The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 735 She Is Ugly

After hearing Scott’s words, Everett and his companions all looked gloomy. In their eyes, Scott wasn’t anybody, and he was not qualified to challenge them.

What Scott said was tantamount to looking for death.

“How dare you! You are still the first one who dare to slander the four big families. What kind of background do you have that you dare to ignore the four big families?” Everett stared at Scott and asked.

Scott smiled and said, “You don’t deserve to know.” Seeing Scott so arrogant, Everett was so angry that his fists clenched.

“Everett, this person is dressed so ordinary. Obviously, he does not come from a privileged background. I think it is only a bluff.
He just doesn’t want to lose face in front of this b*tch. Let’s not talk nonsense with them,” Beverly said fiercely.

“Yeah, Beverly is right. If he really has a strong backing, can we still not know him? Quickly clean him up. He spoils my coffee time,” Douglas and Paige also echoed.

Everett nodded, turned his head and glanced at the bodyguards next to him, and said, “Teach this guy a lesson. People like him will only give up only at the sight of the gallows.”

Caro instinctively wanted to beat up these people in front of her, but when she thought of what Scott said about her last time, she immediately held it back, then looked at Scott and said, “You are a boy, you come to solve them. Otherwise, you will think I am violent again.”

Scott smiled, got up from the chair, and looked at the bodyguards.

The bodyguards approached Scott, reaching out to grab him, and Scott attacked each of these bodyguards at a rapid speed, causing them to temporarily lose their ability to move.

Seeing that these bodyguards fell to the ground with the blink of an eye, Everett and other three people were shocked, and they didn’t expect Scott to be so powerful.

“Damn, don’t think that you can be pretentious as you are good at fighting. The power of the four big families is not something you can contend with!” Beverly shouted at Scott. At this time, she could only use the four big families to suppress Scott.
Everett also swallowed, staring at Scott and said, “No matter how strong you are, in front of the four big families, you’re nobody.

But we don’t want to embarrass you. Apologize to us now and this matter will be over.”

Scott glanced at Everett, then slapped him on the face and said, “It is you who should apologize, can the members of the four big families be so arrogant?”

Seeing Everett being beaten, Douglas and Paige immediately wanted to help him.

Scott didn’t hesitate. After kicking Everett to the ground, he slapped Douglas and Paige separately, and knocked them to the ground later.

When Beverly saw that Scott didn’t care about the identity of the four big families, she started to panic.

At this time Scott walked up to her, and she quickly said: “You, what do you want to do? I am a girl, do you still want to hit a girl?”

“You didn’t think of yourself as a girl when you scolded me just now, but now you even try to condemn me with it. You are a girl, so what? Defiant, arrogant and domineering girls also should be beaten!”

After speaking, Scott slapped Beverly on the face and let her sit on the ground.
A bright red palm print appeared on Beverly’s face. She covered her face and burst into tears.
“Wait for me, I want to tell my dad, let my dad beat you and the b*tch. You two are full of shit!”

Scott smiled, looked at the four people who fell on the ground, and said, “You three, if you want to walk out from here intact, apologize to me and scold this woman for being ugly, otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.”

After speaking, Scott stepped on Everett’s leg, and after a little effort, Everett screamed in pain.

He knew that if he didn’t follow Scott’s instructions, his leg would probably be scrapped today.
“I…’m sorry, Beverly, you…you are an ugly monster!” Everett gritted his teeth and shouted.
Beverly was stunned for a moment. She didn’t expect that Everett would actually scold her.

Scott nodded in satisfaction, then walked to Douglas and Paige, and in the same way, they both apologized and scolded Beverly.

Beverly was about to break down at this time. The three people are her best friends. They even called her ugly in front of her.
Even if she knew that they were being forced, she felt a little unacceptable.

Scott saw Beverly’s expression and knew that she was being punished more severely than Everett, Douglas and Paige.
Mental injuries were often far more severe than physical injuries.

“Itis your turn now. You only have to just apologize. But if you want to scold yourself, I don’t mind,” Scott said.

“Dream on!” Beverly said hysterically.

Scott stared at the waist of a bodyguard on the ground. There was a dagger pinned to it. He took the dagger directly and shook it in front of Beverly, saying, “If you don’t apologize, I will shave your face. t I’m a man of my word.”

Beverly was frightened at once, staring at Scott with a grieved expression, and finally could only say, “I… I’m sorry.” After speaking, she cried.

This was definitely the most aggrieved time in her life.

Seeing all four people apologized, Scott looked at Caro and said, “Let’s go.”

Caro stood up, smiled and walked out with Scott.

After Scott and Caro left, Everett, Douglas and Paige climbed up from the ground.

They all looked at Beverly with guilt, and didn’t know how to comfort her for a while.

“Beverly, we were forced. In fact, you are not ugly at all. It was the bastard who deliberately asked for trouble,” after a long time, Everett said.

Both Douglas and Paige hurriedly echoed with a few words of comfort.
Beverly cried even harder when she heard this.

“I don’t care, I must smash that guy to pieces and disfigure that woman! I will go back to my father and let him avenge me,” Beverly said.

“Beverly, why don’t you bear it first? Tonight is the banquet of the four big families. It is not a good time to bring up unnecessary ramifications. Didn’t we find the best killer organization to deal with those people from Guanling? When their mission is over, we can ask one of them to kill that guy. As for the woman, we will catch her for you. What do you think?” Everett said.

Beverly snorted coldly and said, “Then let the killer kill that kid. What if he is good at fighting? I don’t believe that he can beat the killer trained by the best killer organization!”


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