The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 725 Are You So Sure that You Can Kill Me

“What!!! Myles? The famous Grandmaster? My God, Scott, why would he wait for you outside?” After hearing what Dudley said, Foley exclaimed and looked at Scott in disbelief.
“I killed his student before. He must come to take revenge on me.”

Scott raised his eyebrows. It never occurred to him that Myles would have been waiting outside No. 5 Prison. It seemed that Myles was very protective of his student.

Foley trembled, looked at Scott in horror and murmured, “Killed…Killed a student of a Grandmaster. Scott, you…you’re so bold.”

He had considered it to be very fortunate that he could leave No. 5 Prison with Scott. However, after knowing that there was a Grandmaster waiting outside and wanting to kill Scott, he regretted it a little at once.

“Scott, among all the people I’ve ever seen, you have the greatest potential. If given more time, you’ll definitely become a Grandmaster. Compared with a punishment, staying in No. 5 Prison is more like the only way for you to avoid being killed by Myles. You can leave here after you become a Grandmaster.”

Foley hurriedly nodded and spoke, “Scott, what about not leaving? Grandmaster is very powerful. If we leave here now, we might be killed by Myles.”

Scott was lost in thought. He didn’t expect that Myles would come to wait outside No. 5 Prison.

Now, his XuanJin was still at advanced stage of initial stage. If he got an opportunity, he would be able to break through. If his XuanJin could be in medium stage, he wouldn’t be afraid of Myles.

Before, he believed one thing: After he left No. 5 Prison, even Myles wanted to find him, it would take him some time. Scott had intended to manage to make his XuanJin enter medium stage during this period.
Unexpectedly, to take revenge for his student, Myles should come to wait outside No. 5 Prison. It never occurred to Scott that a

Grandmaster would care so much about such a thing.

Following Dudley’s suggestion seemed to be the best option at the moment, but Scott believed that he was match for Myles now.

He just needed an opportunity to make his XuanJin be in medium stage. However, no one knew when Scott would have this opportunity. No one in No. 5 Prison was match for him now. It was a waste of time for him to stay here.

Besides, fighting with Myles might be a chance for him.
The fastest way to break through was to fight with real experts in fighting.

After some thought, Scott made a decision. He gave Dudley a fist-and-palm salute and said with a smile, “Thank you for kindly reminding me. However, since I’m already here, there is no need to go back to prison. As for the enmity between Myles and me, I’ll figure out a way to deal with it.”

Hearing that, Dudley sighed helplessly and didn’t say anything more. He values Scott for his talent. However, if Scott insisted on leaving, he had no reason to stop him.

Seeing that Scott insisted on leaving after being informed that Myles was outside, Foley was immediately anxious and hurriedly spoke, “Scott, you must think it over. What if we’re killed by Grandmaster soon after we manage to leave? It’ll be too bad.”

“If you’re afraid, you can leave tomorrow. You don’t have to leave with me now.” Scott spoke.

After saying that, he directly walked towards the door.

Foley gritted his teeth and cursed, “Fuck, it’s just a Grandmaster. If it wasn’t for Scott, I might have long been killed in the prison.
I can’t be a coward at this moment.”

Then, he hurriedly caught up with Scott and went out.

The people of Prison Office Building all went to watched Scott who they had paid close attention to for more than four months.
Many of them wore a look of pity.

Before long, Scott and Foley came to the door of Prison Office Building. Conway was standing there. He stared at Scott with a sigh and said, “When you just came here, I bet with others that you could only survive for more than ten days. Unexpectedly, you become the first person who could leave No. 5 Prison. It seems that I have looked down upon you.”

Scott smiled at him and didn’t say anything.
“Myles is outside. In my opinion, you had better run away at once after going out. Otherwise, you’ll suffer a lot.” Conway added.
“Thank you.” Scott replied politely.

The door of Prison Office Building opened slowly. Scott and Foley stood in front of the door. The wind blew right at their faces.
Scott was refreshed.

Foley had looked forward to it for a long time, but he was not in the mood to enjoy the air outside the prison now. There was a Grandmaster waiting for them now. Even if he wanted to cheer up, he couldn’t.

On a large stone in front of the Prison Office Building, Myles sitting with his legs crossed and his eyes closed.
The moment the door of Prison Office Building was opened, he opened his eyes. His eyes were bright. He had a strong air of forcefulness.

Myles was an old man dressed in linen clothing. He looked ordinary. Scott looked at him and put on a serious expression. Myles was really a Grandmaster, and he was much more powerful than Ewing who was a Half Step Master.

Scott walked straight forward without any fear. Now, he was powerful enough to be match for Grandmaster.
Foley swallowed his saliva and followed Scott. Now, he only hoped that Myles would not kill him by the way when attacked.

After they went out, Dudley also went out with the management of prison who were all experts in fighting, and stood behind Scott.

Foley thought for a moment, and finally stood among the management of the prison. After all, even if he stood beside Scott, he could be of no help.

Myles looked at Scott up and down, and then said tonelessly, “Are you Scott?”

“Yes. To kill me, Myles, who is a famous Grandmaster, should be willing to wait for me outside the prison for such a long time.
Your persistence is really admirable.” Scott spoke.

Myles sneered and said, “You killed the only student of me. I should take revenge for him. Since you leave No. 5 Prison today, I’ll kill you.”

“Seriously, if you didn’t have Theodore as your student, I might call you Grandmaster in a respectful way. However, you not only had Theodore as your student, but you also insist on taking revenge for him. Therefore, in my opinion, although you’re powerful, you don’t have the ability to judge people.”

“It’s useless for someone who will soon die to say so much.” Hearing that, Myles didn’t get angry.

“Are you so sure that you can kill me today?” Scott looked at Myles and put on a playful smiled.


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