The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 724 The Way to Leave No. 5 Prison

“Warden, go to have a look hurriedly. Scott is doing something outrageous again. At this rate, sooner or later, No. 5 Prison will be ruined by him.” In the corridor, an old man caught up with Dudley and said with an anxious expression.

Dudley stopped, turned his head, looked at the old man and asked, “What is he doing? Could it be that he begins to slaughter people?”

“No, he didn’t. But what he’s doing is even worse. Go to have a look, and you’ll know.” The old man said.
Hearing that, Dudley nodded, turned around and went to the monitoring room with him.

There had already been many people standing in the monitoring room. They were all watching what was happening on the Edith Mountain on the screen.

On the screen, Foley was standing in front of the pile of potatoes and was asking his men to put the potatoes in order. In front of them, there was a long line of people who looked excited.

A piece of cloth hung beside Foley. There were some words on this piece of cloth: If you cast one vote, you can get a bag of potatoes and a bundle of wild vegetables. It was an opportunity not to be missed!

Scott was sitting on the wooden rocking-chair Foley specially made for him, looking very relaxed.

Seeing that, Dudley couldn’t help laughing at once, saying, “He’s just making others vote for him in this way. It’s not outrageous.” “Warden, No. 5 Prison, which is always called purgatory, is made a farmer’s market because of Scott. Isn’t it outrageous?” “Besides, the prisoners should really go to vote to get potatoes. Look at the long queue. I estimate that Scott will get the vote from about half of the prisoners after they all vote.”

“At that time, according to the rule, we’ll have to let him leave No. 5 Prison.”

Hearing that, Dudley frowned at once and said, “Unexpectedly, his idea should work. Isn’t it that the prisoners always don’t trust others? Why do they believe Scott?”

“We have no idea. Before, no one dared to go to vote in exchange for potatoes and wild vegetables. However, later, Caldwell came to this place with a group of people. After they voted, they all got potatoes and wild vegetables. Finding that Scott was honest, others all went to vote.”

“Later, the people on List of Malicious People, who had lost to Scott, all came to vote for Scott with their men. So there are so many people queuing up there.”

Hearing that, Dudley sighed helplessly and said, “Even if he really gets the vote from the prisoners in this way, we can’t stop him.
After all, this rule was made a long time ago. If half of the prisoners really vote for him, we have to let him leave the prison.”

Hearing that, people present all wore a somewhat complicated look. They had thought that the first person who could leave No.
5 Prison by getting vote from half of the prisoners must be a vicious person who killed a lot of people. To everyone’s surprise, the person who had the ability to do so should decide to get the vote by distributing potatoes.

“We can’t keep him here.” Dudley murmured.

On the Edith Mountain.

Scott stared at the people who lined up to get potatoes with a smile. Even he didn’t expect that his idea would work so well.

The most important reason why it worked so well was that the experts in fighting on List of Malicious People who had lost to him all came to vote for Scott with their own men to thank Scott for not killing them. It encouraged other prisoners to vote.

Besides, Foley had always been telling them, “What’s good about fighting all day long? Why not just plant potatoes in peace? The reason why you fight with each other is that you want to get food from others. If you plant potatoes yourself, you’ll have enough food to eat. Besides, you don’t need to take the risk of being killed by others. It’s so good. Why are you still hesitating?”

After some thought, the prisoner all believed that Foley was right. Anyway, since they had been put into No. 5 Prison, it was meaningless to have ferocious fight. It would be better to settle down, plant potatoes and live a pleasant life.

“Scott, you’ve got vote from more than half of the people. In theory, you should be able to leave. After you leave, you must remember me. If you have the chance, come to visit me with delicious food.” Foley stared at Scott with a reluctant expression.
After staying with Scott for so long, when it was time for Scott to leave, he should really be reluctant to part with Scott.

Scott smiled at Foley and said, “These days, you help me a lot. I should give you some reward. I can’t teach you martial arts, but I should be able to let you leave here with me.”

Hearing that, Foley immediately widened his eyes, looked at Scott in disbelief, and said, “Scott, are you kidding me? How can

you let me leave here with you?”

“Didn’t you say that I’ve got the vote from half of people? Now, you can let them vote for you. As long as you also get the vote from half of the people, you can leave here with me, right? According to the rule, people should be allowed to leave when they get the vote from half of the people, right?” Scott spoke.

Foley became excited immediately. He didn’t expect that Scott would give him such a big surprise. He had believed that he would have to stay in No. 5 Prison for the rest of his life long before. Unexpectedly, he met Scott. It was really the luckiest thing in his life.

He didn’t refuse. Everyone knew what it meant. If one had the chance to go out, one wouldn’t be stupid and chose to stay in this place.

Foley immediately happily asked people to vote for him and worked harder to encourage people to vote than before.

Seeing that, Scott sighed. He had already discussed with Ewing. After he left, Ewing would take over the Edith Mountain and continue to promote the idea that production was the first essential factor for peace and development.

In the evening, Scott and Foley came to the Prison Office Building.
Dudley stood in front of them. Behind him were all the experts in fighting of the staff of the prison.
“Are you both sure that you’re going to leave here?” Dudley asked.

Scott nodded with a smile and spoke, “My wife and my child are waiting for me at home. According to the rule, even if you’re the Warden, you should have no right to keep us here.”

Dudley nodded and said, “You’re right. Both of you have got the vote from half of the people. According to the rule, I should let you two leave. But I want to remind you of one thing.”

“Myles is outside. He has been waiting here for over four months. Before you’re killed, he won’t leave. If you go out now, you’ll directly meet him. At that time, your business will have nothing to do with us.”


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