The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 723 How Powerful Scott Was

In the Warden’s office.
Dudley was staring at the monitoring screen on the computer with a frown.

Scott was having a violent fight with “Ewing”. It surprised him a lot that Scott was able to be match for “Ewing” who had been Half Step Master. Later, Scott used Tianxing Blow and hurt Ewing. Seeing that, Dudley praised Scott again.

However, an inner force expert in medium stage was not as powerful as a Half Step Master. In Dudley’s opinion, there were two reasons why Scott could hurt Ewing with Tianxing Blow. One reason was that Tianxing Blow was really a powerful move and people who used this move could show a higher fighting capacity. The other reason was that Ewing was being careless.

Now, Ewing got angry and used his most powerful move which was named Sky Shaking Hammer. In the past, Ewing became famous with exactly this move. Now, he, as a Half Step Master, used this move. Under this circumstance, it was as powerful as some attacks from Grandmaster.

In Dudley’s view, Scott would definitely not be able to resist it.

After Scott used Tianxing Blow last time, Dudley had been specially paying attention to Scott. In his opinion, Scott had great potential. The reason why Scott was put into No. 5 Prison was that he acted on impulsive and killed ordinary people. He was not a bad people in essence.

Therefore, he wanted to take care of Scott. Unexpectedly, Scott took the initiative to provoke the most powerful people in No. 5 Prison. Now, he even made Ewing use his most powerful move. Seeing that, Dudley didn’t know what to do.

At this time, Dudley was holding a remote control in his hand. There was a button on it. As long as he pressed the button, the bracelet around Ewing’s wrist would release a super-strong current. In that way, Ewing would stop attacking Scott.

When Ewing’s fist was about to touch Scott, to save Scott’s life, Dudley was going to press the button. Right at this moment, Scott suddenly had an air of forcefulness that was no weaker than that of Ewing. Seeing that, Dudley was astonished.

“His move seems to be more powerful than the move of Ewing. Who on earth is he? Where did he learn such a powerful move?”

On the Edith Mountain, Scott and “Ewing” fought at a high speed. “Ewing” attacked Scott with Sky Shaking Hammer while Scott resisted it with Moon Invitation. The moment their fists met, there was an invisible wave dispersing around them. Foley and other people, who were dozens of meters away, were affected by it. They all gritted their teeth and resisted it.

Many of those who no longer had inner force even sat on the ground.

“It…It’s so crazy. Is it really a fight between two people who are not Grandmaster yet? If I didn’t know them well, I might think that they’re all Grandmasters.” Foley murmured to himself.

After realizing what had happened and wanting to know what the consequence was, he hurriedly looked at Scott and Ewing.

There was a big hole with a radius of about one meter on the ground in the distance. Scott was standing in the hole, gasping for breath. It seemed that he was tired.

Ewing was lying on the ground. He was motionless. No one knew whether he was still alive or not.
Everyone was dumbfounded. None of them had expected that Ewing, who had been a Half Step Master, would lose the fight! It meant that Scott was as least as powerful as a Half Step Master.

“Oh, my God. He’s only in his twenties. Compared with him, I was not as powerful as a peasant. Oh, no, I’m a peasant now.” Foley said to himself.

Scott gave “Ewing” a glance and took a deep breath. He was tired, but he clearly knew that he could go on fighting.

He came close to “Ewing”, lowered his head and took a look at him.

Just now, when he used Moon Invitation, he could actually kill Ewing. But Scott finally showed some mercy and just injured “Ewing”.

“Ewing” couldn’t believe it. Seeing that Scott came over, he asked with perplexity in his eyes, “Why… Why can you use such a powerful move? I can feel that you’re just an inner force expert in medium stage.”

Scott stared at him for a moment and said, “There isn’t just inner force in the world.”

“Ewing” thought for a moment. Then he put on a ferocious smile, after which he closed his eyes.

Scott thought that Ewing had died. He wondered: Just now, I didn’t use all my strength. Why would he die? At this time, Ewing, who had already closed his eyes, suddenly coughed violently. After that, he opened his eyes. Now, his eyes were clear.

“He’s dead. He’s finally dead. Ha, ha, ha, it never occurs to me that he would disappear from my body in such a way. Scott, thank you for showing me mercy. Otherwise, I would also be dead, just like him.” Ewing laughed, although he was injured.

Scott also didn’t expect that he should kill the evil personality of Ewing. He looked at Ewing, who was lying on the ground, and was a little surprised.

“Are you sure that…he has been killed by me?” Scott asked.

Ewing seriously nodded. Then he took out a token from his pocket. There was a word “Yin” written on it.

“This token is reward. Before I was put into here, I founded a hit squad named Yin Killers. It’s a little influential in the world. You can have them under your command with this token on the premise that you can leave this prison.”

“But I believe that you won’t be always stuck in this place.”

Ewing said with a smile.

Scott didn’t hesitate. He took the token and gave it a glance.

Ewing was right. He had never thought of staying here for the rest of his life. Sooner or later, he would leave.

As for this token, even if he didn’t need it, the Davies family would certainly need it. An organization established by a Half Step Master must be quite powerful.

Scott helped Ewing up and took him to his cabin. There was no reason for him to kill Ewing. After all, the evil personality of Ewing had already died. When Ewing had this personality, he was quite a nice person.

Scott was not a homicidal maniac who would kill whoever he met.

Scott felt strongly about the fight with Ewing. He got to know how powerful real Grandmaster was by knowing how powerful a Half Step Master was.

At the same time, he confirmed his guess: With XuanJin, he could be match for Grandmaster when he was an inner force expert in medium stage. Moreover, if both Grandmaster and he tried their best, he might not be the one who lost.

After all, Scott had the third unique move. He believed that even a real Grandmaster would be afraid when he used that move.

The news that Scott had defeated Ewing spread quickly throughout No. 5 Prison. People all marveled at how powerful Scott was. At the same time, they all clearly realized that the most powerful person in No. 5 Prison had changed from Ewing to Scott who had just been in No. 5 Prison for four months.

The management of the prison also paid special attention to Scott because Scott had brought too much surprises to them.

A few days later, Scott came out of his cabin and watched Foley directing others to bag the ripe potatoes and bundle up the wild vegetables. He stretched lazily.

He had been in No. 5 Prison for a long time, and it was time to find a way out.


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