The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 740 Don’t Come Back Now

On a bus to the airport in M Country.

Scott was sitting near the window with a sachet in his hand. It was given to him by Caro when he said goodbye. Compared with the first sachet Caro sent Scott more than four months ago, this one had first-class design and was delicately made. It could be seen that Caro had made a lot of effort on making this sachet.

Scott had found the fact that Caro had a crush on him. However, as a man who had been married, Scott didn’t want such a thing to happen.

After dealing with the matters related to Lily and Annabel, he had realized that he had better try hard to avoid having any contact with these girls in the future in order not to get himself into trouble.

When Scott left, Nicolle asked Scott to go back to H Country with Caro and let Caro stayed in H Country for a few years. After hearing that, Scott refused. Even Caro wanted to do that, Scott dared not to go back to H Country with a woman.

If Caro really wanted to work in H Country, it would be better for her to go back to H Country by herself.

At this time, both Foley and Brady were sitting behind Scott. Brady was leaning against the window, sleeping. Foley was looking curiously out of the window. After staying in No. 5 Prison for several years, he was curious about anything outside the prison.

Before, after leaving No. 5 Prison, Scott had told Foley to do his own thing. However, in Foley’s opinion, after he stayed in No. 5 Prison for such a long time, there had been a social disconnect between the society and himself. And he didn’t know what to do after he left No. 5 Prison. Therefore, he would rather work for Scott.

These days, he had known that Scott was powerful. At least, if he worked for Scott, he would have enough food to eat.

As for Brady, he made up his mind to work for Scott after Scott showed token of Yin killers. In the future, he would go to Scott where Scott went. Under his arrangement, the members of Yin Killers had all secretly returned to H Country. When Scott gave them orders, the members of Yin Killers would carry out orders at any time.

After a while, Scott put away the sachet. He wanted to make a video call with Edith, so he took out his mobile phone.
When Scott was in No. 5 Prison, he would make a video call with Edith every once in a while, so that Edith would know that he was safe and that he was living a leisurely life.

He was really grateful to the solar charging mobile power supply. Without it, he wouldn’t be able to keep making video calls with Edith for four months.

However, just a few days ago, the solar charging mobile power supply was broken. Fortunately, Scott had left No. 5 Prison, and therefore he could still charge the phone.

Recently, he had a lot of things to do. So Scott didn’t make a video call with Edith in the past half a month. He just sent messages, informing Edith that he was safe.

Before long, Edith accepted the video invitation. After seeing Edith and Sherry, Scott put on a gentle smile.
Edith was still upset because of the experts in fighting outside the Davies House, so she was a little absent-minded.

“Darling, I’m coming back soon. Why are you a little absent-minded? Could it be that you’re not glad that I’m coming back?” Scott noticed Edith’s expression and asked.

Edith was a little hesitant. After quite a while, she said, “Scott, what about not coming back now?”

Scott was immediately stunned and hurriedly asked, “Why?”

At this moment, Scott had countless speculations. According to the TV plays he had watched, the reason why women said those words was generally because…she was with other men.

Scott was in a panic and said, “Edith, what do you mean? Is it that someone is going after you because I’m not at home for a long time? And you think that I always can’t be with you, so you…”

Hearing that, Edith was a little embarrassed at once. She glowered at Scott and spoke, “You’re imaging things. How is it possible that I will do that?”

“Then…Why did you ask me not to go back?” Scott was still puzzled. He was even a little aggrieved.

Seeing that Scott was feeling aggrieved, Edith couldn’t help smiling and spoke to Sherry who was in her arms, “Sherry, look at your dad. He’s feeling aggrieved, just like a little wife.”

“I’m serious.” Scott spoke seriously.
Edith no longer joked with him. She understood that Scott had the right to know about it, so she told Scott the whole story.

“Now, there’re three Half Step Masters and a Grandmaster watching the Davies House. I don’t know what it means, but it seems to be dangerous. So, don’t come back now, or they’ll point their arrows at you.” Edith said.

Hearing that, Scott was very surprised. He didn’t expect his teacher to have so many enemies. A Grandmaster and three Half

Step Masters should come to the Davies House just because Dick mentioned his teacher’s name.

“In fact, in my opinion, your teacher should deal with this matter. After all, these people all come here to find him. And we can’t cope with these people by ourselves. Now, we’re almost out of food. If we can’t handle it before we run out of food, I’m afraid that Sherry will also be starved.” Edith sighed helplessly. As a mother, she cared more about her child.

Scott thought for a moment and then said with a smile, “I’ll deal with this matter. Ryanorrow, I’ll be back. At that time, I’ll settle this matter. I won’t let Sherry starve.”

Edith immediately widened her eyes and said, “Scott, it’s a serious matter. There is a Grandmaster and three Half Step Masters.
According to Dick, when you left, you’re just an inner force expert in medium stage. You’re no match for them at all.”

Scott put on a playful expression and said, “Darling, when I was in the wild, I was not just planting potatoes. Don’t worry. I can absolutely settle this matter, or I wouldn’t dare to say those words.”

Edith was a little hesitant. In her memory, Scott was never reckless. Besides, now, she had no choice but to believe Scott.

After hanging up the video, Scott began to think. When his XuanJin was in initial stage, he was able to seriously injure a Grandmaster. Now, his XuanJin had been in medium stage. Even to deal with a Grandmaster and three Half Step Masters at the same time was no big deal for him now.

In the Davies House, all the people were called to the living room by Edith. And she announced, “Don’t be worried because of the people outside now. Scott will be back tomorrow. He’ll settle this matter.”

Hearing that, everyone was shocked.

“Don’t let Scott come back. There’s a Grandmaster and three Half Step Masters outside. And they want Scott to come back.” Baron said with a solemn expression.

“Scott said that he would deal with it. We just need to wait for him to come back.” Edith emphasized.

Everyone could do nothing but sigh. Even if Scott was confident, they were still worried. After all, Grandmasters were the most powerful people in the martial arts world. Scott was truly surprisingly gifted. However, however gifted he was, he couldn’t be a match for a Grandmaster when he was just in his twenties.

Now, they could only pray that Abel and other experts in fighting would show some mercy to Scott.


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