The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 739 The Davies Family Was in Crisis

In front of the Davies House, B City.

A tall man with thick brows and bright eyes was standing on the ring that was just built, staring coldly at the door of the Davies House.

Near the ring, there were several tables and chairs, as well as large umbrellas. Four senior citizens, who were more than 50 years old, were sitting on the chairs and drinking tea leisurely.

One of them was Craig, the Leader of Xing Yi Sect.

He had the air of forcefulness of Half Step Master. Besides, the levels of air of forcefulness of two other people were the same as that of Craig. One of the four people even had stronger air of forcefulness than the other three people.

It could be seen that Craig and two other people were extremely respectful to the senior citizen with super strong air of forcefulness.

If people who had some knowledge about traditional martial arts world saw that these four people were sitting together, they would certainly be shocked.

Craig was here. Besides, there were two people who had the same level of air of forcefulness as Craig. They were respectively Sanford, who was a director of Baji Blow, and Yates, the deputy director of Qishang Sect. Both of them had been Half Step Master.

The senior citizen, who had stronger air of forcefulness than them three, was named Alonzo Law. He was a real Grandmaster from the Law family, a Guwu Family.

These four people were all famous experts in fighting in Jiangbei. Xing Yi Sect, Baji Blow and Qishang Sect were all could be said to be famous sects in Jiangbei. The Law family was even a very powerful and influential Guwu Family in Jiangbei.

At ordinary times, the people of these sects and families wouldn’t appear in the public. The four experts in fighting all came here because of Scott.

The man standing in the ring now was the best of the younger generation of the Law family. His name was Dobbs Law. He was less than 30 years old, but he had been an inner force expert in medium stage. He was a rare talent of martial arts in the world world.

“The students of Bland, get out and have a fight with me! Being always cowardly, aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

Dobbs took a deep breath and then shouted to the door of the Davies House with a very loud voice. His voice resounded through the Davies House.

“This young man of the Law family is really a rarely seen genius. He becomes an inner force expert in medium stage in his twenties. I believe that he would become a Grandmaster in the next few years.” Craig spoke to Alonzo, who sat beside him, with a smile.

“He does have some gift, but it’s not very likely that he could become a Grandmaster within a few years.” Alonzo said modestly.
However, he couldn’t help putting on a proud expression,

“The students of Blandis really are cowardly. Since they lost to three opponents in a row last time, they should dare not to leave this house.” Sanford said with contempt.

“Bland himself is a coward. We have been looking for him everywhere for so many years, but we didn’t get any clue. If it wasn’t that Craig got the news that the students of Bland are in the Davies family now, we might have to look for Bland for many more years.” Yates also spoke.

Craig immediately sneered and said, “My student was killed by the student of Bland. And he hasn’t appeared for a long time.
Now, we watch closely outside the Davies House. If he doesn’t want the people of the Davies family to be harmed, sooner or later, he’ll appear. At that time, we can force him to tell us the information about Bland. After that, to take revenge for my student, let’s kill him.”

The other three people nodded. It was obvious that they all hated Bland.
In the main living room of the Davies House.
People ranking high in the Davies family, Baron, Dick, Kacper, and so on were all here. They were all serious.

Thirty days after Edith gave birth to Sherry, she no longer needed to lie in bed and was able to walk around. Now, after more than four months, her figure and face were as good as they had been before. Besides, as a mother, she had a unique charm of a young woman.

Now, Sherry was lying quietly in Edith’s arms, looking curiously around with her big eyes. Once in a while, she would put her hands into her mouth.

“Now, the Davies House is being closely watched by them. We can’t even go out. There’s only enough food for three days. If they’re still here after three days, we’ll be starving.” Jordan spoke.
Many people shook their heads while they sighed. Edith also frowned. Obviously, she didn’t know what to do.

At this moment, Dick wore a guilty expression. After hearing what Jordan said, he gritted his teeth and said, “It’s my fault. Since they’re unwilling to leave, I’ll put up a desperate fight with them. I’m not afraid of being killed.”

Baron hurriedly stopped him and said, “Don’t act on impulsive now. It’s useless for you to go out.” Dick gave Baron a glance. Finally, he could only sigh helplessly.

Half a month ago, Abel, who was from Xing Yi Sect, came to the Davies House with several students. To take revenge for Micah, they built a ring in front of the Davies House and demanded that Scott should have a fight with them in the ring.

Since Scott was not at home, Baron and Dick came to deal with this matter.

At that time, Dick had mastered the skill of inner force. He went to the ring and fought with the students who followed Abel to here. With his outstanding gift and power, he defeated three people in a row.

Abel got angry, so he wanted to fight against Dick in person. Dick rebuked him for being so shameless that he wanted to bully the younger generation.

Abel immediately began to talk about how august Xing Yi Sect was and how influential it was in the traditional martial arts world.
Then he came to a conclusion that no one was allowed to casually kill the students of Xing Yi Sect. Finally, to force Scott to go out, he threatened to kill Dick.

Dick was also angry. Hearing that Abel talked about Xing Yi Sect, Dick said that both Scott and him were the students of Bland and that Xing Yi Sect was no better.

When Dick mentioned Bland, Abel exploded with rage at once. Bland was the greatest enemy of Xing Yi Sect. Besides, half of the people in traditional martial arts world hated Bland. It was even impossible for some of them to forgive Bland.

Dick was dumbfounded at once. Baron also didn’t expect such a consequence. He hurriedly came back to the Davies House to hide with Dick.

Abel didn’t just attack the people of the Davies family. Instead, he spread the news that some students of Bland were in the Davies House now. In just a couple of days, the people of Baji Blow, the people of Qishang Sect, and the people of the Law family all came here to hunt Bland.

Because of the rules among the martial artists, the experts in fighting didn’t just attack the people of the Davies family. Instead, they sent young people to challenge the students of Bland. Both Dick and Baron suffered stunning defeats. When they were forced to tell these people the information about Bland, they firmly refused. Dick was almost killed because of it.

They were only saved when Edith came out of the Davies House with Sherry in her arms and rebuked these martial artists for being vicious.

After fleeing back to the Davies House, they no longer went out. It was inappropriate for Abel and other three experts in fighting to harm the ordinary people in the Davies House, so they sealed off the Davies House. In their opinion, when the people in the Davies House could no longer hold on, they would have to tell them where Bland was.

When Scott’s teacher took on students, he never told them his name. It was a rule. No one knew why, but no one ever asked about it.

Dick knew his teacher’s name by accident. One time, when Dick was cleaning up his teacher’s room, he found his teacher’s notebook about martial arts. The name his teacher sighed on it was Bland.

At that time, in his opinion, the reason why his teacher refused to tell them his name was that he was a legend and that he didn’t want his students to be proud just because of it.

This time, he just mentioned the name of Bland. As a result, the Davies House was sealed off by three Half Step Masters and a Grandmaster.

It proved that his teacher was really an unusual person. However, to Dick’s astonishment, his teacher was not a legend. Instead, he had a large number of enemies. And his enemies were all powerful people like Half Step Master and Grandmaster.

Considering that the people outside all came here to get the news about their teacher, Dick and Baron didn’t turn to their teacher for help. After all, there was a Grandmaster and three Half Step Masters outside. They weren’t sure if their teacher could deal with it.

Under the influence of these factors, the Davies family was put into such a difficult situation.

“Before, I swore that I would take good care of the Davies family for Scott. There is nothing wrong with your business.
Unexpectedly, many experts in fighting came. Who can deal with it?” Darius sighed with a worried look.


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