The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 727 Breakthrough

Scott’s face changed when he heard Myles’ words. He didn’t expect Myles to know XuanJin “What are you talking about? I don’t know.” Scott said directly.

XuanJin was Scott’s secret. He would never tell anyone that he knew XuanJin before he figured out what was going on with this power.

Looking at Myles’ reaction, Scott could also guess that XuanJin was definitely not simple.
The power actually made such a Grandmaster so excited. The secrets about XuanJin must be very significant.

“Don’t play dumb with me. You just reached medium stage of inner force, but you can fight me like this. Apart from your practicing Xuanvin, I can’t think of any other possibilities!” Myles exposed Scott’s secrets directly.

“Over the years, I have been looking for a way to cultivate XuanJin, but there are too few clues. I once thought XuanJin is just a legendary, but what I didn’t expect is that I have seen you use XuanJin today.”

“You just reached medium stage of inner force, but you can resist the power of Grandmaster. It seems that XuanJin is exactly like what my ancestries said. Mastering XuanJin is equal to master the real power.”

“Scott, as long as you tell me the method of cultivating XuanJin, I can spare your life, and promise to accept you as my apprentice. I can be your backer, then there will never be another to bully you in the future. What do you think? ?”

Myles was quite gaffe, but at this time he didn’t care about it anymore. After becoming Grandmaster, all he was looking for was power. But due to his talent, he could only be Grandmaster. When he was inadvertently looking through the genealogy, he learned about the existence of XuanJin.

It was said that the power that XuanJin could explode was several times or even dozens of times that of inner force. As long as he could get the method to cultivate XuanJin, he could go a step further above his original level.

Seeing Myles was like this, Scott immediately understood the importance of XuanJin. After hearing the conditions Myles had offered, Scott didn’t move at all. He didn’t believe Myles who claimed to kill him just now. It would have a probability that Myles would kill him after he told Myles the method of cultivating XuanJin.

After all, Myles was so obsessed with power. How could he let another person mastering XuanJin exist in this world, especially this person’s talent was so terrifying.
“Stop talking nonsense here! The battle is not over yet. It will be unlucky if you are distracted!”

Scott said to Myles. At the same time, he had already accumulated the energy in his hand. When Myles was speaking just now, Scott had already prepared the last of the three tricks.

Myles snorted coldly, “You’d better tell me the method. If you are still stubborn, you will only die!” Scott said with a smile, “Really? Just resist my move first!”

Then Scott pushed his palm out toward the front. The force carrying the earth-shaking power instantly swayed towards the surroundings.

“Thunder Shocking Blow!” The last of the three tricks, carrying Scott’s all power, shrouded towards Myles.

Myles’ face changed. He didn’t expect Scott to hide such a terrifying ultimate move. Then he made a decisive move and directly used his strongest trick.

“Brat, since you want to go to the hell, don’t blame me!”

Myles also used his all strength and then directly came to Scott.

“Cloud Exploration Blow!”

Their hands were against each other. A strong energy burst out toward the surroundings. Several large trees that were close to Scott and Myles were hit by this energy and directly uprooted.

The supervisors in the prison looked at this scene with solemn expressions on their faces. They did not expect that the battle between Scott and Myles could reach this level, which was really incredible.

A large cloud of dust rose and directly covered Scott and Myles, making it impossible for everyone to see exactly what the situation of the two of them was right now.

In the dust, Scott fell to the ground. He spit out a big mouthful of blood. That move just now completely exhausted all the power in his body. That was the strongest power he could explode at present.

But because of the fight just now, Scott vaguely noticed that he could break through the bottleneck of the initial stage.

He didn’t hesitate at all, and quickly sat up cross-legged on the ground, calmly understanding the feeling that appeared in his mind. If nothing happened, he would soon be able to break it through and reached medium stage.

On the other side, Myles was also half-kneeling on the ground, with a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth. His entire face was a little paler than before.
Scott’s strongest blow made him to be seriously injured. This made Myles even more eager for the method of cultivating

XuanJin. As long as Scott was still alive, he must let Scott tell him the method of cultivating XuanJin.

Although Scott’s blow was very strong, he had already used his all power. So even if Myles was now seriously injured, Scott’s situation was definitely worse than him. So Scott should have lost his combat effectiveness. Under this circumstance, it was not difficult for Myles to ask the method from Scott’s mouth.

Myles gritted his teeth and stood up from the ground. He walked towards Scott step by step, passing through the dust, and soon he saw Scott sitting on the ground.

“Scott, your strength is awesome. This is that XuanJin brings to you. If I can practice XuanJin, my strength will definitely be able to break through the level of the grandmaster. At that time, no one can be my matches!”

“I know you have scruples, but you should understand that even if you practice XuanJin, you are still not my match. If I give you a period of time, I might really be defeated by you. It’s pity that you have no chance now.”

“That blow just now should be your limit. Even though I was seriously injured, I can still kill you. You should understand your current situation. Quickly hand over the method of cultivating XuanJin.”

When Myles was saying, he reached out to grab Scott.

At this moment, Scott suddenly opened his eyes. The decadent aura on his body disappeared in a blink of an eye. The aura around his body continued to grow stronger, and the strength in his body was also rising.

Finally, in the moment of life and death when he fought against Grandmaster, Scott broke it through and reached medium stage. Scott felt his exhausted power gush out like spring water.

At this moment, Scott felt that he had the power to destroy the world.

Myles felt the changes in Scott’s body. His face changed drastically, and then he exclaimed, “How is this possible! Why is your aura stronger than before?”

Scott smiled at Myles and said, “You talk too much. You just don’t look like Grandmaster.”

After speaking, he got up instantly and rushed to Myles at a speed that Myles could not see through. Then he directly pinched Myles’ neck and lifted him from the ground.


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