The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 737 I’m Not Going to Kill You in Person

“Scott… Scott! This is impossible. Scott has been arrested in No. 5 Prison. Who are you? Why are you pretending to be Scott?” Franco said with a look of surprise.

Many people looking on passively around were also shocked by Scott’s words. The matter that Scott slaughtered the seniors of the Turner family caused quite a stir. Four months ago, the name Scott had struck everyone’s ear in Chinatown in M Country.

Everett, Beverly, Douglas and Paige were also frightened by Scott’s words. They were still a little afraid of the identity of the young master of Guanling. After all, this guy killed Theodore and slaughtered all the seniors of the Turner family. He was not a man that they could afford to offend.

“I am Scott. I do not have to pretend. No. 5 Prison is not a place where I can only enter but not go out.” Scott shrugged and replied.

At this time, Henson had found out the original picture of Scott, and compared it with the person in front of him. Henson confirmed that the man was Scott, and his face turned pale in an instant.

“Yes… It’s Scott, this person is exactly the same as Scott’s photo, there should be no fakes,” Henson said.

After listening to Henson’s confirmation, the people of the four big families suddenly became a little nervous. They did not expect that Scott, who had been imprisoned in No. 5 Prison, would come back.

Franco and three others were all uneasy. The reason they dared to attack the people in Guanling was precisely because Scott was imprisoned in No. 5 Prison, and according to the information received at the time, no one could be released when imprisoned in No. 5 Prison.

Now Scott suddenly appeared in front of them again, which really caught them off guard.

The four of them looked at each other, obviously they didn’t know what to do, and the cold sweat on their foreheads quickly came out.

Scott didn’t care about the gazes of the people around him, but went to the table where the food was there, picked up a piece of pizza, and ate it.
“Go on, don’t care about me,” Scott said to everyone.

Everett and others were already a little scared at this time. They never expected that the person who they provoked in the coffee shop this afternoon would be the evildoer who wiped out the entire Turner family by his own.

If Scott had murdered them at that time, none of them would survive.

Beverly also had an unspeakable emotion at this time. She originally wanted to find a killer to kill Scott, but now she discovered that this guy was the pervert who killed Theodore. She knew how powerful Theodore was. How could average killer kill Scott?

There was a trace of despair in her heart, and a trace of powerlessness arose in her.
When facing Scott, the heads of the four big families all looked scared, let alone her.
Seeing that the atmosphere froze, Franco gritted his teeth, walked towards Scott, and said, “What do you want to do here?” “Didn’t I tell you? I heard that you are going to assassinate people in Guanling, so I came to have a look,” Scott said lightly.

“Don’t you know the rules that the inner force experts can’t attack ordinary people. If you want to hurt us today, you will definitely be caught in No. 5 Prison, and it’s the second time you’re going in, and the punishment will be more serious. Since you are here today, I will commit myself. We are willing to abandon the assassination plan. In the future, we each go our own way. What do you think?”

Franco knew that Scott had appeared, which meant that they had no chance of attacking the people in Guanling, so now they could only find a way to make peace.

Scott ate the pizza in his hand, then clapped his hands, and said, “I really don’t want to be caught in No. 5 Prison again, so I won’t do anything to you today. As for you to give up the assassination plan to negotiate terms with me, isn’t it too ridiculous?” “What do you mean?” Franco frowned, and a hunch of anxiety suddenly appeared in his heart.

Scott gave him a smirk, then raised his hand and snapped his fingers.

With a snap, the lights in the entire hotel went out instantly, and many people panicked.

Three seconds later, the lights turned on again, and the guests who came to the banquet were all confused, not knowing what the sudden light-off just now meant.

And the people of the four big families felt different from others at this time. By each of them, there was already a man in black who looked like a ghost at this time. These people were holding sharp daggers in their hands, reaching it on their necks.

A burst of chill came from the people of the four big families, but they did not dare to act rashly, because when the lights were turned off, they had already heard the ghastly sound in their ears, “Don’t move, or you will die.”

A black-clothed assassin was already standing beside Franco and other three heads, none of them could expect that the members of the four big families’ lives had been controlled by others in a blink of eye.

The people who came to the banquet were all horrified. Many females all began to scream. They all hurriedly retreated to the surrounding area. Soon, there were only people of the four big families and the black-clothed killers in the middle of the hall. .
“You guys are Yin Killers! Why!” Franco noticed the characteristics of these killers, and instantly knew who they were.

At this time, Brady came in from the outside, looked at these people from the four big families with a smile on his face, and said, “Good, everyone is here. It’s worthy of praise.”

After seeing Brady, Franco looked more confused, and he asked, “Didn’t we have a deal? You help us assassinate the people in Guanling, and we will give you 5¢ billion dollars as rewards. Why are your people assaulting us?”

Brady smiled at him and said, “I’m sorry, I don’t want the 50 billion dollars. Keep it for yourself.”

After speaking, he turned to look at Scott, bowed to Scott, and respectfully said, “Lord, I have done everything you explained.
It’s up to you whether to kill these people or not.”

Scott nodded.

Franco looked surprised and murmured, “Lord? You are the head of Yin Killers? How…how could this happen. Why? You are just a young man in your twenties, why do you have so many identities? 2″

Seeing Franco’s stunned look, Scott explained to him, “I am lucky and I became the leader of Yin Killers by accident. You can only blame you for the bad luck.”

Franco was almost choked to death by Scott’s words, and his face became pale as paper.
“You…if you attack us, Executors will not let you go,” Franco said again.

Scott waved his hand to him and said, “Didn’t I say that? I won’t kill you in person. It’s people from Yin Killers will kill you. You can find them to assassinate the people in Guanling then I can ask Yin Killers to assassinate you in turn. There should be nothing wrong with it, right?”


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