The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 731 Teach You a Lesson

In M Country, at Queen Disctrict, in a hot bar.

Scott and Caro came in. Caro wore a short skirt today. She was s*xy and enchanting. In the four months that Scott hadn’t been there, she had been wearing the leather pants and jacket.

Originally, when Scott told Caro that he was the leader of Yin Killers, Caro didn’t believe it at all, thinking that Scott was joking.
Scott told Caro about Ewing’s affairs in No. 5 Prison, and said that he did not expect it to be so coincidental.

If these four major families looked for other organizations to deal with the people in Guanling, Scott might have to spend some efforts to deal with. But they looked for Yin Killers, then things were much easier.

Scott only needed to find the current leader of Yin Killers, and showed the leader the token that Ewing gave him. Then he just ordered the person to refuse the task of the four major families, and the matter would be over.

They came to this bar today to find the current leader of Yin Killers.

When Scott was in No. 5 Prison, Ewing told Scott how to contact the people from Yin Killers. Scott contacted the leader of Yin Killers through that method. They arranged to meet in this bar tonight.

Because Caro’s figure and appearance were so attractive, as soon as the two entered the bar, they attracted a lot of people’s attentions.

Many young and strong men whistled at Caro, not caring about Scott who was following Caro.

“It’s really annoying. These stupid guys! If it is not restricted by the rules of law enforcement, I will definitely slap them to let them know how powerful I am.” Caro said with a gloomy expression.

Scott smiled and said, “If I remember correctly, Executor are only in charge of the actions of inner force experts in the Chinatown, right?”

“Yes, why did you say this suddenly?” Caro asked with some confusion.

“This is Queen Disctrict. It’s not under the control of Executor, isn’t it?” Scott continued.

Caro didn’t know what to say. Then she suddenly understood what Scott meant. At the same time, she figured out something.

“Yes, this is Queen Disctrict. Executor simply can’t control here. Even if I kill people here, Executor will not come to me. They only control the area of Chinatown.” Caro said.

Scott smiled and nodded, agreeing with Caro’s idea.

In fact, this was what he learned in No. 5 Prison. The existence of Executor was to prevent the inner force experts from influencing the development of the secular world on a large scale, and this secular world referred only to H Country and Chinatowns around the world.

What about other countries, Executor would not have the slightest concern. They also acquiesced in some inner force experts to do things in other parts of M Country. After all, doing so was no harmless for H Country, as long as it did not hurt the compatriots.

Moreover, after staying in No. 5 Prison for a long time, Scott also gradually understood that Executor couldn’t take care of a lot.
For example, if Scott wanted to kill ordinary people, as long as he was more concealed and didn’t kill so many people at a time, Executor couldn’t find it out.

In this world, there were many inner force experts who were obsessed with glory and wealth. Maybe there were some inner force experts who hid in the world’s top families. Just others didn’t know it.

There were not a few existences like the Briggs family in H Country. People often ignored their existence just because they couldn’t reach that level.

The most important point was that Scott now understood that Executor were only in charge of people who were below the level of medium stage. Once they reached medium stage, even Executor couldn’t restrain them.

One was because Grandmaster was powerful, and the other was because there were not a lot of Grandmasters among Executors. So even they wanted to manage it, they couldn’t.

Therefore, with Scott’s current strength, even if he went to kill the Turner family again, Executor may just give him some warnings. But it was absolutely impossible to put Scott into No. 5 Prison.

After all, even if Executor really sent a Grandmaster, he might not defeat Scott, let alone arrest him.

Therefore, Scott deeply realized that in this world, only absolute power was the goal he should pursue eternally. With absolute power, everything else was at his fingertips.

“Hmph, if they dare to whistle to me again, I’ll kick their asses to see if they dare to flirt with me.” Caro said angrily.

The two came to the front of the bar. Scott ordered two glasses of wine and handed one to Caro. After that, he reached out and tapped on the counter in a rhythmic manner.

After the bartender saw it, he glanced at Scott. But he didn’t say anything. He just turned and walked inside.

While Scott and Caro were waiting, a few men in M Country with ear studs, nose studs, and lip studs walked towards the two of them.

These people stared at Caro with squinting eyes, and surrounded her.

“Girl, you’re so hot. Your skirt is so short. Is it to make it easier for me to get you from behind? How about going with us? I promise you will enjoy it.” The man who took the lead smiled lewdly.

Caro suddenly felt disgusting. In M Country, this kind of gangsters were everywhere. If a girl walked alone at night, it was very likely that she would encounter some danger.

“Get away before I get angry!” Caro shouted at them with a cold face.

“Unexpectedly, your temper is also hot. I like it. Tonight, I will definitely let you be obedient.” The man who took the lead did not take Caro’s words seriously at all. Those people who were behind him also laughed.

Upon seeing this, Scott wanted to help Caro solve the trouble, so he said to the few people, “She told you to get away. Didn’t you guys hear it?”

Several people all looked at Scott, then their eyes showed disdain. The person who took the lead directly yelled, “Disgusting H Country Monkey, just get out of here. Don’t disturb me to talk with the girl here. Hurry up and get out of my face!”

Scott didn’t intend to talk nonsense with these people. He was ready to teach these guys a lesson directly. At this moment, Caro stopped Scott and said with a smile, “This kind of bastards, I can do it myself. I’ve long wanted to teach them a lesson. Let them be the sandbags for me.”

After hearing what Caro said, Scott nodded.
Caro stared at the few people and moved her hands and feet.

Upon seeing this, the person who took the lead licked his lips and said, “I didn’t expect that she was really a hot girl. She even wanted to do something with us. Hey, let me taste your…”

Before he finished speaking, Caro had already slapped him on his face.
Although Caro only had a littler inner force, her power was no longer what ordinary people could bear.
The person who took the lead turned over in midair, and then fell to the ground.

“Today, I will teach you guys a lesson!”


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