The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 726 Fight Against Myles

“You’re but an inner force expert in medium stage. I can kill you with ease.”

Myles sat still on the stone and moved his finger lightly. And a small stone flew towards somewhere between the eyebrows of Scott at an extremely high speed.

There was a Sonic Boom. People present were all startled. They didn’t expect that Myles would directly attack Scott without saying anything more.

Grandmaster was inner force expert in advanced stage, and could kill someone by just flicking his or her fingers or by throwing a leaf.

The small stone Myles threw was no less powerful than a bullet.

Scott just narrowed his eyes. He felt how powerful the stone was. Then he used inner force and XuanJin at the he same time.
Then, he violently raised and waved his arm, making the stone change its direction with skill. The stone shot into a stone pillar of Prison Office Building.

There was instantly a hole as big as a finger on the stone pillar. Besides, there were immediately cracks looking like the web of spiders around the hole.

People present were worried about Scott. If Scott had been hit by the stone just now, he would have been dead now.

At the same time, they admired for the power Scott had. When being attacked by a Grandmaster, Scott should deal with it with such ease. If it were them, they might be killed before they could react to it.

Myles was also a little surprised. He was sure that he could kill an inner force expert in medium stage easily by flicking that stone. It was impossible for people who were not as powerful as Half Step Master to resist it. However, Scott dealt with it easily.
He couldn’t help having a new opinion of Scott.

“It seems that you’re more powerful than I have imagined. You’re more gifted than Theodore. However, it’s Theodore that is my student, not you. So you’ll definitely be killed today!”

Myles stood up.

Scott narrowed his eyes and was not afraid at all. He spoke, “Then, just let me know how powerful Grandmaster is!”

The management of No. 5 Prison all looked at Scott with some pity. Scott had dealt with the attack from Myles with ease just now. However, Grandmaster could not only flick a stone. There was little hope that Scott could survive after Myles fought with him.

“Scott’s really very gifted. He’s a man in a million. I’ve seen many geniuses these years, but none of them is more gifted than him. However, only the good die young. It’s a pity that he has offended a Grandmaster.”

“In the past four months, Scott brought us so much fun. Thinking of that, I should don’t want him to die. If I were a Grandmaster, I would definitely go to help him.”

“Alas, it’s not that easy not to be killed by a Grandmaster. If people like us go to help him, we will definitely be killed. Being able to deal with the previous attack, Scott has been very powerful.”

Myles stepped on the large stone with force. Instantly, the stone broke up into numerous pieces. Soon after that, he kicked all the pieces towards Scott.

Scott quickly jumped, dodging most of the pieces. Then, he kicked a few of them towards Myles.

Myles broke up those pieces of stone into powder easily. At this moment, Scott had been close to Myles. Without any hesitation, he used both inner force and XuanJin and attacked Myles in the face.

“Tianxing Blow!”

Scott knew how powerful Grandmaster was and knew that he couldn’t injure Myles by ordinary moves at all, so he directly used one of the three unique moves–Tianxing Blow.

Myles found that Scott’s move was very powerful. He frowned. He had thought that he would be able to kill Scott with a casual punch at the moment when Scott came close to him.

But now he was forced to deal with the move Scott used seriously. If he didn’t take this move seriously, he, as a Grandmaster, would be injured by Scott.

“Why is your move so different from the traditional martial arts? It should be so powerful. Where did you learn it?” After resisting Scott’s attack, Myles asked with a frown.

Scott smiled and said, “Why should I tell you that?”

Myles’s face became dark. He dared not to relax his concentration anymore. He knew that this person was powerful enough and that he should deal with him seriously, even though this person was only in his twenties.

The management of the prison were dumbfounded in shock at this moment after seeing how powerful Scott was just now. They had thought that Scott would be killed after being attacked by Myles for a few times. Unexpectedly, when they fought, Scott was no weaker than Myles at all. It was really beyond their imagination.

“Scott…Scott should be match for a Grandmaster. Oh, my God. Could it be that this fella has been a Grandmaster?”

“Oh, my God. We underestimate him until now. How much does he hide from others? Could it be that he is so powerful because he began to practice martial arts before he was born?”

Scott and Myles attacked each other for dozens of times. Scott was not injured at all. However, he knew that this was because he had exerted all his inner force and Xuandin.

He could only be in this state for a very short time. Once he used up his inner force and XuanJin, he would be very weak. At that time, he would be done. Therefore, he had to put an end to the fight as soon as possible.

Failing to kill Scott after having attacked Scott for so many times, Myles became a little anxious. Moreover, he felt that the force Scott used was a little strange. It seemed to be inner force, but it was very different from inner force. He had some guesses about it.

As a famous Grandmaster, Myles knew much more than ordinary people.

“Fella, if you tell me where you learned the moves you use, I can consider not killing you.” Myles spoke while staring at Scott.
“You’re dreaming!” Scott shouted at Myles and then pat Myles again.

“Moon Invitation!”

Scott used the second move of the three unique moves and patted Myles in the chest. Myles concentrated on it. Daring not to be careless at all, he used all his force at once to resist Scott’s attack.

After receiving it, Scott was instantly breathless and retreated backwards quickly. There was a little blood coming out of his mouth.

Myles also retreated a few meters back because of the powerful move–Moon Invitation. His hand was numb. It was very shocking that an inner force expert in medium stage could make him be like that.

Scott took a deep breath and regained his footing. He was injured, but it didn’t affect him too much. He could continue to fight with Myles.

Myles stared at Scott. Then, he seemed to remember something and became impetuous. He rushed to Scott and questioned.

“XuanJin! You used Xuanvin just now, right!”


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