The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 736 Too Disrespectful to Us

Eight pm.
In front of a palace-style hotel in Chinatown, there were brilliant lights and luxury cars.

Many people in gorgeous evening dresses entered the hotel one after another, most of them were Asian, and occasionally some people from M Country could be seen entering.

As the four world-class families, the four big families could compete with the world’s top families when they worked together.
Naturally many people would attend their banquet as a mark of respect.

Everett, Beverly, Douglas and Paige had also put on more formal clothes at this time, instead of their parents, welcoming guests who came to the banquet.

“After the banquet is over, I must go to my father and Uncle Franco, and ask them to lend me a killer. I will get angry when I think of that damn guy,” Beverly said with a gloomy face.

“Don’t worry, I heard that the people from Yin Killers will also come here today. It is an easy thing to ask them for a favor to kill that guy,” Everett said with a smile.

Beverly nodded earnestly, with a murderous look in her eyes.

Under a big tree not far from the hotel, Scott was standing here, watching the people coming and going on the road with both eyes.

At this time, a young old man walked by here, and saw Scott staring at the luxurious hotel opposite, and said with a smile, “Lad, are you longing to go to the hotel? It’s said that there is a banquet hosted by the four big families. The participants are all the upper class people. Most people are not qualified to enter. My grandson also wants to join them. Unfortunately, we don’t have a strong background, so they simply ignore us.”

Hearing what the man said, Scott smiled, and said, “Success or failure is just nothing when looking back. Just the four big families. Maybe after tonight, these the four big families will only become past.”

“You are an ambitious man. But they are the four big families, how could they break as you say. Work hard instead of fantasizing.
My grandson is studying hard for an exam recently. He may be able to go to work in the companies of the four big families ina while,” the man said smugly.

Scott smiled without saying a word, thinking that his grandson’s dream might be difficult to realize, but the talents didn’t have to worry about working wherever they go. If the four big families fell, there would be a better one stand out.

Not long after the old man left, Caro and Foley came to Scott.

“Scott, Yin Killers is ready. As long as you give an order, Brady will immediately let his men act.” Foley said with a smile.

“The people from the Team of Executors are nearby, but tonight, they should have nothing to do with us,” Caro said.

Scott nodded and said, “The time is almost here. Let’s go there too, maybe we can grab some free food to eat.”

In the hotel lobby.

Franco Chow, the head of the Chow family, Henson Willson, the head of the Willson family, Larson Ceng, the head of the Ceng family, and Rhodes Morris, the head of the Morris family, were standing together with all smiles, talking with the people who came to the banquet.

Today’s banquet, one was to celebrate the assassination plan of Guanling, the other was to declare the friendship between the four big families to the outside world, so that everyone knew that the four big families were integration. People must consider whether they could withstand the anger of the four big farnilies before offending one of them.

“In the past, I always thought that Guanling was just a high-end playground, and it was not worth being paid attention to. It wasn’t until they attacked the Turner family and their young master directly killed all the senior leaders of the Turner family did I realized that the horror of Guanling. Fortunately the young master has been arrested by Executors and was sent to No. 5 Prison. It is said that it is impossible for people in No. 5 Prison to come out, so we don’t have to worry about anything,” Franco said with a smile.

“That’s right. Actually speaking, we should still be grateful to the young master of Guanling. If it weren’t for him, we would still have to be led by the Turner family. Otherwise, how can we be so influential!” Henson followed. .
“He was bugger all help. Guanling causes a lot of trouble for us during this period of time. This assassination plan is also a

warning to them, let them understand that the four big families are not something to be trifled with,” Larson said grumpily.

“Henson is just joking. I believe that after tonight, Guanling will be seriously injured and will no longer be able to compete with us.
As for the so-called inner force experts, with Executors here, they dare not do anything to us,” Rhodes said.

At this time, Everett and the other three had already arrived in the hall, chatting not far from the heads of the four big families.
The whole hall appeared to be peaceful, everyone was polite and showed the decent of the upper class to the fullest.

At this moment, the door of the hotel lobby was suddenly kicked open, and the person in charge of checking at the door was thrown out.

Everyone was taken aback and turned to look at the door.

Three figures appeared in the hall, seemingly out of tune with these people in the upper class.

Everett, Beverly, Douglas and Paige also looked towards the door, and expressions on their faces changed after seeing the three people.

“How could it be that bastard? Why did he come here?” Beverly said with a gloomy face.

“He may be here to make trouble, but he came just in time. Dare he come to the banquet held by the four big families to make trouble. Now even if we don’t say anything, my father will beat up this guy,” Everett said.

Then he walked towards Scott.

“Are you three dicing with death. Dare you come here to make trouble. Are you qualified to come to this kind of place?” Everett said fiercely.

Beverly also followed, and said with resentment, “Stupid guys. How dare you. Now that you are here, pay for what you did!” Scott smiled and glanced at both of them, and said, “I’m not here to look for you. You better don’t get yourself into trouble.” “Not looking for us? Then who are you looking for?” Beverly stared at Scott and asked.

Scott pointed at Franco and the three people around and said, “Those old guys.”

“You!” Everett suddenly showed a trace of anger on his face.

The people around them all looked at Scott, Caro and Foley with contempt, thinking that they were dicing with death that they dared to be so disrespectful to the heads of the four big families.

At this time, Franco and three others also walked over here, looked at Everett and motioned them to retreat.

“Who are you? Today is the banquet of the four big families. You rushed in like this. You are too disrespectful?” Franco said coldly.

Scott smiled and said, “My name is Scott. You are holding a banquet to assassinate people in Guanling. Don’t you think you are too disrespectful to me, the young master of Guanling?”


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