The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 733 The Whole Yin Killers Listens to You

“Seeing token of Yin killers is like seeing the leader, it seems that what you said is true.” The middle-aged man spoke to Scott, then knelt on one knee and lowered his head in front of Scott.

Scott didn’t expect this token of Yin killers to have such a big effect, so he asked, “You guys just kneel down without checking the authenticity of this token?”

“token of Yin killers is made of special materials, and it has a logo that can only be distinguished by the persons from Yin Killers.
There is only one piece in this world, so it must be true.” The middle-aged man said.

Scott stared at the token in his hand, but he didn’t find anything special about this token. Maybe only the people from Yin Killers would know the characteristics of this token.

“You guys get up. There is no need to be so respectful.” Scott said.

The middle-aged man and all the killers stood up. The middle-aged man’s attitude towards Scott also changed a lot.
“How is my brother going now? Why did he give you token of Yin killers?” the middle-aged man asked.

Scott didn’t conceal it either, and recounted what happened to Ewing in No. 5 Prison.

During the chat, Scott also learned that this middle-aged man was named Brady. He was an orphan. He was picked up by Ewing when he was a child and Ewing treated him as his own younger brother. He had been raised by Ewing. Besides, Ewing taught him a lot.

After Scott heard it, he suddenly felt that Ewing was also a sentimental and righteous person. However, Ewing was too obsessed with power, which split out a demon and a tyrannical personality. Otherwise, he would not be locked up into No. 5 Prison.

After listening to Scott’s explanation of Ewing’s current situation, Brady felt a sigh of emotion. Then he said to Scott, “Since he gave you token of Yin killers, it shows that he attaches great importance to you. Since you are looking for us today, I will put all the resources of Yin Killers on you, making you the top killer in the world.”

Scott laughed immediately after hearing this. He didn’t tell Brady that Ewing gave him token of Yin killersjust because Ewing was defeated by him, so Brady didn’t know Scott’s strength.

“No need, I don’t currently have any plans to become a killer.” Scott said.

Brady suddenly looked at Scott with a bit of puzzlement and said, “Scott, you know that we are the No. 1 killer organization in the world. The resources we contral have reached the point where you can’t imagine. If we use our resources to train a person, geniuses from all over the world will surely scramble for it.”

“You can easily find the two killers close to you just now, indicating that your talent is not bad. If you are cultivated, you will be able to shine in the future. I can guarantee that you will become a great inner force expert.”

“But you actually refuse us. Do you know what a good opportunity you will miss?” Listening to Brady’s earnest words, Scott smiled, “There is no need for this. Leave these resources to those who need it more.”

“You brat, why don’t you understand me? This is a great opportunity for you to become an inner force expert. You should know how terrifying an inner force expert is, right?” Brady suddenly felt a little anxious.

Caro who was on the side couldn’t stand it anymore, and just laughed out directly.
Brady glanced at Caro and asked, “What are you laughing at?”

“He killed a Grandmaster. Now you let him be an inner force expert. Of course he is not happy.” Caro smiled.

“What…what!” Brady exclaimed directly, looking at Scott in disbelief, “You killed a Grandmaster? How is this possible!”

Seeing Brady didn’t believe him, Scott reached out and picked up a grain of sand on the ground, then aimed at a teacup on the table, and lightly flicked it. The sand which was carrying with Scott’s power collided with the teacup. That teacup was instantly broken into pieces.

“Do I need to explain it now?” Scott said with a smile.

Brady and the killers watched this scene dumbfoundedly. Shatter a teacup with a grain of sand! Only a Grandmaster could do this.

“You…you actually have the strength of a Grandmaster, but you are only in your twenties! This…this is really beyond my imagination.” Brady said somewhat unacceptably.

Scott said with a smile, “I’m just lucky. Actually, we came to you this time because we want to ask you for help.” “What’s the matter?” Brady hurriedly asked. After knowing Scott was a Grandmaster, he no longer dared to neglect anymore.
“Have you recently taken over the tasks of the four major families in Chinatown?” Scott asked.

Brady nodded.

“The people they let you kill are all my subordinates, so I hope you can refuse the task.” Scott said.

Brady immediately laughed and said, “You have token of Yin killers, which means that the entire Yin Killers needs to listen to your orders. What kind of tasks we can take is up to you, let alone refuse the task of the four major families. Even if you want to kill thern all, it is not difficult.”

Hearing Brady’s words, Scott also showed a smile on his face.

Although he now had the strength to contend with Grandmaster, theoretically, even if he really wanted to kill people from the four major families, Executor could have no ways to him, but he did not have to go against with Executor.

Therefore, if Scott wanted to get rid of the four major families, he did not need to do it himself.
Yin Killers was his best choice.

Except for Brady, an inner force expert who had reached medium stage, the others in Yin Killers were ordinary people. If they killed the people of the four major farnilies, it would be just a battle between ordinary people. Executor simply couldn’t control it.

“If that’s the case, I will be so happy. When I need to get rid of these four major families, I hope you guys can help me at that time.” Scott said respectfully.

“This is what I should do.” Brady quickly replied. Being able to work for a Grandmaster was only good for them, not to mention that Scott was still holding token of Yin killers.

“The assassination plan set by the four major families is on the 15th. At that time, they will hold a banquet to celebrate this event.
Why don’t we attack them on that day?” Brady said.

Scott narrowed his eyes when he heard Brady’s words. Then he said, “Okay, then on the day of the banquet, let them know what the ending will be. ”

The people of the four major families would never have expected that their banquet to celebrate the assassination plan would be their own last supper.


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