s not the right time to talk about it. Just stay here and watch first. I’ll deal with those four people.”

After saying that, he turned around and looked at Alonzo and other three experts in fighting.
“Are you four the enemies of my teacher?” Scott asked.

“Your teacher is notorious. He has more enemies than us four. You had better tell us where he is. Otherwise, you’ll offend all the people in traditional martial arts world.” Alonzo said in a cold voice.

Scott twitched his lips and said, “My teacher has done a deep favor to me. If you want to make trouble for him, you have to defeat me first. I’ll just go to the ring, instead of talking nonsense. I’ll let you know that you’re not eligible to make trouble for him.”

After saying that, he went to the ring.
Alonzo sneered and then was about to go to the ring.

“You arrogant young guy, although you defeated Dobbs before, you’re still not eligible to challenge us. I’ll teach you a good lesson!”

Seeing that only Alonzo was going to go to the ring, Scott immediately waved his hand and said, “Don’t come to the ring alone. I don’t want to waste time. So you four can fight against me together.”


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