The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 728 Myles’ Death

Myles reacted instantly. Then he was about to break free from Scott’s hands. As Grandmaster, even if he was seriously injured, he couldn’t stand still and wait to die.

However, when he used his inner force, an unimaginable force swept his whale body, pressing all his inner force back.

“Why… why?” There was horror in Myles’ eyes. He had been Grandmaster for so many years. He had never encountered such a weak time.

Scott said with a smile, “Actually, I should thank you. If it weren’t for this battle with you, I wouldn’t have been able to break through to medium stage.”

“Medium stage! Do you really have a way to cultivate XuanJin?” Myles’ eyes widened round.

“Yes, it’s done now. I won’t lie to you. It is precisely because of XuanJin that you will end up like this. I didn’t intend to kill you, but I didn’t expect you to know XuanJin. If it is spread out, I will definitely become the target of the public, so I have to kill you to ensure my safety.” Scott slowly said.

Myles suddenly became nervous. He gritted his teeth and said, “Let me go. I promise you that I will never tell others. I will never come to you for revenge in the future.”

“Sorry, I don’t believe you.”

Scott said. In order to avoid some changes any more, he did not hesitate anymore. The hand which pinched Myles’ neck instantly pressed hard. With a click sound, Myles passed away.

Such a great Grandmaster, Myles, died in the hands of Scott.

After solving Myles, Scott threw his body on the ground. A light and fluttering feeling came from under his feet, then he took two steps back.

Although he had already reached medium stage, the aura that he had just exploded was only temporary. Before that, he was in a severely injured state. Breakthrough would not heal his injuries.

After taking a deep breath, Scott felt the changes in his body, then an excited smile appeared on his face.

Although he had only achieved medium stage, he was actually stronger than other Grandmasters. This was the first time Scott had felt the satisfaction that power brought to him. He even had a faint expectation that what kind of level his power would reach when his inner force and XuanJin reached consummation.

Not far away, Dudley, Foley and others looked at the dust in front of them with solemn expressions on their faces. No one knew what was going on inside. The confrontation between Scott and Myles just now gave them a big shock.

“Although Scott has amazing talents and unimaginable strength, his opponent is a Grandmaster after all. Scott might die just now.”

“At the age of more than 20 years, he can compete with a famous Grandmaster to such a point. It is really unprecedented. No matter what, I will never forget Scott.”

“If I have to fight with such a Grandmaster, I am afraid that I can’t even take a single move, but Scott can achieve this level, which is really amazing.”

Dudley also showed a trace of admiration on his face. If it was him who fought with Myles, he would be not sure what would happen. So he was very worried about Scott’s condition.

If Scott died in Myles’ hands, it would be really a pity.

“Boss, you are so stupid. With your talent, you can be a Grandmaster soon. Why do you have to come out to face Myles at this time? I haven’t repaid your favor to me yet. But you just died like this. It makes me…” Foley said with a heavy face.

“Look at it, someone has come out from inside.” At this moment, a person shouted.

Everyone hurriedly looked over there. Foley also stopped muttering. Although he felt that Scott would not be able to defeat Myles, he still had a glimmer of expectation.

In the dust, a thin and tall figure gradually became clear. Soon, everyone showed the most shocked expression on their faces because of the appearance of this figure.

“It’s… it’s Scott! He comes out! So Myles lost?!!!” Many people swallowed. No one thought that the result of today’s battle would be so unexpected.

After Scott walked out of the dust, he patted his clothes lightly, and then said to everyone in a flat voice, “Myles is dead. Bother you guys to clean up his body.”

His words were like the thunder, blasting in everyone’s ears. Everyone was dumbfounded.

The famous Grandmaster, Myles, in order to avenge his apprentice, traveled a long way to No. 5 Prison, but died here. If this incident were passed back to H Country, it would definitely become a major event in Guwu Circle.

Dudley looked at Scott with complicated eyes. Four months ago, this guy was just a young junior with good talents in his eyes.
Four months later, this guy actually killed Myles in front of so many people. His shock couldn’t be clearly expressed in words.
Foley exclaimed directly, “Boss, you are so awesome! That’s a Grandmaster! You killed a Grandmaster. Just now I thought that

you lost. It seems that I really underestimated you!”

Scott glared at Foley, then walked in front of Dudley and the others, bowed to Dudley, and said, “Thank you for the hospitality for more than four months. Now Myles is dead. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Dudley also said to Scott, “You are very strong. It is conceivable that the entire Guwu Circle will add some different colors because of your existence.”

Scott smiled and said, “I’m flattered.”

At this moment, Dudley thought very highly of Scott. So when he looked at Scott, it was not like that those elders were watching the youngers, but he treated Scott as his peers.

Scott didn’t say too much. After speaking with Dudley a few words, he took Foley and left here. Now he needed to recover from his injury first, and then thought about the next things.

Not long after Scott and Foley left, a person walked up to Dudley and said, “Boss, Scott is gone, but he has left our prison a lot of trouble.”

“What trouble?” Dudley turned his head and asked.

“Now many people in our prison have started planting potatoes because of Scott, and the atmosphere inside has become more harmonious than ever before. If this continues, it won’t take long before they begin to become friends and to eat baked potatoes together.”

“They are all prisoners. The original intention of our prison was to let them kill each other and let them compensate for their mistakes. Now this place has become their sanctuary.”

After listening to that person’s words, Dudley also frowned. From this point of view, Scott had indeed caused great trouble to No. 5 Prison.

It was just that Scott had already left, so how could he care about the future situation in No. 5 Prison? These were all problems that Dudley should have to solve…


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