The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 741 Defeat Dobbs with a Slap

The next day.

Abel, Alonzo, Sanford and Yates came to the front of the Davies House again. They sat on the chairs near the ring and drank tea.

Dobbs got onto the ring, faced the Davies House and shouted, “The rats of the Davies family, come to fight against me quickly.
You’re so afraid of fighting against me. Don’t you be worried that you’ll ruin the reputation of the Davies family?”

Passers-by were all curious about what was going on here because there had been a ring in front of the Davies House. And the Davies family was famous in B City. Therefore, every day, many passers-by would come here to have a look and wanted to know when the people in the Davies House would come out to fight.

“Isn’t the Davies family very powerful? These people have been challenging the people of the Davies family for these days, but none of them have come out. They’re really afraid.”

“The Davies family is the most powerful family in B City. However, when these martial artists come to challenge them, they could do nothing.”

“Fuck, I have come here to watch for several days, but they never fought against each other. Will they fight or not? Why are the people of the Davies family so timid?”

In quite a long time, no one had come out of the Davies family. Dobbs rolled his eyes and shouted again, “It seems that Bland is nobody. He himself is as timid as a mouse. His students are as cowardly as him.”

“How dare the people of the Davies family claim the Davies family to be the most powerful in B City? In my opinion, the Davies family is but a spent force. They’re not eligible to hang this board!”

Just after finishing speaking, Dobbs rushed out of the ring quickly and ran towards the door of the Davies House. Then, he stepped on the stone pillar beside the door, reached out to grab the board of the Davies family.

The lookers-on were shocked by ability of Dobbs. In their opinion, Dobbs was like a star in action movies. They all gave out exclamations.

However, when Dobbs was about to touch the board, there was a sound made when something flew quickly in the air. A stone was whizzing towards Dobbs. Dobbs had a sense of danger. He immediately turned around and landed quickly on the ground.
“How dare you touch the board of my family?” Someone spoke in a deep voice. Immediately after that, people present saw that there were three people walking towards this place from somewhere not far away.

Dobbs narrowed his eyes. He stared at the leading man and wanted to fight against that person.

At this time, many lookers-on recognized the leading person. Some of them began to exclaim, “He’s Scott!”

“Scott should appear! It seems that he’s coming back from somewhere. No wonder people of the Davies family didn’t do anything these days.”

“He’s back. So what? Obviously, the people who built the ring here are very powerful. That young man is already so powerful.
And there’re even a few old men. Perhaps the Davies family will be destroyed by these people.”

Hearing their remarks, Alonzo and other three experts in fighting knew that it was Scott that was coming. They all narrowed their eyes. But they didn’t attack Scott. In their opinion, Dobbs alone was able to deal with Scott.

Dobbs came back to the ring, overlooked Scott, Foley and Brady, and spoke, “Are you Scott?” “Yes.” Scott replied.

“Ha, ha. It seems that a cowardly person will sometimes be brave. Since you’re here, you must deal with this matter today. I heard that you killed an inner force expert in initial stage of Xing Yi Sect. Before I ask you about it, dare you fight against me in the ring?” Dobbs spoke.

Brady immediately approached Scott and spoke in his ear, “Scott, shall I deal with him for you?”

“No, it’s my business. Neither of you should interfere with it.” Scott said.

Brady nodded and didn’t say anything more. Compared with him, it would be more reliable for Scott to deal with it himself.

Scott looked at Dobbs and said, “There’s no need for me to fight against. You’re no match for me. Only those four old men could be match for me.”

Hearing that, Dobbs’s face became immediately dark. This guy didn’t know who I was yet, but he should say that I was no match for him. Besides, he even thought that only Grandmaster and Half Step Masters over there could be match for him. It was extremely ridiculous.

“You’re so arrogant. Among those four people, there is a Grandmaster and three Half Step Masters. You’re not eligible to fight against them!” Dobbs said rudely.

“First, I would like to introduce myself. I’m Dobbs, and I’m from the Law family which is a very influential Guwu Family in Jiangbei. And I’m among the most excellent young people of the Law family. I’m just 28 years old, and I have been an inner force expert in medium stage. Hearing all that, do you still think that I’m no match for you?”

Dobbs looked at Scott with contempt and questioned.

Scott shrugged. He hadn’t heard of the Law family before. However, being able to be an inner force expert in medium stage at the age of twenty-eight, Dobbs could be said to be a stunning genius.

However, for Scott, he was still not powerful enough.

Scott gave Alonzo and other three experts in fighting a glance. Through the air of forcefulness they had, Scott was sure that there was indeed a Grandmaster and three Half Step Masters.

It was really an extremely powerful team.

Seeing that Scott didn’t reply, Dobbs sneered and spoke, “Are you trying to fool us by pretending to be confident because you’re afraid? Don’t say I’m no match for you before I have a fight with you.”

After hearing that, the lookers-on all began to heckle.

“Scott, could it be that you’re afraid? You claim that he’s no match for you before you fight against him. It’s despicable for you to use such a trick!”

“Scott, if you’re a man, go to fight against him on the ring. Otherwise, all people in B City will look down upon you!”

“Don be pretentious. Prove it with action. Anyone can brag. Quick. Go to fight with him!”

Seeing that people around all heckled, Scott sighed helplessly. He disdained to fight against Dobbs. However, for the sake of the face of the Davies family in B City, it was necessary for him to let the lookers-on know how powerful he was.

He just jumped onto the ring and looked at Dobbs was sneering.

Seeing that Scott jumped onto the ring, Dobbs secretly laughed with contempt and then spoke, “You just killed an inner force expert in initial stage. Today, I’ll let you what real power is!”

After saying that, Dobbs shouted, suddenly gave out a strong air of forcefulness, used a set of extremely delicate moves and rushed towards Scott.

The lookers-on were all shocked and believed that Dobbs was just like the kind of experts in fighting in the movies.

Just when Dobbs had approached Scott and was about to attack Scott, Scott gently raised his hand and patted on the weak point of Dobbs with ease. He just slapped Dobbs once, and Dobbs fell out of the ring.

A sudden silence fell around the ring.


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