The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 738 It Is None of My Business

When the people of the four big families heard Scott’s words, despair appeared on their faces for an instant. As long as it’s not Scott, Executors really can’t intervene.

Only then did Franco realize what kind of situation the four big families were facing now. He was sweating and her lips were trembling.

The conditions of the remaining three heads of the four big families were not much better than him. At the moment, they were all trembling, but they did not dare to move because of the killers on the side.

“Scott… Scott, we know we are wrong, please give us a chance. If you forgive us, the four big families can take refuge in you.
You can allocate all the resources of the four big families in the future, please let us go,” Franco said.

“Yes, as long as you can let us off, everything is negotiable,” the remaining three families also hurriedly echoed.

Scott smiled and said, “Sorry, I still look down on your little resource. Some mistakes can’t be made up by begging for mercy.” Everyone was stunned, and Scott’s words were tantamount to directly sentenced them to death.

Everett and others also knew that if Scott did not speak, they would really be going to die.

“Scott, please forgive us, we know we are wrong, we shouldn’t be so arrogant in front of you in the afternoon, please be generous, as long as we can let us continue to live, we accept whatever you let us do.” Everett had completely lost the vigor of the young master at this time. In front of death, how could he still care about dignity?

“Scott, I am ugly, I am the ugliest person in the world, as long as you spare us, you can call me whatever you want. I know I am wrong.” Beverly also begged for mercy.

Scott glanced at them, with a smile on his face, and said, “If you didn’t speak, I would have ignored you. Since you now remind me of the matter in the afternoon, today’s business is not negotiable.” After speaking, Scott turned around and walked out of the hotel.

Everett, Beverly and others were dumbfounded for an instant. People from the four big families looked at them and wanted to rush to slap them severely.

Seeing Scott going out, Caro and Foley hurriedly followed. Brady also left without hesitation, just leaving things to these killers.
As an inner force expert, he naturally had to leave before slaughter started.

As soon as they walked outside the hotel, they ran into the Team of Executors.
Griffin took the lead and walked at the forefront, looking at Scott with a complicated expression, and then slowly stopped.
After seeing Griffin, Scott also showed a smile on his face, and said, “Long time no see, Captain Griffin.”

“It seems that we still underestimated you. The first person to be released from No. 5 Prison. Even Grandmaster Myles was killed by you. I couldn’t believe it when I got the news,” Griffin said.

“Thanks for your praise,” Scott replied.

Griffin and the rest Executors stared at Scott solemnly. Scott in front of them had the ability to kill the Grandmaster. This also meant that this young man who was only in his twenties was also a real Grandmaster.

How could this not make them surprised.

Especially Tony. When he first met Scott, he thought that Scott was just a junior who had just reached the threshold of inner force. After that, he was shocked by Scott again and again.

Until he learned that Scott had killed Myles, he was numb and suspected that he had been in a dream for his whole life.

“If I’m not wrong, you are here today to do something against the people of the four big families. Scott, although you already have the power of a Grandmaster, I still want to give you a piece of advice. Killing ordinary people wantonly is not desirable, we may not be able to stop you, but there will always be someone who will let you be punished due to it,” Griffin said solemnly.

Scott smiled and said, “You are too serious. I’m just here for a meal today. I really didn’t intend to hurt them. However, I heard that the four big families were killed by the killers their opponents hired because of their rivalry. It’s none of my business, right?”

Griffin was taken aback for a moment, but he didn’t even realize what Scott meant.

At this moment, there were sudden screams from the hotel, and the guests invited by the four big families swarmed out, all with horror on their faces.

Griffin immediately gave the six people behind him a look, and the six immediately rushed into the hotel.

Almost five minutes later, six people rushed out, Tony approached Griffin, and said, “There are people from the four big families.
All of them have their throats cut. No one is alive. It is not the work of an inner force expert, it should be the killers with vicious methods killed them, and those killers acted so fast that they could no longer be traced.”

After hearing Tony’s report, Griffin took a deep breath and looked at Scott’s gaze more complicated.

Scott immediately said, “Don’t look at me with this kind of look. This is not what I did. I was standing in front of you just now.
There is an alibi. Please don’t take me into No. 5 Prison.”

Griffin was troubled, he really didn’t know how to deal with such a person.

“Do you have any other enemies in Chinatown in M Country? Just tell me. I’m afraid that I will have a heart attack because of you, I want to live a few more years,” Griffin said.

“Don’t worry, the four big families are the last. After getting rid of them, it’s time for me to go home,” Scott said.
Hearing Scott’s words, the seven Executors all breathed a sigh of relief.
Caro glanced at Scott secretly, with a reluctant look in her eyes.

The news of the destruction of the four big families spread throughout the entire Chinatown overnight. The name Scott had once again become one of the topics that people must talk about while chatting. There were only a few super families in Chinatown. After Scott came here, these super families were all annihilated. If they hadn’t watched the Turner family and the four big families fall with their own eyes, they wouldn’t believe it at all.

Because of the collapse of the four big families, the development of Guanling in Chinatown was no longer constrained. It would not be long before new forces appeared in Chinatown and continued to disturb the situation here.

At this point, Scott has finished his revenge, and he would return to C Country soon.

At the same time, the Davies Family in B City was facing an unprecedented crisis.


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