The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 730 It’s Easy to Deal with

In the living room, Nicolle and Caro stared at Scott for a quarter of an hour before they accepted the fact that Scott killed Myles.

At this time, in their eyes, Scott was no longer a genius, but a complete monster. They really couldn’t imagine how a young man in his twenties could contend with a Grandmaster.

Scott could kill Myles, which was enough to show that his strength had also reached the level of Grandmaster. A Grandmaster who was only more than 20 years old was enough to compare with those amazing geniuses in history.

“Mr. Scott, you are so powerful and so young. A person like you will surely have limitless future achievements. Generally, people like you will have several women. I don’t know if you are willing to accept a concubine, I think my daughter should barely qualify.” Nicolle stared at Scott earnestly, and said seriously to Scott.

After Scott heard Nicolle’s words, he was so speechless. The chairman of H Country Alliance was really keen to consider his daughter’s marriage issues, as if he couldn’t wait to let Caro get married.

“Mr. Nicolle, are you kidding? You just call me Scott. As for taking a concubine, I haven’t considered it for the time being. Sorry, Mr. Nicolle.” Scott refused.

Caro was so embarrassed. She directly stretched out her hand to pinch Nicolle’s arm. She gritted her teeth and said, “Dad, if you say this again, I will sever father-daughter relationship with you. When you get old, I won’t come back to take care of you!”

“Hey, it hurts. Silly girl, I’m just for your sake. If you don’t try it, how can you know that you have no chance.” Nicolle grinned in pain.

Seeing them like this, Scott smiled helplessly. He said, “I came here this time to thank you guys. If it weren’t for Secret Skills you gave me, I may have died in Myles’ hands now.” Nicolle was surprised and asked, “Have you learned the method in the Secret Skills?”

Scott nodded. He did not intend to conceal the incident. After all, it was Nicolle who gave him the Secret Skills. So he really needed to thank Nicolle. He also believed Nicolle and Caro wouldn’t tell others the matter.

“If I guessed correctly, the Secret Skills will get involved a lot of stuff. I can tell you the method in the book, but you must ensure that you will not spread this method outside, because once others know that you guys know the method, what you are about to face will not only be chased by Grandmaster. Any Grandmaster who knows this matter may come to you guys.” Scott said.

The faces of Nicolle and Caro both changed. They didn’t expect that this Secret Skills could involve such a lot things, and it would made Grandmaster scramble for.

Nicolle thought for a while, and then he said, “You don’t need to tell us about it. It was originally a gift that I gave you to thank you. Since you can see through the mystery in the Secret Skills, it has nothing to do with us.”

“Moreover, the Secret Skills is so involved. Knowing it means to get into the trouble. I just want to live a peaceful life with Caro, and everything else doesn’t matter.”

Caro nodded too, obviously agreeing with Nicolle.

Scott didn’t expect Nicolle to be so open-minded. Nicolle actually could resist the temptation of such a powerful cultivating method. It seemed that the chairman of H Country Alliance was indeed not an ordinary person.

Foley on the side wanted to know what Scott mentioned about Secret Skills, but he knew that the relationship between him and Scott had not reached that level.

“You don’t need to tell us about the Secret Skills. I think you should be more concerned about the troubles encountered by the forces that Guanling deployed in M Country.” Caro said.

Scott was taken aback, then asked, “What trouble?”

“Before Theodore died, he once controlled the four major families in Chinatown in M Country. He wanted to use it to allow the Turner family to rise to a higher level above the original level.”

“Later, Theodore was killed by you, and all the senior members of the Turner family were slaughtered by you. The four major families took the opportunity to divide up the Turner family’s properties. Then they learned through some channels that you were arrested into No. 5 Prison. So they began to be unscrupulous.”

“Now the four major families are uniting against the forces deployed by Guanling in M Country. They have mastered the information of most of the people we have arranged in M Country. In order to eradicate the threats, they paid a lot of money and hired the killer from the world’s number one killer organization, Yin Killers, to assassinate our men.”

“Yin Killers is a very powerful killer organization. Those who are targeted by them are generally unable to escape the fate of being assassinated. The most important thing is that although these killers are proficient in assassination, there is no one who has inner force. Except for their leadership who is an inner force expert, the rest are ordinary people who specialize in assassination, so my father and I have no way to intervene in this matter.”

“Yin Killers’ assassination plan has not yet begun. Once it starts, none of the ordinary people in M Country who are arranged by Guanling can be alive.”

After listening to what Caro said, Scott raised his eyebrows. He didn’t expect to meet this killing organization as soon as he came out of No. 5 Prison.

Now he still had the token that Ewing gave him. If Ewing hadn’t lied, Scott now could be regarded as the leader of Yin Killers.
If Caro was just worried about this, Scott could say without exaggeration that the trouble had actually been solved.
“You can just leave this to me. The killer from Yin Killers will not attack the people in Guanling.” Scott said with smile.

“Scott, the point of the problem is that the assassins of Yin Killers are all ordinary people. We can’t do anything to them. Is it possible that you still want to be arrested into No. 5 Prison? As for the leader of Yin Killers, no one knows who he is. Even if your current strength is enough to kill him, there is no way to find where he is.” Caro frowned and said. Because of this problem, she had been worried about for several days.

As an inner force expert, she didn’t worry about anything. But the people who were arranged by Guanling here couldn’t be as calm as her.

Scott smiled and said, “I didn’t plan to attack the killer from Yin Killers. This matter is actually easy to solve.” “Don’t attack them? Then how do you stop those killers?” Caro asked with a puzzled face.

“If I say that I’m the leader of Yin Killers, will you guys believe it?”


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